Package Details: julia-arpack 0.3.1-2

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Package Base: julia-arpack
Description: Arpack Package for Julia (compiled from source)
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Licenses: MIT
Submitter: getzze
Maintainer: getzze
Last Packager: getzze
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First Submitted: 2019-03-20 18:33
Last Updated: 2019-08-06 22:57

Latest Comments

kragol commented on 2019-09-03 12:57

A second comment about a different issue.

The package installs successfully but I run into permission issues whenever I try to build it within julia (using build Arpack in pkg mode). The problem seems that julia tries to write to the package installation directory /usr/share/julia/packages/Arpack/ which is not user writeable by default.

I tried chmoding all files/dirs to make them writeable. It still did not work, I then chowned them to my username. Still ran into bugs.

The last bug I got was:

Building Arpack → `/usr/share/julia/packages/Arpack/cu5By/deps/build.log`
┌ Error: Error building `Arpack`: 
│ ERROR: LoadError: LibraryProduct(nothing, ["libarpack"], :libarpack, "Prefix(/usr/share/julia/packages/Arpack/cu5By/deps/usr)") is not satisfied, cannot generate deps.jl!
│ Stacktrace:
│  [1] #write_deps_file#152(::Bool, ::typeof(write_deps_file), ::String, ::Array{LibraryProduct,1}) at /home/XXX/.julia/packages/BinaryProvider/TcAwt/src/Products.jl:414
│  [2] (::getfield(BinaryProvider, Symbol("#kw##write_deps_file")))(::NamedTuple{(:verbose,),Tuple{Bool}}, ::typeof(write_deps_file), ::String, ::Array{LibraryProduct,1}) at ./none:0
│  [3] top-level scope at /usr/share/julia/packages/Arpack/cu5By/deps/build.jl:74
│  [4] include(::String) at ./client.jl:431
│  [5] top-level scope at none:5
│ in expression starting at /usr/share/julia/packages/Arpack/cu5By/deps/build.jl:74
└ @ Pkg.Operations /build/julia/src/julia-1.2.0/usr/share/julia/stdlib/v1.2/Pkg/src/backwards_compatible_isolation.jl:647

Note: this all happened using the julia package from the official Arch repo. After that I gave up, installed the julia-bin package from AUR and the julia Arpack package could then be installed from julia without any issue.

It seems that the julia binary from the official Arch package julia is compiled with the USE_BLAS64=0 option (i.e. 32bit integers I think) while the julia Arpack package contains binaries compiled for USE_BLAS64=1 option.

More info there:

kragol commented on 2019-09-03 11:55

The package seems to be missing a Fortran compiler dependency.

When I tried to install I first got an error

configure: error: Fortran compiler cannot create executables

The installation proceeded successfully after I manually installed the gcc-fortran package.