Package Details: inkscape-git 5:1.1.alpha.r199.g30c0b84b2b-1

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Package Base: inkscape-git
Description: An Open Source vector graphics editor, using SVG file format, from git master
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Licenses: GPL, LGPL
Conflicts: inkscape
Provides: inkscape
Submitter: haawda
Maintainer: bartus
Last Packager: bartus
Votes: 5
Popularity: 0.000000
First Submitted: 2017-06-10 19:46
Last Updated: 2021-03-27 16:15

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lugao commented on 2019-04-19 12:30

I created a derived package called inkscape-shallow-git to only shallow clone the inkscape repository. The full clone downloads about 1.6 GiB and the shallow clone about 27.72 MiB.

@haawad: Do you think you could integrate it into your package? Thanks!

friday13 commented on 2019-02-13 09:09

(inkscape:1259): Gtk-WARNING **: 12:09:23.554: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "adwaita",

bartus commented on 2018-11-18 13:05

Ok, I pushed second ver string - it's closest to inkscape --version and doesn't need extra deps to calculate.

bartus commented on 2018-11-17 11:44

According to Inkscape versioning convention, for main/master branches you have:

INKSCAPE_VERSION:        0.92+devel
INKSCAPE_DIST_PREFIX:    inkscape-0.92+devel
INKSCAPE_CPACK_PREFIX:   inkscape-0.92+devel_2018-11-16_e1eae41f45

for 0.92.x branche there is:

INKSCAPE_VERSION:        0.92.3
INKSCAPE_DIST_PREFIX:    inkscape-0.92.3

We can either pop versin minor: 0.93.r3569.ge1eae41f45

or add devel suffix: 0.92.devel.r3569.ge1eae41f45

or pop patch version: 0.92.4.r3569.ge1eae41f45

For me, last one looks okish, but revision counter is somewhat arbitrary as it counts commits from the last tag in master branch...

printf %s.%s.%s.r%s.g%s $(git show remotes/origin/0.92.x:CMakeLists.txt|grep -oP -e "INKSCAPE_VERSION_(MAJOR|MINOR|PATCH) +\K[0-9]+"|awk 'NR==3{print ++$1};NR!=3{print}') $(git rev-list $(git describe --tag --abbrev=0)..HEAD --count) $(git log --pretty=format:'%h' -n 1);


first two are more hacky, but also good.

printf %s.%s.r%s.g%s $(grep -oP -e "INKSCAPE_VERSION_(MAJOR|MINOR) +\K[0-9]+" CMakeLists.txt|awk 'NR==2{print ++$1};NR!=2{print}') $(git rev-list $(git describe --tag --abbrev=0)..HEAD --count) $(git log --pretty=format:'%h' -n 1)


printf %s.%s+devel.r%s.g%s $(grep -oP -e "INKSCAPE_VERSION_(MAJOR|MINOR) +\K[0-9]+" CMakeLists.txt) $(git rev-list $(git describe --tag --abbrev=0)..HEAD --count) $(git log --pretty=format:'%h' -n 1)


haawda commented on 2018-11-17 09:54

I think this would need an epoch, too. I made you a co-maintainer.

But I do not like 0.92.pre1.r3569.ge1eae41f45. This is not a pre release of 0.92 but for the upcoming version.

bartus commented on 2018-11-16 19:24

@haawad: Could we also have accurate pkgver ? my proposition:

 git describe --long --tags | sed 's/^INKSCAPE_//;s/\([^-]*-g\)/r\1/;s/[-_]/./g;s/\(.*\)/\L\1/'

witch produces: 0.92.pre1.r3569.ge1eae41f45

haawda commented on 2018-11-14 21:06

!makeflags dropped

bartus commented on 2018-11-14 15:54

@haawda: can you drop !makeflags from options - single-threaded build took ages ;/

haawda commented on 2018-11-09 05:47

thanks, applied, but I had to turn off dbus support.

z3ntu commented on 2018-11-08 20:29

diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
index bb25b9b..2ae6c2c 100644
@@ -31,13 +31,9 @@ pkgver() {

 prepare() {
   cd "$_gitname"
-  sed -i 's|"python"|"python2"|g' src/main.cpp
   find share -type f -name "*.py" -exec \
-       sed -i '1s|/usr/bin/env python\>|/usr/bin/env python2|g' {} \;
-  sed -i '1s|/usr/bin/env python3\>|/usr/bin/env python2|g' CMakeScripts/
+       sed -i '1s|/usr/bin/env python$|/usr/bin/env python2|g' {} \;
   sed -i 's|"python" },|"python2" },|g' src/extension/implementation/script.cpp
-  sed -i 's|"python"|"python2"|g' src/main.cpp
-  sed -i -e 's|GBool|bool|g' -e 's|gTrue|true|g' -e 's|gFalse|false|g' src/extension/internal/pdfinput/pdf-parser.{h,cpp}

 build() {

This patch should get rid of outdated replacements (e.g. poppler patch is upstream, don't switch python3 scripts to python2)