Package Details: linux-macbook-headers 5.9.9.arch1-1

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Package Base: linux-macbook
Description: Header files and scripts for building modules for Linux-macbook kernel
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Keywords: kernel macbook mbp suspend
Licenses: GPL2
Submitter: m3thodic
Maintainer: greg2010
Last Packager: greg2010
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First Submitted: 2016-07-05 23:22
Last Updated: 2020-11-19 06:48

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pika02 commented on 2021-04-18 00:34

Thanks for your works. However I cannot resume from the swapfile (following the archwiki guide) after hibernate. There is a white underline flashing on the top left of my screen and it freeze. I must delete the resume options from rEFInd. My model is MBP 11,5

TomCatT commented on 2021-02-07 01:04

I get a peer reset error trying to download this. I don't know why it goes so slow.

teacher4711 commented on 2021-02-03 14:10

Thanks so much for this kernel. I had a weird issue and I do not know if you addressed it when modifying this kernel to MacBook needs. My headphones would play garbled sound with an echo. The "options snd-hda-intel model=mba42" for my MacBook Air 4,2 would not fix it. I took the model=mba42 from here: I also found out that if you separated the audio-channels and set left and right output further apart, the issue would be fixed. The output balance on both, right and left, stayed the same, however you adjusted the controls.

Now, with this kernel (linux-macbook 5.9.9), the issue is resolved, even after a startup. Thanks so much. Michael

greg2010 commented on 2020-12-08 19:22

@ohell happy to hear your issues were resolved. The resume hook, AFAIK, is required if you want to have suspend to disk (hibernation) functionality. Suspend to RAM should work fine without it.

@jso8910: this package is a fork of upstream Arch kernel, with a patch addressing Apple hardware wart that would cause the OS to crash on shutdown. In addition to that, it provides a systemd unit to prevent spurious wakeups.

If you're not experiencing issues with the shutdown or suspend to ram, you probably do not need this package. As to why this package is so large, it builds the kernel from source.

jso8910 commented on 2020-12-08 13:27

Just a quick question: What do I need this package for? I am going to dual boot linux on my macbook pro 14,1, and I am wondering what issues this fixes. Plus, I am wondering why it takes so long to install and takes so much storage. I had a 32 GB Manjaro install a while back and this package took up (at its peak during the build) at least 10-15 GB of storage. I am reluctant to install this based on its large size, so I need some actual benefits to it because none of the comments nor the description is very clear.

ohell commented on 2020-11-27 16:43

5.9.9 update is looking good. Suspend and hibernate working as expected, and the intermittent issues with Bluetooth also look to be resolved. Thanks @greg2010!

When I was trying to track down the hibernation issues, I noticed that Arch wiki says initramfs needs to be configured with resume hook unless it is based on systemd hook. However, both these hooks are missing in my /etc/mkinitcpio.conf:

HOOKS="base udev autodetect modconf block keyboard keymap filesystems"

But hibernate still works. Just curious why this is? Would adding the resume hook and rebuilding intramfs be a good idea?

greg2010 commented on 2020-11-19 07:07

@ohell I do not know what could've possibly caused this. My guess it's an upstream change, but it could also be one of the patches I inherited with this package in conjunction with an upstream change. I'm not experiencing this with 11.2, and do not have access to 11.1, which makes it infeasible to debug.

If you would like to investigate further, here's a helpful article on Note that you will need to rebuild the kernel with CONFIG_PM_DEBUG flag.

The usb error message usually indicates a malfunctioning USB device, or a hardware issue with the port, although I have seen this happen in the past with no visible consequences.

5.9.9 is now published. As usual, please let me know if there are any issues.

ohell commented on 2020-11-15 14:41

Hello again,

I have an update on suspend failing, journal output said swap not found. So I looked at fstab, and there was no line to mount the swap partition. Add that seems to have fixed the problem (at least I haven't had a reboot in in last 3 lid opens). I am not sure how this could have happened as part of the kernel update. Maybe you have an idea @greg2010?

Apart from this, only other suspicious thing is I have strted these messages in dmesg error log:

usb usb2-port3: Cannot enable. Maybe the USB cable is bad?

No idea if they they are serious or not.

ohell commented on 2020-11-13 10:35

Hi @greg2010.

I use pamac and yay. Neither seem to have built aur packages in cache. Anyhow, minor.

I resolved the webcam issue - was due to manually built bcwc-pcie driver for facetimehd (because of kernel incompatibility mentioned here earlier).

But suspend is completely broken - lid open always reboots. My mbp is 11.1

With previous kernel I didn't need to reboot it in weeks :)

Thank you for maintaining this amazing package :)

greg2010 commented on 2020-11-13 08:13

Been busy couple of weeks. I'll see if I can push out 5.9.X some time soon.

@ohell: That depends on what tools you use to interact with AUR.

I'm surprised to hear you're having issues with suspend - what generation of MBP do you have?