Package Details: jackett 0.10.775-1

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Package Base: jackett
Description: Use many torrent trackers with software that supports torznab/potato feeds.
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Licenses: GPL
Submitter: bgiesing
Maintainer: DGuyo (fryfrog)
Last Packager: fryfrog
Votes: 22
Popularity: 2.032971
First Submitted: 2015-06-20 00:06
Last Updated: 2019-02-14 16:41

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fryfrog commented on 2018-03-14 03:56

If your Jackett looks totally unconfigured, you probably need to fix this:

/usr/share/Jackett/.config/Jackett/* -> /var/lib/jackett/

If your Jackett only shows public trackers, you probably need to fix this:

/usr/share/Jackett/.config/.mono -> /var/lib/jackett/

If your jackett user's home directory isn't /var/lib/jackett:

sudo systemctl stop jackett and usermod -d /var/lib/jackett jackett

Version 0.8.749-2 moved binaries to /usr/lib/jackett and configuration to /var/lib/jackett. A cp of the files and usermod for jackett user is done as part of the upgrade.

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fryfrog commented on 2018-11-18 17:39

@XMgVwrR6jCWDM75, this package tracks releases, not pre-releases.

fryfrog commented on 2018-09-28 15:16

@hashworks, this package tracks releases, not pre-releases.

fryfrog commented on 2018-05-21 19:20

You've got your Jackett set to update itself and probably have the pre-release check box ticked. If you want to avoid these conflicts, disable self update. You'd probably be fine just unchecking the pre-release updates box too.

dustovich commented on 2018-05-21 18:57

Hey, I don't know if it is just my install, but it seems every time I am doing an update of jackett I am getting some conflicting file error message:

error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files)

jackett: /usr/lib/jackett/Definitions/btworld.yml exists in filesystem

jackett: /usr/lib/jackett/Definitions/racing4everyone.yml exists in filesystem

jackett: /usr/lib/jackett/Definitions/rgu.yml exists in filesystem

jackett: /usr/lib/jackett/Definitions/sukebei-pantsu.yml exists in filesystem

jackett: /usr/lib/jackett/Definitions/sukebeinyaasi.yml exists in filesystem

jackett: /usr/lib/jackett/Definitions/xbytes2.yml exists in filesystem

Errors occurred, no packages were upgraded.<br>

Once I delete these files or do a pacman --force on the installation it works just fine. I have noticed this over a few upgrade cycles. Not that big deal, but not good for unattended installations.

fryfrog commented on 2018-03-21 20:17

@limaxray, thanks for catching and reporting that typo! @DGuyo, thanks for fixing it. Sorry! :)

DGuyo commented on 2018-03-21 20:02


Should be fixed now.

limaxray commented on 2018-03-21 19:25

There's a typo on the last 2 lines of the package() function - {$pkgdir} instead of ${pkgdir} - this causes the jackett.conf files to not to be installed to sysusers.d and tmpfiles.d, so the jackett user and it's home directory are not created on new installs.

fryfrog commented on 2018-03-15 16:12

@Superpiffer: Thanks for figuring that out. I've added a systemctl stop jackett before the usermod for the one time upgrade. It won't help anyone that has already upgraded, but it will for everyone else.

Also make sure your .mono directory made it to the right place. The Environment=XDG_CONFIG_HOME=/var/lib/jackett means it needs to be in ~/.mono instead of ~/.config/.mono. I've changed that too as part of the one time upgrade, but you might still need it. The only symptom I know is that w/o fixing this, you'll only have public trackers in your list.

Superpiffer commented on 2018-03-15 09:39

$ eval echo ~jackett


I don't know why. I also tried to clean up all folders and reinstall but the result is the same.

Update: I think I've found the problem:

sudo usermod -d /var/lib/jackett jackett

usermod: user jackett is currently used by process 30692

So you have to stop jackett service before upgrade. Thanks for the update! :)

fryfrog commented on 2018-03-14 17:12

@Superpiffer, can you check the home directory of your jackett user? Part of the migration should set that user's home directory to /var/lib/jackett and the other part moves the old .mono directory to the right place.

I'll add the environment variable too, just to make sure it all works. :/