Package Details: mellowplayer 3.1.0-1

Git Clone URL: (read-only)
Package Base: mellowplayer
Description: Open source and cross-platform desktop application that runs web-based music streaming services in its own window and provides integration with your desktop.
Upstream URL:
Keywords: 8Tracks Deezer GooglePlayMusic HearThisAt Mixcloud music Soundcloud Spotify streaming Tidal Youtube
Licenses: GPL
Submitter: ColinDuquesnoy
Maintainer: ColinDuquesnoy (ZeroDot1)
Last Packager: ZeroDot1
Votes: 9
Popularity: 3.398862
First Submitted: 2015-09-08 13:45
Last Updated: 2017-10-21 16:12

Latest Comments

lolop commented on 2017-10-20 01:06

Just a small: thanks :)

ZeroDot1 commented on 2017-10-10 19:45

I will make an update when the next release (v3.1) is ready.

ColinDuquesnoy commented on 2017-10-10 15:49

@ZeroDot1 May I ask you to update the package (replace chromium-widevine dependency by qt5-webengine-widevine)?

el.Quero commented on 2017-10-10 12:21

Hi, I've found that the dependency chromium-widevine can be satisfied also by the qt5-webengine-widevine package, that doesn't require to install the chromium browser! Can you please upgrade the packagebuild?

ColinDuquesnoy commented on 2017-08-17 16:56

User ZeroDot1 proposed himself to maintain this AUR package but he has some issues porting the package to a cmake build. See Any help would be very appreciated...

ZeroDot1 commented on 2017-06-08 20:38

Thank you, I can test the new beta version. The Appimage works. Here is the output of the terminal.

$ '/home/user/Downloads/MellowPlayer-x86_64.AppImage'
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:902736] [SingleInstanceApplication] starting, connecting to local server
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:902847] [SingleInstanceApplication] initializaing
[I] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:902917] [Application] MellowPlayer
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:903019] [StreamingServiceLoader] skipping plugin directory: /home/travis/build/ColinDuquesnoy/MellowPlayer/plugins (directory not found)
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:903044] [StreamingServiceLoader] skipping plugin directory: /home/user/plugins (directory not found)
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:907680] [StreamingServiceLoader] looking for services in /tmp/.mount_rHDHpA/usr/share/mellowplayer/plugins
[I] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:909377] [StreamingServiceLoader] 8tracks streamingService successfully loaded (from "/tmp/.mount_rHDHpA/usr/share/mellowplayer/plugins/8tracks")
[I] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:910148] [StreamingServiceLoader] Deezer streamingService successfully loaded (from "/tmp/.mount_rHDHpA/usr/share/mellowplayer/plugins/deezer")
[I] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:910925] [StreamingServiceLoader] Google Play Music streamingService successfully loaded (from "/tmp/.mount_rHDHpA/usr/share/mellowplayer/plugins/googleplaymusic")
[I] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:911679] [StreamingServiceLoader] Mixcloud streamingService successfully loaded (from "/tmp/.mount_rHDHpA/usr/share/mellowplayer/plugins/mixcloud")
[I] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:912363] [StreamingServiceLoader] Nextcloud Audio Player streamingService successfully loaded (from "/tmp/.mount_rHDHpA/usr/share/mellowplayer/plugins/nextcloud")
[I] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:913118] [StreamingServiceLoader] Soundcloud streamingService successfully loaded (from "/tmp/.mount_rHDHpA/usr/share/mellowplayer/plugins/soundcloud")
[I] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:914152] [StreamingServiceLoader] Spotify streamingService successfully loaded (from "/tmp/.mount_rHDHpA/usr/share/mellowplayer/plugins/spotify")
[I] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:915242] [StreamingServiceLoader] TuneIn streamingService successfully loaded (from "/tmp/.mount_rHDHpA/usr/share/mellowplayer/plugins/tunein")
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:915306] [StreamingServiceLoader] skipping plugin directory: /tmp/.mount_rHDHpA/usr/bin/plugins (directory not found)
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:915340] [StreamingServiceLoader] skipping plugin directory: /home/user/.local/share/MellowPlayer/MellowPlayer3/plugins (directory not found)
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:915359] [StreamingServiceLoader] looking for services in /usr/share/mellowplayer/plugins
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:915902] [StreamingServiceLoader] skipping streamingService 8tracks, already loaded from another source or invalid
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:916322] [StreamingServiceLoader] skipping streamingService Deezer, already loaded from another source or invalid
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:916739] [StreamingServiceLoader] skipping streamingService Google Play Music, already loaded from another source or invalid
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:917167] [StreamingServiceLoader] skipping streamingService Mixcloud, already loaded from another source or invalid
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:917484] [StreamingServiceLoader] skipping streamingService Soundcloud, already loaded from another source or invalid
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:917764] [StreamingServiceLoader] skipping streamingService Spotify, already loaded from another source or invalid
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:918046] [StreamingServiceLoader] skipping streamingService TuneIn, already loaded from another source or invalid
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:918075] [StreamingServiceLoader] skipping plugin directory: /usr/local/share/mellowplayer/plugins (directory not found)
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:918090] [StreamingServices] service added: 8tracks
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:918234] [StreamingServices] service added: Deezer
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:918338] [StreamingServices] service added: Google Play Music
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:918438] [StreamingServices] service added: Mixcloud
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:918526] [StreamingServices] service added: Nextcloud Audio Player
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:918604] [StreamingServices] service added: Soundcloud
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:918681] [StreamingServices] service added: Spotify
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:918791] [StreamingServices] service added: TuneIn
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:929735] [SqlLiteListeningHistoryDataProvider] opening listening history db: /home/user/.local/share/MellowPlayer/MellowPlayer3/history.db
[I] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:937989] [SqlLiteListeningHistoryDataProvider] connected to database: /home/user/.local/share/MellowPlayer/MellowPlayer3/history.db
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:942736] [SqlLiteListeningHistoryDataProvider] creating database
[I] [2017-06-08 21-24-51:529722] [Hotkeys] service started
[I] [2017-06-08 21-24-51:529828] [LibnotifyPresenter] service started
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-51:529977] [SystemTrayIcon] show
[I] [2017-06-08 21-24-51:553840] [Mpris] service started: org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.MellowPlayer3
[D] [2017-06-08 22-20-21:614196] [Player-Deezer] resume()
[I] [2017-06-08 22-20-21:616704] [StreamingServices] current service changed: Deezer
[WARNING:flash/platform/pepper/pep_module.cpp(63)] SANDBOXED
[D] [2017-06-08 22-20-31:689002] [Player-Deezer] song changed: NullSong
[W] [2017-06-08 22-23-02:413699] [js] Use of the Application Cache is deprecated on insecure origins. Support will be removed in the future. You should consider switching your application to a secure origin, such as HTTPS. See for more details.
[D] [2017-06-08 22-23-08:566863] [Player-Deezer] song changed: Know No Better (feat. Quavo) by Major Lazer
[D] [2017-06-08 22-23-08:574650] [AlbumArtDownloader] downloading to /home/user/.cache/MellowPlayer/MellowPlayer3/Covers/365750351
[D] [2017-06-08 22-23-08:862102] [AlbumArtDownloader] download finished
[D] [2017-06-08 22-24-09:494492] [Player-Deezer] song changed: Don't Save Me by Haim
[D] [2017-06-08 22-24-09:495374] [AlbumArtDownloader] downloading to /home/user/.cache/MellowPlayer/MellowPlayer3/Covers/62234824
[D] [2017-06-08 22-24-09:600221] [AlbumArtDownloader] download finished
[D] [2017-06-08 22-24-09:763753] [Player-Deezer] playback status changed: 3
[D] [2017-06-08 22-24-16:164980] [Player-Deezer] playback status changed: 1
[I] [2017-06-08 22-24-16:165516] [Notifier] display notification: Deezer - Don't Save Me by Haim
[D] [2017-06-08 22-24-16:457816] [ListeningHistory] new entry: Don't Save Me by Haim, id=1
[D] [2017-06-08 22-25-00:266864] [Player-Deezer] song changed: Alles leuchtet by Joy Denalane
[D] [2017-06-08 22-25-00:267686] [AlbumArtDownloader] downloading to /home/user/.cache/MellowPlayer/MellowPlayer3/Covers/142339225
[D] [2017-06-08 22-25-00:469548] [ListeningHistory] new entry: Alles leuchtet by Joy Denalane, id=2
[D] [2017-06-08 22-25-00:526440] [AlbumArtDownloader] download finished
[I] [2017-06-08 22-25-00:527301] [Notifier] display notification: Deezer - Alles leuchtet by Joy Denalane
[D] [2017-06-08 22-28-24:576228] [Player-Deezer] song changed: You've Got The Love by Florence + The Machine
[D] [2017-06-08 22-28-24:577182] [AlbumArtDownloader] downloading to /home/user/.cache/MellowPlayer/MellowPlayer3/Covers/7561784
[D] [2017-06-08 22-28-24:752053] [AlbumArtDownloader] download finished
[I] [2017-06-08 22-28-24:752791] [Notifier] display notification: Deezer - You've Got The Love by Florence + The Machine
[D] [2017-06-08 22-28-24:795402] [ListeningHistory] new entry: You've Got The Love by Florence + The Machine, id=3
[D] [2017-06-08 22-31-16:261935] [Player-Deezer] song changed: Unstoppable by Sia
[D] [2017-06-08 22-31-16:262487] [AlbumArtDownloader] downloading to /home/user/.cache/MellowPlayer/MellowPlayer3/Covers/134533222
[D] [2017-06-08 22-31-16:447729] [AlbumArtDownloader] download finished
[I] [2017-06-08 22-31-16:448724] [Notifier] display notification: Deezer - Unstoppable by Sia
[D] [2017-06-08 22-31-16:460208] [ListeningHistory] new entry: Unstoppable by Sia, id=4

Thanks for the good software, very good work :)

ColinDuquesnoy commented on 2017-06-08 17:01

@ZeroDot1 Thank you for the reminder. I am very sorry I forget.

In the future (MellowPlayer 3) I will provide an AppImage (

I will probably orphan this package unless there are serious reasons not to use the AppImage (btw you can try a pre-beta version here: - this is a temporary link that will be removed in a few days. I personally already use it at work on CentOS).

ZeroDot1 commented on 2017-06-05 20:22

Please update PKGBUILD to v2.2.4


Thanks for the good software, very good work :)

ColinDuquesnoy commented on 2017-02-11 10:18

Yes, the project has moved to gitlab. Version 3.0 is in active development there. I'll update PKGBUILD to use the gitlab upstream for v3.0.

-> In the end the project has moved back to github, gitlab being too unstable... :-/

nicholma commented on 2017-02-10 23:09

Has the project moved to gitlab?

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