Package Details: keyfuzz 0.2-10

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Package Base: keyfuzz
Description: A Utility for manipulating the scancode/keycode translation tables of keyboard drivers
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Licenses: GPL2
Submitter: N30N
Maintainer: None
Last Packager: proninyaroslav
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First Submitted: 2008-09-08 20:12 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2016-04-12 14:37 (UTC)

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proninyaroslav commented on 2016-04-12 14:38 (UTC)

@dreieck Fixed, thanks.

dreieck commented on 2016-04-12 07:49 (UTC)

license needs to be an array; makepkg fails.

teekay commented on 2014-09-09 07:12 (UTC)

I couldn't find a mirror. As the source tarball is really small, I just packed it into the aurball for now...

wayfarer_rus commented on 2014-09-08 11:48 (UTC) Is not available any more: 404 Not Found. Could you please update link?

teekay commented on 2013-10-06 17:42 (UTC)

Done, thanks!

MrBougo commented on 2013-10-05 20:28 (UTC)

The manpages are placed in the wrong directory (/usr/man). Could you add --mandir=/usr/share/man to the ./configure line to fix that? Thanks!

skurk commented on 2013-08-04 12:20 (UTC)

Here's the contents of an apple_wired_kbd_iso.keyfuzz file to map F13 to Print Screen, F14 to Scroll Lock, F15 to Pause, Left Alt to Left Super, Left Command to Left Alt, Right Alt to Right Super and Right Command to Right Alt (AltGr). Feel free to include it if you wish. The file is for a Wired Apple Aluminium ISO Keyboard. # Map F13 to Print Screen 458856 99 # Map F14 to Scroll Lock 458857 70 # Map F15 to Pause 458858 119 # Map Left Alt to Left Super 458978 125 # Map Left Cmd to Left Alt 458979 56 # Map Right Alt to Right Super 458982 126 # Map Right Cmd to Right Alt 458983 100

Deciare commented on 2013-06-26 19:08 (UTC)

Sorry for slow reply, and thank you for the fix. It's working now.

teekay commented on 2013-06-17 08:04 (UTC)

@Deciare: indeed, there was a bug in my patch when the symlink is called '^event'something. E=$E should be E=$OE there (no need to turn it into a full path). Sorry for that! Fixed. Please report if it's OK now. I did test both by-id and event symlink, works here now.

Deciare commented on 2013-06-16 23:21 (UTC)

Maybe I'm not understanding how this is supposed to work, but my impression was that /etc/keyfuzz contains symlinks to one or more keyfuzz scancode table files, where the name of each symlink corresponds to a device file in either /dev/input/event* or /dev/input/by-id/*. The content of each symlinked file is then read and applied to the corresponding device. As far as I can tell, that wasn't happening. I modified the for block in /usr/lib/systemd/scripts/keyfuzz as such in order to attain the behaviour described above: for OE in `find -type l -exec basename {} \;` ; do if [[ -n "`echo $OE|egrep '^event'`" ]]; then E=/dev/input/${OE} else E=$(readlink -f /dev/input/by-id/${OE}) fi if test -r "$OE" ; then "$KEYFUZZ" -s -d "$E" < "$OE" echo -n "$E " none=0 fi done

commented on 2013-06-05 19:22 (UTC)

### keyfuzz file for the Logitech Multimedia keyboard 600 special keys ### French Version (AZERTY) # [scancode] [keycode - 8] # FMode keycode 246 0x90040 238 # Loupe keycode 247 0x9002d 239 # VoIP keycode 248 0x90001 240 # Traitement de texte keycode 249 0xc0184 241 # Feuille de calcul keycode 250 0xc0186 242 # Présentation keycode 251 0xc0188 243 # A keycode 252 0x90049 244 # B keycode 253 0x9004a 245 # C keycode 254 0x9004b 246 # D keycode 255 0x9004c 247

teekay commented on 2013-06-01 07:41 (UTC)

Updated accordingly, thanks!

daniel_chesters commented on 2013-05-31 20:53 (UTC)

I made a new PKGBUILD for prepare the futur /usr move (and add logitech_media_keyboard_600.keyfuzz in package) :

teekay commented on 2013-04-24 10:44 (UTC)

Update: * hackish patch to make it work with entries from /dev/input/by-id/ acts on any symlinks in /etc/keyfuzz now * drop initscripts support

teekay commented on 2012-11-05 18:57 (UTC)

Added systemd unit file, and config for logitech 600.

N30N commented on 2012-01-22 20:28 (UTC)

artafinde, I don't know why it had been flagged.

artafinde commented on 2012-01-22 19:55 (UTC)

Why this is marked as out of date? The latest release is 0.2 as from the site.

teekay commented on 2011-10-26 08:32 (UTC)

Lynx is for some reason needed to build the documentation. I took the package for now, and changed following: --with-initdir=/etc/rc.d --sysconfdir=/etc so it installs the provided init script and puts the config into /etc/keyfuzz instead of /usr/etc/keyfuzz

N30N commented on 2011-02-27 18:16 (UTC)

Morfeo, Thanks for the fast reply. I have made the suggested change and am now disowning the package.

robertfoster commented on 2011-02-27 17:11 (UTC)

you have to use --prefix=/usr

Aerion commented on 2010-10-10 01:30 (UTC)

I get the following error when trying to install this package checking for lynx... no configure: error: *** Sorry, you have to install lynx or use --disable-lynx *** I don't understand why lynx is required, but either lynx should be added to makedepends or it should be disabled as per the error message.