Package Details: jquery 3.3.1-2

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Package Base: jquery
Description: Cross-platform JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML
Upstream URL:
Licenses: MIT
Submitter: lepokle
Maintainer: SibrenVasse
Last Packager: SibrenVasse
Votes: 46
Popularity: 0.346284
First Submitted: 2010-08-29 11:53
Last Updated: 2018-03-17 11:38

Latest Comments

zerophase commented on 2017-01-06 00:16

Anyone else having issues with Rails finding jquery?

morealaz commented on 2016-11-05 16:15

@SibrenVasse thanks.

morealaz commented on 2016-11-05 11:26

@SibrenVasse: could you please include these files in package:

this make package useful for developers and more general.

morealaz commented on 2016-11-05 09:13

@SibrenVasse: Sorry, some how my AUR helper did not download file completely and give me a checksum error.
I download file manually and It work great.

SibrenVasse commented on 2016-11-05 08:19

@morealaz: the checksum is valid for me. You sure you downloaded the right file?

morealaz commented on 2016-11-05 08:00

please update checksum:

MikaYuoadas commented on 2016-06-17 15:42

I agree with morealaz.
Plus putting it in /usr/share/javascript/jquery/ is what jquery-ui aur package and the debian equivalent (libjs-jquery, libjs-jquery-ui) does.

SibrenVasse commented on 2016-06-11 13:46

Sorry, my mistake. Fixed.

zerophase commented on 2016-06-11 11:44

3.0.0-1 fails the hash check.

morealaz commented on 2016-01-03 16:01

It would be nice to install jquery to a more standard location like /usr/share/javascript/jquery/ so that all javascript libraries can be installed into a common location (/usr/share/javascript/)

Dornith commented on 2014-10-05 13:55

For the architecture, shouldn't it be "any" since this is just a js file?

taro-k commented on 2014-02-23 07:44

Hi, can you update to the version jquery 2.1.0 ?
(Or I can be maintainer if you are busy.)

msx commented on 2012-05-31 04:16

Hi there, new version is out.

jQuery 1.7.2 change log and release notes:
New file md5 checksum: b8d64d0bc142b3f670cc0611b0aebcae

msx commented on 2012-05-31 04:08

Hi there, new version is out.

jQuery 1.7.2 change log and release notes:

msx commented on 2012-05-31 04:06

Hi there, 1.7.2 version is out.

jQuery 1.7.2 change log and release notes:

msx commented on 2012-05-31 03:53

Hi there, 1.7.2 version is out!

jQuery 1.7.2 Change Log

Here’s the change log of the 1.7.2 release.

#4624: Charset in default ajaxSettings.contentType
#10978: jQuery.param() should allow non-native constructed objects as property values
#11264: evalScript() uses defaults set by ajaxSetup()
#11426: jQuery.ajax() always fails when requesting JPG images in IE


#5571: Allow chaining when passing undefined to any setter in jQuery
#10828: attr(“coords”) returns undefined in IE7
#10870: Incorrect behaviour of $.removeAttr(“selected”)
#11316: Consider looking through valHooks by element type first, then by nodeName instead of the other way around


#10692: Configure the jshint options to more accurately match the style guide
#10693: generalize the “test something in an iframe” code in unit tests
#10901: have unit tests fail if the tester is running from file:// or doesn’t have PHP
#10902: ability to test a built version of jQuery in unit tests
#10931: Unit tests shouldn’t require internet access


#10466: jQuery.param() mistakes wrapped primitives for deep objects


#10639: outerWidth(true) and css(‘margin’) returning % instead of px in Webkit
#10754: have jQuery.swap return the return of the callback instead of just executing it
#10782: Incorrect calculating width
#10796: Bug in IE7 with $(‘#el’).css.(‘background-position’)
#10858: css.js regular expressions are incomplete
#11119: The curCSS function only need 2 arguments


#11309: hexadecimal-formatted data-* attributes parsed incorrectly


#11306: calling .disable() or .lock() on a $.Callbacks object breaks its fired() status


#3838: $(document).height() incorrect in IE6


#8498: Animate Hooks
#10006: method show is not working as expected in all browsers when called for document fragment
#10848: Animation toggling loses state tracking in certain atomic edge cases
#11415: Silently ignore negative CSS values where they are illegal
#11469: Negative margin in animations (.animate)


#8165: .live(‘click’, handler) fires on disabled buttons with child elements in Chrome
#10819: Eliminate “, “
#10878: $(“select”).live(“change”, function(){ …broken in IE8 in jQuery 1.7
#10961: Error in XRegExp using jQuery 1.7.1 in IE6-9
#10970: The .on() selector parameter doesn’t work with :not(:first) selector
#10984: Cannot off() custom events ($.event.special)
#11021: Hover hack mangles a namespace named “hover”
#11076: .clone(true) loses delegation filters
#11130: jQuery.fn.on: binding map with null selector ignores data
#11145: $(document).on() not working with name=”disabled”


#9427: Passing undefined to .text() does not trigger setter
#10753: inline the evalScript function in manipulation.js as it’s only used once
#10864: text() method on a document fragment always returns the empty string
#11055: Update HTML5 Shim elements list to support latest html5shiv
#11217: Append problem with webkit
#11291: Cloning XMLDoc’s with HTML5 nodeName’s breaks on IE
#11323: script tags with type=”text/ecmascript” leak into the DOM
#11356: safeFragment memory leak


#10952: .fired() doesn’t work on Callbacks object when it is flagged with “once”
#11257: Wrong path to source files in test suite if PHP missing


#10967: .promise() does not attach methods onto target


#7986: Bug in $.support.boxModel if page has DIV-element CSS
#11048: Support Tests affect layout for positioned elements in IE6-9
#11337: Bug in $.support.reliableMarginRight


#11370: $(‘<div>’).siblings() throws exception

lepokle commented on 2011-11-12 18:38

Changed the location to /usr/share/jquery

lepokle commented on 2011-11-04 10:51

You are right. I'll have a look at weekend.
Sorry for the late response.

t-8ch commented on 2011-10-27 09:18

Would it be possible to install jquery to a more standard location?
like /usr/share/jquery/jquery-${pkgver}.min.js.
Afaik /opt is only for big packages wich don't work together with standard file locations.
A backwards compatible link to /opt shouldn't be a problem then.

It would also be nice to have a version independent softlink to the actual file, so you don't have to change your applications each time jquery updates.