Package Details: hdf-java 3.3.2-3

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Package Base: hdf-java
Description: The hdf5 Java Native Interfaces (JNI) for 32-bit object ids (files created with versions up to 1.8)
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Licenses: custom
Submitter: bnordgren
Maintainer: eleftg
Last Packager: eleftg
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First Submitted: 2011-09-07 15:45
Last Updated: 2017-10-23 23:49

Latest Comments

eleftg commented on 2017-10-23 23:53

OK I think I figured what was wrong. Removed the FindJNI.cmake module packaged in the archive in order to force CMake to use the official one.

Let me know if it works for you.

GloW commented on 2017-10-23 14:33

I have the same problem :
[glow@snowman ~/work/Total/drp/DRPPlugin]$ sudo archlinux-java status
Available Java environments:
java-8-openjdk (default)

eleftg commented on 2017-10-16 23:25


Could you post the output of the following command ?

sudo archlinux-java status

lonaowna commented on 2017-10-16 19:00

I can't build 3.3.2-1:

-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
CMake Error: The following variables are used in this project, but they are set to NOTFOUND.
Please set them or make sure they are set and tested correctly in the CMake files:

guotsuan commented on 2016-08-17 23:25

@Scindix @ canismarko Thanks to both you.

I'm sorry that I'm in vacation and can only update the package at the end of August.

Scindix commented on 2016-08-17 17:21

`pkgver` needs to be updated to "2.13.0". "2.11" doesn't exist anymore.
Also some paths and commands needed to be adjusted to get HDFView working. Now it installs and runs perfectly. Below are the changes I made. Could the package maintainer review it and then update PKGBUILD?

Edit: To make things easier:

$ diff PKGBUILD PKGBUILD.upstream
< pkgver=2.13.0
> pkgver=2.11
< md5sums=('8ad9c8eca89221078a58f70a999ae0b4'
> md5sums=('1cf203b659b54600c8ee735aea32f40e'
< sed -i 's/interactive=TRUE/interactive=FALSE/' "${srcdir}/HDFView-${pkgver}"
< sed -i 's/cpack_skip_license=FALSE/cpack_skip_license=TRUE/' "${srcdir}/HDFView-${pkgver}"
> sed -i 's/interactive=TRUE/interactive=FALSE/' "${srcdir}/${_pkgname}-${pkgver}/HDFView-${pkgver}"
> sed -i 's/cpack_skip_license=FALSE/cpack_skip_license=TRUE/' "${srcdir}/${_pkgname}-${pkgver}/HDFView-${pkgver}"
< cd "${srcdir}"
< mv ./HDFView ./HDFView-moved-temporarily
< ./HDFView-${pkgver}
< mv ./HDFView ./${_pkgname}-${pkgver}
< mv ./HDFView-moved-temporarily ./HDFView
> cd "${srcdir}/${_pkgname}-${pkgver}"
> ./HDFView-${pkgver}
< cp -r "${srcdir}/${_pkgname}-${pkgver}/${pkgver}/lib" "${pkgdir}/usr/share/java/${pkgname}"
> mv "${srcdir}/${_pkgname}-${pkgver}/HDF_Group/${_pkgname}/${pkgver}.0/lib" "${pkgdir}/usr/share/java/${pkgname}"
< sed "s:JAVABIN=${srcdir}/HDFView/${pkgver}/jre/bin:JAVABIN=/usr/bin:" "${srcdir}/${_pkgname}-${pkgver}/${pkgver}/" > "${pkgdir}/usr/bin/hdf-java"
< sed -i "s:INSTALLDIR=${srcdir}/HDFView/${pkgver}:INSTALLDIR=/usr/share/java/hdf-java:" "${pkgdir}/usr/bin/hdf-java"
> sed -e 's:INSTALLDIR=/HDF_Group/HDFView/2.11.0:INSTALLDIR=/usr/share/java/hdf-java:' "${srcdir}/${_pkgname}-${pkgver}/HDF_Group/${_pkgname}/${pkgver}.0/bin/" > "${pkgdir}/usr/bin/hdf-java"
< cp -r "${srcdir}/${_pkgname}-${pkgver}/${pkgver}/share/doc" "${pkgdir}/usr/share/${pkgname}/doc"
> mv "${srcdir}/${_pkgname}-${pkgver}/HDF_Group/${_pkgname}/${pkgver}.0/share/UsersGuide" "${pkgdir}/usr/share/${pkgname}/doc"

canismarko commented on 2016-04-07 19:39

I was not able to associate .hdf files with the HDF viewer (eg in nautilus). I managed to fix this by changing `exec ${HDFVIEW_APPLICATION}` to `exec ${HDFVIEW_APPLICATION} "$@"` in the HDFView file and `Exec=/usr/bin/HDFView` to `Exec=/usr/bin/HDFView %F` in the HDFView.desktop file.