Package Details: linux-galliumos 4.16.18-1

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Package Base: linux-galliumos
Description: The Linux kernel and modules with GalliumOS patches for chromebooks
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Licenses: GPL2
Provides: linux
Submitter: barnacs
Maintainer: barnacs
Last Packager: barnacs
Votes: 6
Popularity: 0.000000
First Submitted: 2017-07-12 22:15 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2019-11-05 09:10 (UTC)

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dakataca commented on 2022-12-20 15:43 (UTC) (edited on 2022-12-20 15:44 (UTC) by dakataca)

barnacs Hello, I would like to take care of the package, but I would appreciate it if you would guide me in the construction of the PKGBUILD. I've already created some, but none as complicated as this one is.

Scimmia commented on 2020-12-10 16:32 (UTC)

Please see the warning here:

masterplayer31 commented on 2020-04-15 16:13 (UTC)

Will not build

HOSTLD /var/tmp/pamac-build-bobby/linux-galliumos/src/linux/tools/objtool/fixdep-in.o LINK /var/tmp/pamac-build-bobby/linux-galliumos/src/linux/tools/objtool/fixdep /var/tmp/pamac-build-bobby/linux-galliumos/src/linux/tools/objtool/.fixdep.o.cmd:1: missing separator. Stop. make[4]: [Makefile:43: /var/tmp/pamac-build-bobby/linux-galliumos/src/linux/tools/objtool/fixdep-in.o] Error 2 make[3]: [/var/tmp/pamac-build-bobby/linux-galliumos/src/linux/tools/build/Makefile.include:4: fixdep] Error 2 make[2]: [Makefile:54: /var/tmp/pamac-build-bobby/linux-galliumos/src/linux/tools/objtool/libsubcmd.a] Error 2 make[1]: [Makefile:63: objtool] Error 2 make: [Makefile:1687: tools/objtool] Error 2 make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs.... ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build(). Aborting...

barnacs commented on 2019-11-05 11:49 (UTC)

Updated the package, thanks for the comments.

If anyone wants to take over maintenance, please let me know as I have been using my chromebook with the mainline kernel for a long time now.

neilsimp1 commented on 2019-11-05 00:31 (UTC) (edited on 2019-11-05 00:54 (UTC) by neilsimp1)

A few changes to the PKGBUILD got this working for me:

$ sed -i 's/4\.14\.14/4.16.18/g' PKGBUILD # per @mb64 below.
$ sed -i 's/diffs\/apply_all\.sh/bin\/apply_patches/g PKGBUILD
$ sed -i 's/media\/dvb-core\/\*\.h/media\/dvb-core\/\*\.c/g' PKGBUILD
$ makepkg -Cs

mb64 commented on 2019-09-14 19:03 (UTC)


This may be because it's an outdated version – you could try building 4.16.18 (the most recent version):

$ sed -i 's/4\.14\.14/4.16.18/g' PKGBUILD
$ makepkg -C

clem commented on 2019-01-14 18:20 (UTC) (edited on 2019-01-14 18:22 (UTC) by clem)

I'm getting errors trying to build this.

==> Sources are ready.

==> Making package: linux-galliumos 4.14.14-1 (Mon 14 Jan 2019 10:13:59 AM PST)

==> Checking runtime dependencies...

==> Checking buildtime dependencies...

==> WARNING: Using existing $srcdir/ tree

==> Starting build()...

scripts/kconfig/conf --silentoldconfig Kconfig

SYSTBL arch/x86/include/generated/asm/syscalls_32.h

SYSHDR arch/x86/include/generated/asm/unistd_32_ia32.h

SYSHDR arch/x86/include/generated/asm/unistd_64_x32.h

SYSTBL arch/x86/include/generated/asm/syscalls_64.h

HYPERCALLS arch/x86/include/generated/asm/xen-hypercalls.h

SYSHDR arch/x86/include/generated/uapi/asm/unistd_32.h

SYSHDR arch/x86/include/generated/uapi/asm/unistd_64.h

SYSHDR arch/x86/include/generated/uapi/asm/unistd_x32.h

HOSTCC scripts/basic/bin2c

HOSTCC arch/x86/tools/relocs_32.o

HOSTCC arch/x86/tools/relocs_64.o

HOSTCC arch/x86/tools/relocs_common.o

HOSTLD arch/x86/tools/relocs

CHK include/config/kernel.release

UPD include/config/kernel.release

WRAP arch/x86/include/generated/asm/clkdev.h

WRAP arch/x86/include/generated/asm/dma-contiguous.h

WRAP arch/x86/include/generated/asm/early_ioremap.h

WRAP arch/x86/include/generated/asm/mcs_spinlock.h

WRAP arch/x86/include/generated/asm/mm-arch-hooks.h

CHK include/generated/uapi/linux/version.h

UPD include/generated/uapi/linux/version.h

CHK include/generated/utsrelease.h

UPD include/generated/utsrelease.h

CC arch/x86/purgatory/purgatory.o

AS arch/x86/purgatory/stack.o

AS arch/x86/purgatory/setup-x86_64.o

CC arch/x86/purgatory/sha256.o

AS arch/x86/purgatory/entry64.o

CC arch/x86/purgatory/string.o

LD arch/x86/purgatory/

BIN2C arch/x86/purgatory/kexec-purgatory.c

CC kernel/bounds.s

CHK include/generated/bounds.h

UPD include/generated/bounds.h

CHK include/generated/timeconst.h

UPD include/generated/timeconst.h

CC arch/x86/kernel/asm-offsets.s

CHK include/generated/asm-offsets.h

UPD include/generated/asm-offsets.h

CALL scripts/

DESCEND objtool

HOSTCC /home/clem/.cache/yay/linux-galliumos/src/linux/tools/objtool/fixdep.o

HOSTLD /home/clem/.cache/yay/linux-galliumos/src/linux/tools/objtool/fixdep-in.o

LINK /home/clem/.cache/yay/linux-galliumos/src/linux/tools/objtool/fixdep

CC /home/clem/.cache/yay/linux-galliumos/src/linux/tools/objtool/exec-cmd.o

CC /home/clem/.cache/yay/linux-galliumos/src/linux/tools/objtool/help.o

CC /home/clem/.cache/yay/linux-galliumos/src/linux/tools/objtool/pager.o

pager.c: In function ‘pager_preexec’:

pager.c:36:12: error: passing argument 2 to restrict-qualified parameter aliases with argument 4 [-Werror=restrict]

select(1, &in, NULL, &in, NULL);

        ^~~        ~~~

cc1: all warnings being treated as errors

mv: cannot stat '/home/clem/.cache/yay/linux-galliumos/src/linux/tools/objtool/.pager.o.tmp': No such file or directory

make[4]: *** [/home/clem/.cache/yay/linux-galliumos/src/linux/tools/build/ /home/clem/.cache/yay/linux- galliumos/src/linux/tools/objtool/pager.o] Error 1

make[3]: *** [Makefile:52: /home/clem/.cache/yay/linux-galliumos/src/linux/tools/objtool/libsubcmd-in.o] Error 2

make[2]: *** [Makefile:54: /home/clem/.cache/yay/linux-galliumos/src/linux/tools/objtool/libsubcmd.a] Error 2

make[1]: *** [Makefile:62: objtool] Error 2

make: *** [Makefile:1632: tools/objtool] Error 2

==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().


Error making: linux-galliumos

<deleted-account> commented on 2018-08-14 19:44 (UTC)

GalliumOS does have branches for newer versions of Linux now.

pychuang commented on 2018-03-19 20:46 (UTC)

@dimqua I see! Thank you for the explanation!

dimqua commented on 2018-03-19 20:42 (UTC)

We can't use them, since those releases/tags do not contains any GalliumOS-specific changes, in other words, they are vanilla versions of the Linux kernel.