Package Details: gns3-server 2.2.20-1

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Package Base: gns3-server
Description: GNS3 network simulator, Server package
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Licenses: GPL3
Groups: gns3
Submitter: korjjj
Maintainer: buzo
Last Packager: buzo
Votes: 64
Popularity: 0.056772
First Submitted: 2014-05-13 17:40
Last Updated: 2021-04-09 17:41

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korjjj commented on 2015-04-09 05:31

@ledbrv yeah, upstream keeps forgetting that dependencies can sometimes be upgraded too.
Posted an issue at github and added a small patch for the package.

ledbrv commented on 2015-04-08 18:55


Today, after some packages updates, gns3 failed to start with the error:

pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: The 'aiohttp==0.14.4' distribution was not found and is required by gns3-server

My current python-aiohttp package is version 0.15.1-1 (after the update).

I found the requires.txt file on /usr/lib/python3.4/site-packages/gns3_server-1.3.0-py3.4.egg-info an changed aiohttp from version 0.14.4 to version 0.15.1.
I don`t know yet if something is broken, but at least gns3 starts without erros..

diff --git a/requires.txt b/requires.txt
index f699d5e..1a4c59f 100644
--- a/requires.txt
+++ b/requires.txt
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@

korjjj commented on 2015-04-01 16:20

@TomFyuri had no problem with qemu in 1.3.0.
Didn't check with 1.2.x, though.

TomFyuri commented on 2015-03-30 15:04

Strangely (or not), doing gns3-server@username steps borks gns3 qemu support for me. (gns3 is capable of launching server side on it's own anyway, without systemd doing it)

TomFyuri commented on 2015-03-30 14:34

Make sure to have latest python libraries or it won't work...

dkorzhevin commented on 2014-12-27 16:28


gns3 1.2.1 available

korjjj commented on 2014-10-25 07:29

@max-k not sure about gns3-launcher-icons, though.
Anyway it belongs to gui package.

korjjj commented on 2014-10-25 07:17


astroboy589 commented on 2014-10-25 01:27


Could you add these optional dependencies :

iouyap : To bridge IOU to UDP, TAP and Ethernet
vboxwrapper : To manage VirtualBox hosts
vpcs : To emulate lighter hosts than VirtualBox or Qemu

iouyap et vboxwrapper aren't packaged yet. I can provide them if you want but they are GNS3 projects so it can be interesting to make them maintained by the same packager.

One last thing. Is it possible to merge content from gns3-launcher-icons package. Perhaps storing the files directly into your package.

Thanks a lot."

+1 PLUS 1.

pity we can't vote on comments.


max-k commented on 2014-10-24 09:25

I forgot another optional dependency :

qemu>1.1: To emulate hosts, PIX or ASA using Qemu