Package Details: grib_api 1.26.0-1

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Package Base: grib_api
Description: A program interface for encoding and decoding GRIB messages
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Licenses: Apache
Conflicts: eccodes, grib_def
Provides: grib_api
Replaces: grib_api, grib_def
Submitter: graziano
Maintainer: graziano
Last Packager: graziano
Votes: 16
Popularity: 0.350708
First Submitted: 2007-10-30 09:34
Last Updated: 2018-03-24 12:38

Latest Comments

graziano commented on 2016-12-23 08:31

ach... out for season holiday right now... apply Lompik fix below. Will fix the package when back next year...

Universebenzene commented on 2016-12-23 00:09

An error occurred in the build() part in 1.19.0-1:

src/grib_api-1.19.0-Source/src/grib_jasper_encoding.c:113:10: error: ‘jas_image_t {aka struct <anonymous>}’ has no member named ‘inmem_’
image.inmem_ = 1;
make[2]: *** [src/CMakeFiles/grib_api.dir/build.make:4503: src/CMakeFiles/grib_api.dir/grib_jasper_encoding.c.o] Error 1
make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:1145: src/CMakeFiles/grib_api.dir/all] Error 2
make: *** [Makefile:161: all] Error 2
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
==> ERROR: Makepkg was unable to build grib_api.

Any ideas?

Lompik commented on 2016-12-13 15:13

if you have jasper v1.900.31 installed, just add `sed -i 's/image.inmem_.*=.*1;//' src/grib_jasper_encoding.c` before the `mkdir -p build` command in the build function of the PKGBUILD.

sodaBitters commented on 2016-12-12 22:00

From the ECMWF Confluence (repository) page:

"Starting from version 2.0.0, ecCodes is the primary GRIB encoding/decoding package used at ECMWF. Nevertheless GRIB-API will be maintained and new releases made publicly available to support decoding of ECMWF model output. Replacing GRIB-API with ecCodes is expected to be transparent for current GRIB-API users. In particular the "grib_" functions are included in the ecCodes library. Users are strongly advised to start the migration process."

Apparently jasper compatibility is fixed in the ECC release. There is no Arch package for this yet, I don't have the time to organize a PKGBUILD, but here's a link for anyone that needs it:

sodaBitters commented on 2016-12-08 19:13

dependency jasper was just updated, is anyone getting issues with compatibility?

mjakob422 commented on 2015-10-14 20:01

A heads up, it seems like ECMWF changed to the Apache license:

graziano commented on 2015-08-07 07:26

Updated per @hotaru and @mjakob422 comments.

mjakob422 commented on 2015-07-23 10:21

I believe cmake should be a make dependency as well.

hotaru commented on 2015-07-20 00:57

fails to build if libaec isn't installed.

ftschindler commented on 2014-08-06 19:02

An update of mesa-demos gave the following error:

error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files)
mesa-demos: /usr/bin/points exists in filesystem

pacman -Qo /usr/bin/points
/usr/bin/points is owned by grib_api 1.12.3-1

I am not sure if mesa-demos or grib_api is to blame but I would guess that this is a problem of grib_api...

graziano commented on 2013-05-31 08:40

Please read the PKGBUILD to use jasper instead of openjpeg.

graziano commented on 2013-05-31 08:20

changed dependency from openjpeg to jasper, will try to fix the openjpeg interface include search in the code.

julian.carpenter commented on 2013-05-14 23:07

when i tried to compile he gave me an error stating that openjpeg.h were missing although it was installed. i created an symbolic link to /usr/include because he was looking there which solved the problem (ln -s /usr/include/openjpeg-1.5/openjpeg.h /usr/include/openjpeg.h). Don't know if this is a problem with grib_api or with openjpeg...but i thought i share it in case someone stumbles about the same error.

srikanthbojja commented on 2012-11-01 13:53

grazinio's fix worked but you should add "--insecure" curl http option to DLAGENTS=... var inside /etc/makepkg.conf not on https

graziano commented on 2012-10-02 07:51

Only fix I have found is to put "--insecure" curl https option to DLAGENTS=... var inside /etc/makepkg.conf or add insecure to ~/curlrc. To my knowledge, this is as of now the way to go with self-signed server certificates. Anybody another solution?

ender4 commented on 2012-10-02 07:27

I'm unable to download the source, with the following error:

curl: (60) SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate
More details here:

cryptix commented on 2012-07-29 05:12

please add python2-numpy and netcdf to makedepends.

zottelef commented on 2012-07-26 13:05

Iconfirm that md5sum is: f1288627031c97fa1631fd5a63e3bbb3.
Please change the PKGBUILD file accordingly. Thankyou

srikanthbojja commented on 2012-07-24 21:49

ERROR: One or more files did not pass the validity check!
ERROR: Makepkg was unable to build grib_api.

Please fix this

Nabobalis commented on 2012-07-06 13:32

Md5sum needs to be changed. f1288627031c97fa1631fd5a63e3bbb3
It also seems to need netcdf and numpy installed before hand as well.

Nabobalis commented on 2012-07-06 13:23

Md5sum needs to be changed. f1288627031c97fa1631fd5a63e3bbb3

graziano commented on 2012-02-06 09:11

This package depends on linpng, so need recompile after libpng/libtiff update of 2012-02-05

graziano commented on 2011-04-02 15:59

They have changed the tarball, adding the libtool experimental tree... Changed the checksum accordingly. Thanks.

Rodland commented on 2011-04-02 15:41

Integrity check fails!