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Description: Educational software. It is a virtual network laboratory: it allows users to define, configure and run complex computer networks without any need for physical setup. Trunk version (with UML kernel Debian Wheezy).
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Licenses: LGPL
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Submitter: JulioJu
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First Submitted: 2016-05-26 09:34 (UTC)
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JulioJu commented on 2016-08-22 05:06 (UTC) (edited on 2016-08-22 05:13 (UTC) by JulioJu)

@hutou, Maybe, error in download ? Try to download again with official script and command `sudo ./marionnet_from_scratch --download-only -m trunk --prefix /usr'. If there are errors, please add nothing here, but open an issue on official site I will answer over there. For tutorials, see on official site, or on (in french). Please, tell me if it works ! JulioJu P.S. Sanity check : have you uninstall your `marionnet_from_scratch' installation (see, and reboot computer ?). Have you started Marionnet deamon before started Marionnet ? Please, do not answere here, but in official Marionnet bug tracker.

hutou commented on 2016-08-20 17:01 (UTC)

@JulioJu I began testing Marionnet as is (ie without filesystems and kernels), but couldn't explore much, because unable to add machines or routers ! See error logs below. Adding other components is Ok. error messages when adding Machines : In callback for signal activate, uncaught exception: Failure("File \"gui/\", line 469, characters 15-29") Raised at file "", line 22, characters 22-33 Called from file "gui/", line 469, characters 15-78 Called from file "", line 326, characters 6-238 Called from file "", line 81, characters 6-87 Called from file "gui/", line 141, characters 18-29 error messages when adding routers : In callback for signal activate, uncaught exception: Failure("File \"gui/\", line 469, characters 15-29") Raised at file "", line 22, characters 22-33 Called from file "gui/", line 469, characters 15-78 Called from file "", line 325, characters 6-144 Called from file "", line 80, characters 6-86 Called from file "gui/", line 141, characters 18-29

hutou commented on 2016-08-20 10:29 (UTC)

@JulioJu Finally, using your script, download is complete...but where are the files saved and/or decompressed ? I could run Marionnet, but it complains about filesystems and kernels. As you could have guessed, I do not know Marionnet at all. Is there any good tutorial on the Web ? Thanks for your help. Taille : 587018934 (560M), 9614006 (9,2M) restant [application/x-gzip] Sauvegarde en : « filesystems_machine-debian-wheezy.tar.gz » filesystems_machine-debian-wheezy 100%[+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++>] 559,82M 1,80MB/s in 5,1s 2016-08-20 11:31:38 (1,78 MB/s) — « filesystems_machine-debian-wheezy.tar.gz » sauvegardé [587018934/587018934] Decompressing : Success… ———

JulioJu commented on 2016-08-20 04:44 (UTC)

@hutou Yes, for me download have taked one day...You can stop download, and then after restart it with script Download restart exactly in the same point where it has been stoped. I have wrote this script for that, because I hate this slow download (It's not an official Marionnet script). You can start to use Marionnet before end of download. Don't forget to start marionnet daemon ! If you have already downloaded filesystem and kernels, you can past then in /usr/share/filesystems and /usr/share/kernels. We can also compile filesystems. It could be interesting. For example, in virtual machine Debian Wheezy, there isn't Firefox (iceweasel), there is an other browser but not very stable. And it's faster to compile than download. Maybe I can write a tuto on Arch Wiki about that ? Thinks to be interesting to my job ! @hutou, please tell me when all work fine !!!

hutou commented on 2016-08-19 20:26 (UTC)

@julioJu Much better ! Compilation did succeed. Now post installation hooks are running, but the 432M "filesystems_machine-debian-lenny-sid-2008.tar.gz" file download is terribly slow, with several breaks and restart. I am not sure it will be terminated by tomorrow morning, or terminated at all ! Is this a problem of the site ? (I experimented same poor behaviour from this site when trying to download the file marionnet.ova a few days ago). Anyway, thanks a lot for your help.

JulioJu commented on 2016-08-19 17:28 (UTC)

There was a problem between folder .bzr and Makefile because I used Launcpad sources version, and not the public version. Now I use again Then, in PKGBUILD Makefile are downgraded. @hutou, please, tell me if all is ok !

hutou commented on 2016-08-19 13:37 (UTC)

@julioju Don't worry, it's not urgent ! I tried again, but no luck. Building /bin/bash: ligne 22: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type make: *** [Makefile:903:] Error 1 ==> ERREUR : Une erreur s’est produite dans build(). Abandon... ==> ERREUR : Makepkg n'a pas pu construire marionnet-trunk. ==> Relancer la compilation de marionnet-trunk ? [o/N] ==> -------------------------------------------------- ==>

JulioJu commented on 2016-08-18 21:49 (UTC)

@hutou. Sorry, I know PKGBUILD was out of date, but I have done nothing. So sorry. There was modifications in current trunk version that break compatiblity with my PkGBUILD. Modifications are very minors. Meanwhile, I've changed download links to have old version of Marionnet and Ocaml trunks. But don't worry, newer version of Marionnet and Ocamlbricks not fix bug or give new features, it only changes Makepkg (so breaks compatibility with PKGBUILD). @hutou, please tell me if all is ok.

hutou commented on 2016-08-18 16:13 (UTC)

Hmm, After modifying locally the PKGBUILD with valid sha256 checksums for the two failing files below, I could run makepkg, but unfortunately, after a lot of time compiling, it also failed. My system is ArchLinux/Gnome. Please, can you help ? ... Building FATAL: prefix_install is undefined in CONFIGME. make: *** [Makefile:908:] Error 1 patching file Makefile Hunk #1 FAILED at 233. Hunk #2 FAILED at 270. Hunk #3 FAILED at 344. Hunk #4 FAILED at 383. Hunk #5 FAILED at 692. Hunk #6 FAILED at 708. Hunk #7 FAILED at 723. Hunk #8 FAILED at 731. Hunk #9 FAILED at 902. 9 out of 9 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file Makefile.rej ==> ERREUR : Une erreur s’est produite dans build(). Abandon...