Package Details: ib-tws 964.1e-1

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Package Base: ib-tws
Description: Electronic trading platform from discount brokerage firm Interactive Brokers
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Licenses: custom
Submitter: benalexau
Maintainer: benalexau
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First Submitted: 2013-01-30 06:21
Last Updated: 2017-04-19 05:13

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benalexau commented on 2017-01-12 02:18

I'd suggest the ib-controller AUR package. It is designed to run TWS as a systemd service, including authentication files with secure permissions by default etc.

goodboy commented on 2017-01-12 02:13

Thanks for the explanation benalexau.
I've tried starting ib-tws in demo mode and it keeps hanging after the splash screen displays "Processing startup parameters...".

Any ideas?

benalexau commented on 2017-01-11 22:29

All AUR packages are hosted in an AUR-specific Git repository. Details are at You can access any AUR's repository via clicking the "View Changes" link at the top of the package's AUR page.

Thanks for reporting the checksum issue. Our friends at Interactive Brokers released 962.2c at least twice, each with different hash codes. My scripts (themselves in the aforementioned AUR repository) run daily and only update the AUR package if both the "latest" tarball and the version number extracted from the associated execution log differ from the existing PKGBUILD. Given IB failed to increment the version number despite releasing a tarball with different contents, this explains why the package was not updated to reflect the new hash code.

I wish IB would follow best practice and include a version number in the HTTP path, and treat file releases as immutable (ie have a staging environment to test and promote releases, incrementing the version number if a release was promoted in error). Until then we have to struggle with these hacky workarounds...

goodboy commented on 2017-01-11 21:48

benalexau I needed 'c4fb512c612bfddf45f0324ce63a4bc6' to make it work.
Is there somewhere that changes can be pushed (i.e. is the PKGBUILD hosted on github)?

benalexau commented on 2017-01-11 04:32

@goodboy, all fixed.

goodboy commented on 2017-01-11 04:08

Hey benalexau,

Seems like the checksum is failing again...

>>> sudo aura -A ib-tws -x
[sudo] password for tyler:
aura >>= Determining dependencies...
aura >>= AUR Packages:

aura >>= Continue? [Y/n]
aura >>= Building `ib-tws`...
==> Making package: ib-tws 962.2b-1 (Tue Jan 10 19:10:26 EST 2017)
==> Checking runtime dependencies...
==> Checking buildtime dependencies...
==> Retrieving sources...
-> Found LICENSE
-> Found ib-tws
-> Found ib-tws.desktop
-> Found ib-gw
-> Found ib-gw.desktop
-> Downloading
% Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
100 89.5M 100 89.5M 0 0 2813k 0 0:00:32 0:00:32 --:--:-- 3078k
==> Validating source files with md5sums...
LICENSE ... Passed
ib-tws ... Passed
ib-tws.desktop ... Passed
ib-gw ... Passed
ib-gw.desktop ... Passed ... FAILED
==> ERROR: One or more files did not pass the validity check!
aura >>= Well, building `ib-tws` failed.
aura >>= Would you like to continue anyway? [Y/n] n
aura >>= Building failed.

benalexau commented on 2016-06-27 23:15

As per internal version 52 means Java 8. See for info on the various Java packages available for Arch (I use package jdk8-openjdk).

NyanCat commented on 2016-06-27 22:58

Thank you very much. I still had problems with the installation because the jar command was missing. It was necessary to switch from "java-8-openjdk/jre" to "java-7-openjdk" using the archlinux-java command.
But now starting ib-tws fails with an exception: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: jclient/LoginFrame : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0
I will do some research later. I guess it's because I'm using awesome as window manager.

benalexau commented on 2016-06-22 02:16

Hi NyanCat. IB made three changes to the installer and launch model, so the automatic sync scripts required more TLC (click "View Changes" if you're curious). The scripts have now been amended and as such auto-sync should work again. 956.2n is now available from AUR.

NyanCat commented on 2016-06-21 22:44

Hi benalexau, the md5sum of seems to be out of date again. Maybe you can fix it?

ibizaman commented on 2016-02-16 06:01

Finally everything did not went well. As you can see in the output log here:, it failed at the end although I really do not see where is the problem - there's no error line as far as I can see. Do you have a guess?

EDIT: okay found it.
In fact, with the new makepkg release, you cannot build anymore as root. So I ran the makepkg step as the nobody user and that made the install fail like in the log. This is because the nobody user has no $HOME directory assigned and thus it tries to install in weird folders.

ibizaman commented on 2016-02-16 04:17

Thanks again. How can they even think about making it so painful...

benalexau commented on 2016-02-15 22:41

The auto update script has been pretty reliable for nearly a year, but a few months back IB fundamentally changed the TWS installer model. They now use Install4J, bundle a JRE and require a GUI installer. I've adjusted the scripts to handle these major changes, but sometimes IB publishes a new archive (so a different MD5) but the same version number (!), which my automatic scripts fail to detect. Anyhow I have manually updated the package, so you should be good to install now.

ibizaman commented on 2016-02-15 22:17

Hi, me again. This time the install failed while checking's md5 checksum.

ibizaman commented on 2015-03-06 06:38

Thanks! I thought it could only happen because the .tar.gz was updated. Didn't think about other stuff that could go bad.
Anyway, thanks a lot for your packages, they really are awesome!

benalexau commented on 2015-03-06 03:00

All updated.

I've setup a daily cron job to run We'll see if it works. I hadn't done so previously as about 1 in 10 times it fails (URL moves, Java version changes etc) and requires manual intervention.

ibizaman commented on 2015-03-05 22:35

New md5sum is: 4da642796c073c3c089eac3541d5667d.
Is there a way to update the md5sum automatically?

benalexau commented on 2014-09-01 01:15

@ibizaman, all updated. Thanks for the heads up.

ibizaman commented on 2014-08-30 14:47

Hey, me again! The md5sum is again out of date, here's the new one: dab03fbc4aa0ae43e6c8e7f1d4a99a65

ibizaman commented on 2014-06-14 09:05

@benalexau just tested now and it works fine. Thanks for the quick response!

benalexau commented on 2014-06-12 23:18

@ibizaman thanks for letting me know. The automated update scripts had detected this and attempted to upload a new PKGBUILD via burp, but burp now enforces the new requirements and failed the upload without returning a suitable exit code. Anyhow I have fixed the upload and also modified the automated package maintenance script in commit Thanks again for the report.

ibizaman commented on 2014-06-12 22:50

The latest md5sum of unixmacosx_latest.jar is now fa3d5ab2c9c731762850f65a9fc6f3f5

ishanarora commented on 2013-05-18 09:43


benalexau commented on 2013-05-18 07:42

@ishanarora, IB Gateway is now supported (both with a desktop icon and shell script). I also updated the package to fetch from IB's new "latest" version URI. Hope you find the package useful.

ishanarora commented on 2013-05-17 15:19

Please add support for ib-gateway in the same PKGBUILD.