Package Details: lbdb 0.47-1

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Package Base: lbdb
Description: The little brother's database for the mutt mail reader
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Licenses: GPL
Submitter: Snowman
Maintainer: jasonwryan
Last Packager: jasonwryan
Votes: 37
Popularity: 0.403617
First Submitted: 2007-04-05 03:54
Last Updated: 2018-04-03 07:05

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Latest Comments

lucc commented on 2016-03-05 18:36

Version 0.41 is out.

awagner commented on 2014-11-27 08:47

Upstream update (0.39).

lucc commented on 2014-11-24 16:54

Version 0.38 is outdated. Version 0.39 is avalable:

awagner commented on 2012-04-17 07:24

Hi all, I have now added netkit-bsd-finger as an optdepend, although I don't have it installed and get no error message. To be honest, I don't understand the configure and module parts that are apparently responsible for building or calling finger. I wonder why it's built and/or called when it's not installed. Anyway, here is the optdepends.

jasonwryan commented on 2012-04-17 03:38

With the m_finger_query error message, perhaps netkit-bsd-finger should be an opt-depend, or at least mentioned in the post.install?

popsch commented on 2012-04-15 13:07

with lbdbq I get this error message:
/usr/bin/lbdbq: line 74: m_finger_query: command not found

I don't use this module, but it might confuse others.

awagner commented on 2012-04-10 09:53

@popsch: True. I've looked into the files and sometimes 'awk' is called, at other times '/usr/bin/gawk'. On the other hand, gawk is part of the base packagegroup and no other package seems to provide an awk command (nawk provides nawk). I have googled and found an interesting discussion on tur-users from 2007 (, but on the wiki pages (Arch_Build_System and Makepkg) it still says 'base' is assumed to be installed on every Arch system. But actually the same holds for glibc... To make a long story short, I am undecided. I suppose I will leave it as is, at least for now. Unless you can point me to some more or less official statement of the policy on that issue.

popsch commented on 2012-04-09 00:14

namcap reports that the build file is missing a dependency to gawk.

awagner commented on 2011-12-01 07:46

and I've made a release with inetutils as optdepends, since that provides the hostname binary.

awagner commented on 2011-12-01 07:35

new upstream release.

petelewis commented on 2011-03-12 14:58

cool, thanks!

awagner commented on 2011-03-12 14:42

(I'd rather force user to re-compile the package than to install something that they don't want.)

awagner commented on 2011-03-12 14:42

Now it's: optdepends=('libvformat: for reading vcard files (needed at compile time)')

petelewis commented on 2011-03-12 14:27


Absolutely. The lbdb configure script will ensure that m_vcf is built if it finds libvformat on the system already. Otherwise, the plugin isn't built. There's no manual intervention required.

An optdepends would be good - though that could be a little misleading - really, it's an "optbuilddepends", since installing libvformat after compiling lbdb isn't enough.

I think that usually in this circumstance in the binary repos it would be added as a required build dependency though, then an optdepdends for runtime. But, it's up to you :-)

awagner commented on 2011-03-12 13:29

Hi Pete,
thanks for the heads up. Just to make sure - lbdb's PKGBUILD does not need to be changed (except for an optdepends) since the configure script automatically recognizes when libvformat is installed, right?

petelewis commented on 2011-03-12 12:15

Hi, I managed to get a mostly working PKGBUILD for libvformat up, here:

It's not pretty, but it works (suggestions welcome!)

If you build lbdb with libvformat installed, then it will enable the m_vcf plugin, which reads from vcard files.

awagner commented on 2011-02-27 21:48

Thanks dolby, I've changed the lines according to your suggestion, but didn't increase the release number right now...

Anonymous comment on 2011-02-23 17:11

For future reference, make prefix=$startdir/pkg/usr sysconfdir=$startdir/pkg/etc \ mandir=$startdir/pkg/usr/share/man install can be replaced by:
make install_prefix=$pkgdir install

awagner commented on 2010-11-01 12:17

@npouillard, don't you have pod2man in /usr/lib/perl5/core_perl/bin/pod2man and a /etc/profile.d/ setting PATH=$PATH:/usr/lib/perl5/core_perl/bin ? (The path seems to have changed since some time ago.)

npouillard commented on 2010-10-31 16:36

Same as lydgate the pod2man issue.

awagner commented on 2010-07-27 07:13

New upstream release. (On my system, the perlbin/core path is set in /etc/profile.d/ which is included in perl (5.10.1-5). Thanks for notifying me, lydgate.)

lydgate commented on 2010-07-26 11:03

Looks like version 0.37 is out. Also, it fails to find my pod2man, I had to run export PATH=$PATH:/usr/bin/perlbin/core for the build to work.

Thanks for maintaining this.