Package Details: liquidwar6 0.6.3902-3

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Package Base: liquidwar6
Description: Your army is a blob of liquid and you have to try and eat your opponents. Complete rewrite of Liquidwar 5.x
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Licenses: GPL
Submitter: danym
Maintainer: None
Last Packager: carstene1ns
Votes: 35
Popularity: 0.000000
First Submitted: 2009-04-18 19:31 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2019-06-02 18:42 (UTC)

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dorb commented on 2022-07-13 19:21 (UTC)

I got this error: CC lw6-callback.lo CC lw6-control.lo CC lw6-fix.lo CC lw6-funcs.lo CC lw6-funcssys.lo lw6-funcssys.c: In function '_scm_lw6sys_log': lw6-funcssys.c:1379:7: error: format not a string literal and no format arguments [-Werror=format-security] 1379 | lw6sys_log (sys_context, c_level, FILE, LINE, "%s", c_message); | ^~~~~~~~~~ cc1: some warnings being treated as errors make[4]: *** [Makefile:950: lw6-funcssys.lo] Error 1

senkomputilulo commented on 2020-02-28 21:02 (UTC)

I got this error: CC def-dummy.lo ../../../libtool: line 1887: -v: command not found CCLD

carstene1ns commented on 2019-06-02 16:50 (UTC) (edited on 2019-06-02 18:43 (UTC) by carstene1ns)

@Kicer: Sorry, no idea what is causing this. I suspect it happened with an update of a dependency, as it worked before. Need to downgrade some parts and check.

Edit: using older guile fixes it.

Kicer commented on 2019-05-30 21:01 (UTC)

I have an error:

$ liquidwar6 liquidwar6: (23:01:39) v0.6.3902 "Goliath" (May 30 2019) linux-gnu/x86_64 liquidwar6: (21:01:39) WARNING! script returned false, something is wrong liquidwar6: (21:01:39) 14199 malloc calls, 1 megabytes system heap

erxyi commented on 2016-09-14 22:07 (UTC)

Author key - DE3F2BCDFD409E94 - is revoked.

otyugh commented on 2016-04-26 10:19 (UTC)

Ignoring once an unknown signature is worst than put as trusted any signature that comes by ? Shouldn't this signature be in archlinux-keyring ?

carstene1ns commented on 2015-09-05 11:54 (UTC)

@nevermindrewind: For security reasons you need to manually download and trust the signature keys by default. Please read [1] and maybe [2] for further information. You have 3 choices: 1) ignore signatures (bad, insecure) $ makepkg --skippgpcheck 2) setup gpg correctly to automatically download specified keys: $ echo "keyserver-options auto-key-retrieve" >> ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf 3) download every key manually: $ gpg --recv-key <KEYID> [1]: [2]:

nevermindrewind commented on 2015-09-03 11:32 (UTC)

>yaourt -S liquidwar6 . . . (OK):download completed. ==> Validating source files with sha256sums... liquidwar6-0.6.3902.tar.gz ... Passed liquidwar6-0.6.3902.tar.gz.sig ... Skipped ==> Verifying source file signatures with gpg... liquidwar6-0.6.3902.tar.gz ... FAILED (unknown public key DE3F2BCDFD409E94) ==> ERROR: One or more PGP signatures could not be verified!

carstene1ns commented on 2014-01-06 21:43 (UTC)

Okay, looks like I could just have waited...anyways, enjoy the new version! FYI: I have disabled the new libcaca renderer, if you want to use it, you need libcaca and have to remove the "--disable-mod-caca" from line 23.

carstene1ns commented on 2014-01-02 16:02 (UTC)

Adopted, fixed and updated, building with libpng1.6 and guile 2.0 fixed with patches. They are already included upstream, so with next version they are not needed anymore. I also removed the desktop file, as it provides an own.

moebius_eye commented on 2013-11-24 16:33 (UTC)

The tar.gz is no longer hosted at replace the source variable with this: source=(${pkgname}-${pkgver}.tar.gz liquidwar6.desktop)

stativ commented on 2013-10-11 10:47 (UTC)

A quick workaround is to add "export CFLAGS=-I/usr/include/guile/2.0" at the beginning of the build() function.

gna commented on 2013-07-17 12:22 (UTC)

After downgrading libpng to 1.5.9: In file included from main.c:27:0: lib/liquidwar6.h:33:22: schwerwiegender Fehler: libguile.h: Not found #include <libguile.h> ^ Kompilierung beendet. make[3]: *** [main.o] Fehler 1

gna commented on 2013-07-17 12:13 (UTC)

Build fails: Liquid War 6 needs libpng 1.2 1.3 1.4 or 1.5 (

Zann commented on 2012-03-05 04:52 (UTC)

This time updated Release also, Sorry!

Zann commented on 2012-03-04 02:18 (UTC)


matse commented on 2012-02-23 19:00 (UTC)

Package doesn't build with pacman 4 anymore, please remove the brackets "(" ")" in the "install=" line.

Zann commented on 2011-12-20 23:20 (UTC)


Zann commented on 2011-10-04 10:56 (UTC)


Zann commented on 2011-08-09 21:41 (UTC)

Hi, tuxitop. I've disabled mod-http in 0.0.10beta

tuxitop commented on 2011-08-02 23:39 (UTC)

it produces a curl/types.h error. a patch is needed to remove the "#include <curl/types.h>" from src/lib/cli/mod-http/mod-http-internal.h