Package Details: kdepimlibs4 4.14.10-15

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Package Base: kdepimlibs4
Description: KDE4 PIM Libraries
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Licenses: GPL, LGPL
Conflicts: kdepimlibs
Provides: kdepimlibs
Replaces: kdepimlibs
Submitter: Chazza
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First Submitted: 2018-02-17 17:12
Last Updated: 2018-02-26 23:08

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Chazza commented on 2018-02-26 13:56

Note to all - The akonadi-qt4 package conflicts with the KDE 5 version of akonadi and you need akonadi-qt4 to build kdepimlibs4. However, kdepimlibs4 only needs libakonadi-qt4 at runtime which doesn't conflict with akonadi. So if you're trying to build kdepimlibs4 but you have packages which depend on KDE 5 akonadi installed then what you need to do is the following:

1) pacman -Rdd akonadi (this will uninstall KDE 5 akonadi with no dependency checks)

2) Install akonadi-qt4 and libakonadi-qt4

3) Build and install kdepimlibs4

4) pacman -R akonadi-qt4

5) pacman -S akonadi

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mozo commented on 2018-02-25 11:10

I reinstalled kate-root and now it works again. I downgraded kdelibs so we are at the begining :)

mozo commented on 2018-02-25 11:01

Here you are the kate error: kate: error while loading shared libraries:

Chazza commented on 2018-02-25 02:12

Could you please try updating your kdelibs and then installing this package I created which provides the missing bits of kdebase-runtime? You should find your systray works.

Link: [Link removed. Package now in AUR]

I should point out that there's no risk of getting into dependency hell here :) This package is to be installed alongside the official kdebase-runtime package and just provides those files that the official package would provide were compilation of plasma4 extras not disabled. I only want to know whether it solves the problem for you before I put it on the AUR and make kdebase-workspace depend on

mozo commented on 2018-02-24 23:01

I'll wait for I don't want to take the risk :)

Chazza commented on 2018-02-24 22:16

Ok, I can confirm the problem is as I previously suspected. The kdebase-runtime package is being built without the plasma4 components which is why resources that the plasma4 systray needs are missing. If you rebuild kdebase-runtime but comment out line 32 in the PKGBUILD [1] and then install the resulting package you should find that the systray works.

The easiest solution to this would be to just add a new package to the AUR that replaces kdebase-runtime (call it kdebase-runtime-plasma4extras or something) which is exactly the same as the official package but without that line in the PKGBUILD. I'm not so keen on that solution though as I don't like the idea of replacing official packages unless I absolutely have to. I'd prefer to have a package which can be installed alongside the official kdebase-runtime package and only provides those bits of kdebase-runtime we need which are missing. I'll see what I can do.


mozo commented on 2018-02-24 17:04

Thank you. For now I updated kdelibs, installed kdepimlibs4 and than downgraded kdelibs again :)

Chazza commented on 2018-02-24 15:50

@mozo I'm aware of this issue though I must admit I thought it was related to kdebase-runtime, not kdelibs so thanks for the info! I'm going to have a look at this now and I'll let you know know if I come up with anything in due course. :)

mozo commented on 2018-02-24 11:20

If I upgrade kdelibs, the system tray gets broken and it shows one big red circle. Do you have any solution for this?

mozo commented on 2018-02-23 15:19

Thank you :)

Chazza commented on 2018-02-23 14:06

@mozo I think your kdelibs is out of date again. Please refer to my comment on kdebase-workspace from August 23rd, 2017.