Package Details: kgtk 0.11.0-4

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Package Base: kgtk
Description: LD_PRELOAD hack with helper scripts to make gtk and qt-only programs use KDE file dialogs.
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Licenses: GPL
Submitter: None
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Last Packager: sjakub
Votes: 111
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First Submitted: 2006-05-11 17:47 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2016-08-01 22:59 (UTC)

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sir_lucjan commented on 2020-06-16 21:04 (UTC)


MountainX commented on 2020-05-24 01:45 (UTC)

In case it is helpful, here is a discussion about a PKGBUILD for this package.

MountainX commented on 2020-05-23 16:03 (UTC)

This repo has the most recent updates from the forks I found. sandsmark/kgtk: qt5/kf5 port

saburouta commented on 2019-04-06 02:33 (UTC)

I created a minimal packagebuild for the gitrepo of the KF5 fork. If you want the original, you could probably just follow that to the parent project.

ekaunt commented on 2019-03-26 02:44 (UTC) (edited on 2019-03-26 14:42 (UTC) by ekaunt)

i get the following:

==> validity checking sha1sums at source ... 36077-KGtk-0.11.0.tar.bz2 ... failed

==> ERROR: One or more files did not pass the validity check!

Error downloading sources: kgtk

EDIT: never mind, the next few comments solved the problem, but u should update the package build so that it works automatically

Ashark commented on 2018-06-24 21:52 (UTC)

The link in the source() is broken. It actually downloads html document intead of archive. Trying to go this url manually with variables resolved also redirect you to a web page instead of allowing you to download archive.

When downloading manually, I get the following url:

But seems like it is session dependent. This should be fixed.

vitorveloso commented on 2018-01-26 17:31 (UTC)

Go to , manual download it, copy de link from download, edit the package build, and modify the link to the one you copy

The site appears to not allowed downloads with the old link.

Ps: if needed change shasum to SKIP, but in this case is the same version.

Notex commented on 2018-01-20 06:41 (UTC) (edited on 2018-01-20 06:41 (UTC) by Notex)

Package broken.

==> Making package: kgtk 0.11.0-4 (Sat Jan 20 16:41:02 AEST 2018) ==> Checking runtime dependencies... ==> Checking buildtime dependencies... ==> Retrieving sources... -> Found 36077-KGtk-0.11.0.tar.bz2 ==> Validating source files with sha1sums... 36077-KGtk-0.11.0.tar.bz2 ... FAILED ==> ERROR: One or more files did not pass the validity check! :: Unable to build kgtk - makepkg exited with code: 1

maxigaz commented on 2016-08-05 09:57 (UTC)

Now it's working, thank you!

sjakub commented on 2016-08-01 23:01 (UTC)


maxigaz commented on 2016-07-30 16:56 (UTC)

I get the following: ==> ERROR: One or more files did not pass the validity check! ==> ERROR: Makepkg was unable to build kgtk.

pavbaranov commented on 2014-12-30 14:37 (UTC)

Since pacman 4.2 PKGBUILD not builds package.

pantonov commented on 2014-04-27 06:40 (UTC)

----------------------------------------- /usr/include/kio/global.h:29:44: fatal error: QFile: No such file or directory #include <QFile> // for QFile::Permissions ----------------------------------------- It is a bug in kio header files. You should change include directive at string 29 of /usr/include/kio/global.h to #include <QtCore/QFile>

SysGhost commented on 2014-04-23 13:26 (UTC)

Won't compile. Error messages follow: ---------------------------------------------- tmp/yaourt-tmp-sysghost/aur-kgtk/src/KGtk-0.11.0/gtk2/kgtk.c:2400:26: warning: ‘GtkStock’ is deprecated [-Wdeprecated-declarations] /tmp/yaourt-tmp-sysghost/aur-kgtk/src/KGtk-0.11.0/gtk2/kgtk.c:2400:26: warning: ‘GtkStock’ is deprecated [-Wdeprecated-declarations] /tmp/yaourt-tmp-sysghost/aur-kgtk/src/KGtk-0.11.0/gtk2/kgtk.c: In function ‘handleGtkFileChooserButtonClicked’: /tmp/yaourt-tmp-sysghost/aur-kgtk/src/KGtk-0.11.0/gtk2/kgtk.c:2600:58: warning: unused parameter ‘button’ [-Wunused-parameter] static void handleGtkFileChooserButtonClicked(GtkButton *button, gpointer user_data) ^ /tmp/yaourt-tmp-sysghost/aur-kgtk/src/KGtk-0.11.0/gtk2/kgtk.c: In function ‘kgtk_g_module_check_init’: /tmp/yaourt-tmp-sysghost/aur-kgtk/src/KGtk-0.11.0/gtk2/kgtk.c:2744:49: warning: unused parameter ‘module’ [-Wunused-parameter] const gchar * kgtk_g_module_check_init(GModule *module) ^ /tmp/yaourt-tmp-sysghost/aur-kgtk/src/KGtk-0.11.0/gtk2/kgtk.c: At top level: /tmp/yaourt-tmp-sysghost/aur-kgtk/src/KGtk-0.11.0/gtk2/kgtk.c:2750:37: warning: ‘struct PR_LoadLibrary’ declared inside parameter list [enabled by default] void * PR_FindFunctionSymbol(struct PR_LoadLibrary *lib, const char *raw_name) ^ /tmp/yaourt-tmp-sysghost/aur-kgtk/src/KGtk-0.11.0/gtk2/kgtk.c:2750:37: warning: its scope is only this definition or declaration, which is probably not what you want [enabled by default] Linking C shared library ../lib/ [ 15%] Built target kgtk3 Scanning dependencies of target kdialogd4_bin_automoc Generating kdialogd.moc [ 15%] Built target kdialogd4_bin_automoc Scanning dependencies of target kdialogd4_bin [ 23%] Building CXX object kdialogd4/CMakeFiles/kdialogd4_bin.dir/kdialogd4_bin_automoc.o [ 30%] Building CXX object kdialogd4/CMakeFiles/kdialogd4_bin.dir/kdialogd.o In file included from /usr/include/kfileitem.h:25:0, from /usr/include/kdirlister.h:24, from /usr/include/kdiroperator.h:30, from /tmp/yaourt-tmp-sysghost/aur-kgtk/src/KGtk-0.11.0/kdialogd4/kdialogd.cpp:28: /usr/include/kio/global.h:29:44: fatal error: QFile: No such file or directory #include <QFile> // for QFile::Permissions ^ compilation terminated. kdialogd4/CMakeFiles/kdialogd4_bin.dir/build.make:80: recipe for target 'kdialogd4/CMakeFiles/kdialogd4_bin.dir/kdialogd.o' failed make[2]: *** [kdialogd4/CMakeFiles/kdialogd4_bin.dir/kdialogd.o] Error 1 CMakeFiles/Makefile2:212: recipe for target 'kdialogd4/CMakeFiles/kdialogd4_bin.dir/all' failed make[1]: *** [kdialogd4/CMakeFiles/kdialogd4_bin.dir/all] Error 2 Makefile:146: recipe for target 'all' failed make: *** [all] Error 2 ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build(). Aborting... ==> ERROR: Makepkg was unable to build kgtk.

sjakub commented on 2013-03-02 22:19 (UTC)

Updated. Thanks ava1ar!

ava1ar commented on 2013-03-02 04:15 (UTC)

Here is fixed cmake call: cmake "../KGtk-${pkgver}" -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr -DQT_QMAKE_EXECUTABLE=/usr/bin/qmake-qt4

Funkin-Stoopid commented on 2011-11-08 01:33 (UTC)

forget what I said, reboot and It works

Funkin-Stoopid commented on 2011-11-07 22:53 (UTC)

doesn't work for me

sjakub commented on 2011-11-07 17:20 (UTC)

Updated. Also cleaned up the PKGBUILD.

birdflesh commented on 2011-11-07 08:58 (UTC)

Newer version available, please update.

artemklevtsov commented on 2011-06-11 09:59 (UTC)

Work link to source:

commented on 2011-05-17 19:26 (UTC)

The download page is down

nogweii commented on 2010-10-02 19:40 (UTC)

The sed line by benjarobin is required, please add it to the PKGBUILD. Otherwise I get the same error message as unikum.

benjarobin commented on 2010-09-08 23:01 (UTC)

Please add, if not the process fail to find Qt lib: sed -i 's|message("\*\* INFORMATION: Compiling Qt4/KDE4, Qt3/KDE3 disabled")|FIND_PACKAGE(Qt4 REQUIRED) \n INCLUDE(${QT_USE_FILE})|g' ../KGtk-0.10.1/CMakeLists.txt After : mkdir -p $srcdir/build4 cd $srcdir/build4

sjakub commented on 2010-09-02 17:38 (UTC)

And what exactly is out of date about this package? Could you post a link to the newer version of kgtk? Also, if you have patches to make it compile feel free to post them.

artemklevtsov commented on 2010-09-02 15:35 (UTC)

Not compile for KDE 4.5.1. [ 15%] Building CXX object kdialogd4/CMakeFiles/kdialogd4_bin.dir/kdialogd.o In file included from /usr/include/kfileitem.h:32:0, from /usr/include/kdirlister.h:24, from /usr/include/kdiroperator.h:30, from /tmp/yaourt-tmp-root/aur-kgtk/src/KGtk-0.10.1/kdialogd4/kdialogd.cpp:5: /usr/include/kdatetime.h:32:21: fatal error: QMetaType: No such file or directiry Compile fail. make[2]: *** [kdialogd4/CMakeFiles/kdialogd4_bin.dir/kdialogd.o] Error 1 make[1]: *** [kdialogd4/CMakeFiles/kdialogd4_bin.dir/all] Error 2 make: *** [all] Error 2