Package Details: imagemagick6

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Package Base: imagemagick6
Description: An image viewing/manipulation program (legacy 6.9.12-* series)
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Keywords: ImageMagick
Licenses: custom
Provides: libmagick6
Submitter: arojas
Maintainer: yochananmarqos
Last Packager: yochananmarqos
Votes: 10
Popularity: 0.000016
First Submitted: 2021-01-29 14:32 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2023-03-20 16:58 (UTC)

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yochananmarqos commented on 2021-09-08 21:45 (UTC) (edited on 2022-08-27 21:36 (UTC) by yochananmarqos)

DO NOT report issues if you’re using an AUR helper (including Pamac aka Add/Remove Software). If you have a problem, build it manually and see if you can reproduce the issue.

Please don't spam the comments if the package is out of date. Just flag it out of date.

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Friki commented on 2023-03-19 22:43 (UTC)

==> Verificando las firmas de las fuentes con gpg... ImageMagick-6.9.12-80.tar.gz ... HA FALLADO (clave pública desconocida 89AB63D48277377A) ==> ERROR: ¡No se ha podido verificar alguna de las firmas PGP!

Friki commented on 2023-03-19 22:42 (UTC)

error installing ImageMagick-6.9.12-80

oxalin commented on 2022-09-16 14:41 (UTC)

Hi. Could you apply the following patch please? This will insure that we have access to every releases stored in the "releases" sub-folder and prevent breaking this package. Thanks.

From 52538b7db92ca37b2a947abca55ac837f1224d53 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001 From: Alexandre Demers Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2022 10:37:05 -0400 Subject: [PATCH] Change source path where all releases are stored

In the "archive" folder, only the latest release of a series is kept. This breaks the package everytime a new release comes in and replaces the prior version.

Let's use the "releases" sub-folder where every releases are being stored.

Fix description, since this is the 6 series, thus the pkgname "libmagick6".

Signed-off-by: Alexandre Demers

PKGBUILD | 6 +++--- 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD index 6f08a7e..d8bb2ea 100644 --- a/PKGBUILD +++ b/PKGBUILD @@ -7,8 +7,8 @@ pkgname=libmagick6 pkgbase=imagemagick6 _pkgver=6.9.12-63 pkgver=${_pkgver//-/.} -pkgrel=1 -pkgdesc="An image viewing/manipulation program (legacy 6.9.12-* series)" +pkgrel=2 +pkgdesc="An image viewing/manipulation program (legacy 6 series)" url="" arch=('x86_64') license=('custom') @@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ depends=('libltdl' 'lcms2' 'fontconfig' 'libxext' 'liblqr' 'libraqm' 'libpng' 'l makedepends=('ghostscript' 'openexr' 'libwmf' 'librsvg' 'libxml2' 'openjpeg2' 'libraw' 'opencl-headers' 'libwebp' 'libzip' 'libjxl' 'chrpath' 'ocl-icd' 'glu' 'ghostpcl' 'ghostxps' 'libheif' 'jbigkit' 'lcms2' 'libxext' 'liblqr' 'libraqm' 'libpng' 'djvulibre') checkdepends=('gsfonts' 'ttf-dejavu') -source=("$_pkgver.tar.gz"{,.asc} +source=("$_pkgver.tar.gz"{,.asc} 'arch-fonts.diff') sha256sums=('c4d7cdd81eb2e2e1676d260d7569dfb37b0ada65960d263cded8ea7cefd3f37b' 'SKIP' -- 2.37.2

keilmillerjr commented on 2022-09-15 10:43 (UTC)

@yochananmarqos Your comment is useless spam. I was simply letting others know why your package was failing.

yochananmarqos commented on 2022-08-27 21:36 (UTC)

@keilmillerjr: Please see my edit to the pinned comment.

keilmillerjr commented on 2022-08-27 21:05 (UTC)

==> ERROR: Failure while downloading
Failed to build imagemagick6

File doesn't exist anymore. Archive now has 6.9.12-62.tar.gz. PKGBUILD needs updating.

xxxxme commented on 2022-08-07 12:00 (UTC)

@youchananmarqos Doing a clean build now causes it to fail with 'mv: cannot stat '/tmp/imagemagick6/pkg/libmagick6/usr/lib/perl5': No such file or directory'. If I comment that out of PKGBUILD, then 'mv: cannot stat '/tmp/imagemagick6/pkg/libmagick6/usr/share/man'. It does succeed without those two lines.

yochananmarqos commented on 2022-08-06 15:07 (UTC)

@xxxxme: The directory that is not empty is src/binpkg/usr/bin/. The only reason why it wouldn't be empty is if it was left over from a previous build. Do a clean build.

xxxxme commented on 2022-08-06 14:29 (UTC)

@yochananmarqos: Isn't it related to packaging? Wouldn't usr/bin have been created by makepkg as part of package_libmagick6() since I ran makepkg -sc in the directory created by extracting imagemagick6.tar.gz downloaded from this page's "Download snapshot"?

yochananmarqos commented on 2022-07-23 21:31 (UTC)


mv: cannot move '/home/xxxxme/Downloads/imagemagick6/pkg/libmagick6/usr/bin' to 'usr/bin': Directory not empty

Er? Not related to packaging, that's an issue on your own system.