Package Details: masterpdfeditor 4.2.70-1

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Package Base: masterpdfeditor
Description: A complete solution for creation and editing PDF files
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Keywords: master-pdf-editor
Licenses: custom
Submitter: farseerfc
Maintainer: Scimmia
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First Submitted: 2016-12-05 01:50
Last Updated: 2017-07-25 00:17

Latest Comments

ArchNemo commented on 2017-07-13 23:31

When there are more than one printers, even if you select the other printer, masterpdfeditor will still print using the default printer.

This behaviour occurs on multiple machines. Other software such as evince can print using the selected printers with no problems on these same machines.

Plexcon commented on 2017-07-07 22:53

Update v.4.2.60.qt5, please

Scimmia commented on 2017-06-11 17:34

Which is a problem with your local imagemagick and perl-xml-parser packages, nothing to do with this package.

Remember, partial updates are not supported

rndstr commented on 2017-06-11 17:29

I'm getting this:

loading packages...
resolving dependencies...
looking for conflicting packages...
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: imagemagick: installing perl (5.26.0-1) breaks dependency 'perl<5.25'
:: perl-xml-parser: installing perl (5.26.0-1) breaks dependency 'perl<5.25'

Plexcon commented on 2017-04-12 06:57

El mejor creador de pdfs gratuito (permite recortar, minimizar, etc). Existe una versión de pago mucho más completa.

drws commented on 2017-03-26 08:09


"Following functions are locked in free version:

Paste to Multiple Pages
Save Optimized As...
Document Actions
Document JavaScript
Page Properties
Signing PDF with digital signature
Headers and Footers

Some of them, such as "Headers and Footers" were definitely not locked in v3.7.10 as I've used them before.

Scimmia commented on 2017-03-19 20:09

severach, there are a number of things that don't work in the free version of 4 that worked in the free version of 3. I have the PKGBUILD set up so all you should have to do is change the pkgver and update the checksums. If you change the pkgname, the packages should even be co-installable.

severach commented on 2017-03-17 18:42

Insert Image TIFF does not work. I had to go back to 3.7.10 to get the TIFF to insert.

tm-x commented on 2017-03-16 11:50

The sha1sum is correct, see:
They released 4.0.60 twice with different sha1sums. You need to delete the old archive from your local cache folder.

ajs124 commented on 2017-03-15 17:52

The sha1sum seems to be wrong/have changed.

TTMM00 commented on 2017-02-21 08:07

Sorry, it was my fault.

Here is code-industry reply :
There should be no issues with this. Please, check if your files are protected from editing. Also make sure you have chosen Edit tool (Tools -> Edit Document).

It DOES work perfectly.

Scimmia commented on 2017-02-19 15:20

Works fine as-is for me. No idea what might be going on with Manjaro.

TTMM00 commented on 2017-02-19 08:17

Thank you for maintaining this wonderful application in AUR.
BUT I'm unable to edit pdf files through it with the default installation using pacman front-end "pamac". Only commenting pdf seems to be allowed.
I used to be a ubuntu user and in this distro, full-editing for 'home use' was possible out-of-the-box.
Please tell how to uncripple this qt-5 version of masterpdfedit (for free I hope).
Registration at seems to be charged (no free home-using registration appears (at least today)).
Thank you very much (I run Manjaro on amd64, DE=Xfce).

Scimmia commented on 2017-02-12 07:01

Permissions are correct. Do you have a screwy umask set?

wombalton commented on 2017-02-11 16:41

I get a permission error after installing this package:

$ ls -al /opt/
drwx------ 1 root root 142 Feb 11 17:21 master-pdf-editor-4

# ls -al /opt/master-pdf-editor-4/
total 26M
drwxr-xr-x 1 root root 142 Feb 11 17:21 .
drwxr-xr-x 1 root root 142 Feb 11 17:22 ..
drwx------ 1 root root 16 Dec 22 20:15 fonts
drwx------ 1 root root 1,3K Jan 17 18:54 lang
-rw------- 1 root root 4,3K Oct 22 15:30 license.txt
-rwx------ 1 root root 26M Feb 11 17:21 masterpdfeditor4
-rw------- 1 root root 5,3K Oct 22 15:30 masterpdfeditor4.png
drwx------ 1 root root 30 Dec 14 19:12 stamps
drwx------ 1 root root 12 Dec 14 19:12 templates

Maybe line 23 in the PKGBUILD " cp -a --no-preserve=ownership master-pdf-editor-${pkgver%%.*} "$pkgdir/opt/" "should be changed to preserve ownership?

ranger commented on 2017-01-25 17:00

But it won't update from a repo and that's not covered.
Anyway, your package, you don't have to do it properly if you don't want to. That's the meaning of aur ;)

Scimmia commented on 2017-01-25 16:58

And masterpdfeditor-qt5 has always conflicted with this, so that's covered.

ranger commented on 2017-01-25 16:40

In the aur not, but it helps if you use a local or online repo.
But even without a repo, if you try to install masterpdfeditor together with masterpdfeditor-qt5 you will have an error. 'replaces' or 'conflicts' is a way to tell pacman that two packages can't be install together.

Scimmia commented on 2017-01-25 16:34

replaces doesn't do anything in the AUR

ranger commented on 2017-01-25 15:33

If this is the new Qt5 version, shouldn't you include a
line in the PKGBUILD?

Scimmia commented on 2017-01-25 07:06

This is now the Qt5 version. If you need the Qt4 version, it's available under masterpdfeditor-qt4.

FadeMind commented on 2017-01-17 12:05

4.0.30 PKGBUILD:

RushAur commented on 2017-01-15 13:01

Edit: v4.0.30
@FadeMind: I think no need to add one more dependency (The less, the better..), if install does the job, or am I missing something...

PKGBUILD: Read the comments in the file. You can download it with:
curl -O

shen commented on 2017-01-15 06:51

Hey there

Please update.
The software is prompting that a new version is available.

bmafy commented on 2017-01-08 07:37

RushAur, have you been able to update the pkg? Can u share your PKGBUILD?
Thanks for your help!

RushAur commented on 2017-01-02 11:10

The new version "4.0.10" seems to depend on '' provided by "sane" and without it the programm won't start. So I think it should be added as dependency.

davidmcinnis commented on 2016-12-05 18:59

Sounds great! Thanks.

farseerfc commented on 2016-12-05 17:59

@davidmcinnis hi, just adopted masterpdfeditor-qt5 too. Feel free to report any problems.

davidmcinnis commented on 2016-12-05 17:50


What happened to masterpdfeditor-qt5?