Package Details: mailspring-libre 1.8.0_libre-1

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Package Base: mailspring-libre
Description: A fork of a fork – aiming at removing Mailspring's dependecy on a central server.
Upstream URL:
Licenses: custom: GPL3 and (C) 2016-2019 Foundry 376, LLC.
Conflicts: mailspring
Submitter: Panzki
Maintainer: Panzki (j.taala)
Last Packager: Panzki
Votes: 17
Popularity: 2.56
First Submitted: 2020-03-20 20:35
Last Updated: 2021-03-13 16:41

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ojd2000 commented on 2021-04-07 14:35

When starting mailspring-libre (v 1.8.0) I get this error:

Running Setup
Manual update check ( dac7bcec/anonymous/stable) returned 404
Error Downloading Update: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0

It also happens with the other mailspring package. Instead of Mailspring, it opens a window like inspect-element on browsers with the follwoing js error:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'enumerable' of undefined
    at (/usr/share/mailspring/resources/electron.asar/browser/rpc-server.js:42)
    at (<anonymous>)
    at getObjectMembers (/usr/share/mailspring/resources/electron.asar/browser/rpc-server.js:40)
    at valueToMeta (/usr/share/mailspring/resources/electron.asar/browser/rpc-server.js:100)
    at /usr/share/mailspring/resources/electron.asar/browser/rpc-server.js:431
    at EventEmitter.ipcMain.on.args (/usr/share/mailspring/resources/electron.asar/browser/rpc-server.js:273)
    at EventEmitter.emit (events.js:182)
    at EventEmitter.emit (/usr/share/mailspring/resources/app.asar/static/domain.js:442)
    at WebContents.<anonymous> (/usr/share/mailspring/resources/electron.asar/browser/api/web-contents.js:368)
    at WebContents.emit (events.js:182)
    at WebContents.EventEmitter.emit (/usr/share/mailspring/resources/app.asar/static/domain.js:442)
    at WebContents.topLevelDomainCallback (/usr/share/mailspring/resources/app.asar/static/domain.js:121)

nomisge commented on 2021-03-20 14:03

The PKGBUILD should be improved a bit, the version should only be numeric. Following PKGBUILD fixes that and is more generic.

# Maintainer: Matthias Steffen

pkgdesc="A fork of a fork – aiming at removing Mailspring's dependecy on a central server."

depends=("libxss" "libxkbfile" "libsecret" "gtk3" "nss" "libglvnd")
optdepends=('libappindicator-gtk3: for system tray support' "libgnome-keyring: keyrings" "gnome-keyring: keyrings" )


package() {
    cd ${srcdir}

    tar -xvf data.tar.xz -C ${pkgdir} --exclude='./control'

    chmod -R go-w "${pkgdir}"/usr

mundo03 commented on 2021-03-15 20:42

I have mailspring-libre 1.8, GTK3 1:3.24.26-1, works fine. I am not getting an upgrade to GTK3 1:3.24.27-1 so that must be the reason I never saw any issues.

Nix commented on 2021-03-15 20:05

Confirming for gtk3 1:3.24.27-4

wazlecracker commented on 2021-03-15 16:57

Can confirm gtk3 1:3.24.27-4 works for me as well.

adolfotregosa commented on 2021-03-15 16:53

gtk3 1:3.24.27-4 seams to have fix the issue

wazlecracker commented on 2021-03-14 22:44

@underdoeg I came here to post just that. Works for me as well. To be clear, I downgraded to 1:3.24.26-2

underdoeg commented on 2021-03-14 20:43

@wazlecracker downgrading gtk3 fixed the issue for me

adkipnis commented on 2021-03-14 18:00

@wazlecracker, I can confirm this, downgrading mailspring does not solve the issue but restoring a previous system snapshot does.

wazlecracker commented on 2021-03-14 15:45

This seems to be an issue with a package update that happened yesterday. Downgrading to a previous version brings up the same error.

Here's what I updated:

[2021-03-14T00:22:18-0500] [ALPM] upgraded attr (2.4.48-3 -> 2.5.0-1)
[2021-03-14T00:22:18-0500] [ALPM] upgraded acl (2.2.53-3 -> 2.3.0-1)
[2021-03-14T00:22:18-0500] [ALPM] upgraded dconf (0.38.0-1 -> 0.40.0-1)
[2021-03-14T00:22:19-0500] [ALPM] upgraded eos-translations (1.1.13-1 -> 1.1.14-1)
[2021-03-14T00:22:19-0500] [ALPM] upgraded mesa-tkg-git (21.1.0_devel.136301.5abefcb9628-1 -> 21.1.0_devel.136424.8283ed65cfd-1)
[2021-03-14T00:22:20-0500] [ALPM] upgraded gtk3 (1:3.24.26-2 -> 1:3.24.27-3)
[2021-03-14T00:22:20-0500] [ALPM] upgraded eos-bash-shared (1.5.28-1 -> 1.6-1)
[2021-03-14T00:22:20-0500] [ALPM] upgraded flameshot-git (r1288.984d004-1 -> r1295.1726d0a-1)
[2021-03-14T00:22:20-0500] [ALPM] upgraded gptfdisk (1.0.6-1 -> 1.0.7-1)
[2021-03-14T00:22:20-0500] [ALPM] upgraded lib32-attr (2.4.48-2 -> 2.5.0-1)
[2021-03-14T00:22:20-0500] [ALPM] upgraded lib32-acl (2.2.53-2 -> 2.3.0-1)
[2021-03-14T00:22:20-0500] [ALPM] upgraded lib32-atk (2.36.0-1 -> 2.36.0-2)
[2021-03-14T00:22:20-0500] [ALPM] upgraded lib32-gnutls (3.7.0-2 -> 3.7.1-1)
[2021-03-14T00:22:21-0500] [ALPM] upgraded linux-zen (5.11.5.zen1-1 -> 5.11.6.zen1-1)
[2021-03-14T00:22:23-0500] [ALPM] upgraded linux-zen-headers (5.11.5.zen1-1 -> 5.11.6.zen1-1)
[2021-03-14T00:22:23-0500] [ALPM] upgraded mangohud-common-git (0.6.1.r100.g30cdc91-1 -> 0.6.1.r101.g8f3ecb8-1)
[2021-03-14T00:22:23-0500] [ALPM] upgraded mangohud-git (0.6.1.r100.g30cdc91-1 -> 0.6.1.r101.g8f3ecb8-1)
[2021-03-14T00:22:23-0500] [ALPM] upgraded plasma-workspace (5.21.2-1 -> 5.21.2-2)
[2021-03-14T00:22:24-0500] [ALPM] upgraded plasma-desktop (5.21.2-1 -> 5.21.2-2)
[2021-03-14T00:22:24-0500] [ALPM] upgraded python-defusedxml (0.6.0-6 -> 0.7.1-1)
[2021-03-14T00:22:24-0500] [ALPM] upgraded python-importlib-metadata (3.4.0-1 -> 3.7.2-1)
[2021-03-14T00:22:24-0500] [ALPM] upgraded python-keyring (22.3.0-1 -> 23.0.0-2)
[2021-03-14T00:22:24-0500] [ALPM] upgraded python-setuptools (1:53.1.0-1 -> 1:54.1.1-1)
[2021-03-14T00:22:24-0500] [ALPM] upgraded rubberband (1.9-1 -> 1.9.1-1)
[2021-03-14T00:22:24-0500] [ALPM] upgraded ruby-reline (0.2.2-1 -> 0.2.4-1)
[2021-03-14T00:22:24-0500] [ALPM] upgraded ruby-irb (1.3.0-1 -> 1.3.4-1)
[2021-03-14T00:22:24-0500] [ALPM] upgraded s-nail (14.9.21-1 -> 14.9.22-1)
[2021-03-14T00:22:24-0500] [ALPM] upgraded teams ( ->
[2021-03-14T00:22:25-0500] [ALPM] upgraded wine (6.3-1 -> 6.4-1)
[2021-03-14T00:25:47-0500] [ALPM] upgraded mailspring-libre (1.7.8_libre-1 -> 1.8.0_libre-1)