Package Details: indicator-sound 12.10.1-5

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Package Base: indicator-sound
Description: Unified sound menu indicator.
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Keywords: indicator mate sound ubuntu
Licenses: GPL
Submitter: Madek
Maintainer: None
Last Packager: goetzc
Votes: 26
Popularity: 0.000000
First Submitted: 2010-11-04 04:40
Last Updated: 2016-09-06 19:01

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Anonymous comment on 2013-01-28 16:22

@City-busz thanks that explains it, I've just been trying to set the panel up like xubuntu, almost there :p

City-busz commented on 2013-01-28 12:05

haVok: It doesn't launch pavucontrol, it's normal. Instead it launch gnome-control-center sound settings or xfce4-mixer, if you select sound settings from the menu.

Anonymous comment on 2013-01-28 05:43

I'm running xfce and have xfce-indicator-plugin installed along with indicator-sound and gtk2 version + the indicator-application indicator-application-gtk2. The sound volume control shows up and works but cant figure out how to get it to launch pavucontrol not sure if i'm missing somthing so any help is appreciated.

Xaero252 commented on 2012-11-07 13:22

This appears to no longer build as of recent :(

transport-widget.c:1852:7: error: 'gtk_style_context_notify_state_change' is deprecated (declared at /usr/include/gtk-3.0/gtk/gtkstylecontext.h:843) [-Werror=deprecated-declarations]
CC indicator_sound_service-sound-state.o
cc1: all warnings being treated as errors
make[3]: *** [libsoundmenu_la-transport-widget.lo] Error 1
make[3]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
make[3]: Leaving directory `/tmp/yaourt-tmp-xaero/aur-indicator-sound/src/indicator-sound-'
make[2]: *** [all] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory `/tmp/yaourt-tmp-xaero/aur-indicator-sound/src/indicator-sound-'
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/tmp/yaourt-tmp-xaero/aur-indicator-sound/src/indicator-sound-'
make: *** [all] Error 2

Anonymous comment on 2011-04-16 15:08

I get a configure error... :-(
Don't see where I can find the dbusmenu-gtk package...

configure: error: Package requirements (gtk+-2.0 >= 2.12
indicator >= 0.3.6
dbusmenu-gtk >= 0.2.2
libido-0.1 >= 0.1.11) were not met:

No package 'dbusmenu-gtk' found

Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you
installed software in a non-standard prefix.

Alternatively, you may set the environment variables APPLET_CFLAGS
and APPLET_LIBS to avoid the need to call pkg-config.
See the pkg-config man page for more details.

City-busz commented on 2011-02-13 12:41

The version is the latest stable release of indicator-sound, which is available in Ubuntu Maverick. Newer versions are in development for the upcoming Ubuntu Natty. To compile these package, you have to use the following package versions:
libdbusmenu 0.3.16
libindicator 0.3.14
libindicate 0.4.4

If you really want the latest version, you can use the PKGBUILD from here:
The required versions of this package:

lman commented on 2011-02-13 01:49

I get configure:
error: Package requirements (dbusmenu-glib >= 0.3.1
indicator >= 0.3.6
indicate >= 0.4.1
gee-1.0) were not met:
No package 'indicate' found

aur/libindicate 0.4.93-1 [installed] (52)
A library to raise "flags" on DBus for other components of the desktop to
pick up and visualize. (Canonical Ayatana Project)

Anonymous comment on 2010-12-18 13:58


Anonymous comment on 2010-12-16 03:39

indicator-sound_0.5.2-0ubuntu1.diff.gz change for indicator-sound_0.5.2-0ubuntu2.diff.gz

Madek commented on 2010-12-04 23:58

ok, momentally change vala by vala-devel
back to vala when vala change to 0.11.2