Package Details: mellowplayer 2.2.5-1

Git Clone URL: (read-only)
Package Base: mellowplayer
Description: Open source and cross-platform desktop application that runs web-based music streaming services in its own window and provides integration with your desktop.
Upstream URL:
Keywords: 8Tracks Deezer GooglePlayMusic Mixcloud music Soundcloud Spotify streaming Tidal Youtube
Licenses: GPL
Submitter: ColinDuquesnoy
Maintainer: ColinDuquesnoy (ZeroDot1)
Last Packager: ColinDuquesnoy
Votes: 4
Popularity: 1.032252
First Submitted: 2015-09-08 13:45
Last Updated: 2017-06-17 13:56

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ColinDuquesnoy commented on 2017-08-17 16:56

User ZeroDot1 proposed himself to maintain this AUR package but he has some issues porting the package to a cmake build. See Any help would be very appreciated...

ZeroDot1 commented on 2017-06-08 20:38

Thank you, I can test the new beta version. The Appimage works. Here is the output of the terminal.

$ '/home/user/Downloads/MellowPlayer-x86_64.AppImage'
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:902736] [SingleInstanceApplication] starting, connecting to local server
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:902847] [SingleInstanceApplication] initializaing
[I] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:902917] [Application] MellowPlayer
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:903019] [StreamingServiceLoader] skipping plugin directory: /home/travis/build/ColinDuquesnoy/MellowPlayer/plugins (directory not found)
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:903044] [StreamingServiceLoader] skipping plugin directory: /home/user/plugins (directory not found)
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:907680] [StreamingServiceLoader] looking for services in /tmp/.mount_rHDHpA/usr/share/mellowplayer/plugins
[I] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:909377] [StreamingServiceLoader] 8tracks streamingService successfully loaded (from "/tmp/.mount_rHDHpA/usr/share/mellowplayer/plugins/8tracks")
[I] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:910148] [StreamingServiceLoader] Deezer streamingService successfully loaded (from "/tmp/.mount_rHDHpA/usr/share/mellowplayer/plugins/deezer")
[I] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:910925] [StreamingServiceLoader] Google Play Music streamingService successfully loaded (from "/tmp/.mount_rHDHpA/usr/share/mellowplayer/plugins/googleplaymusic")
[I] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:911679] [StreamingServiceLoader] Mixcloud streamingService successfully loaded (from "/tmp/.mount_rHDHpA/usr/share/mellowplayer/plugins/mixcloud")
[I] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:912363] [StreamingServiceLoader] Nextcloud Audio Player streamingService successfully loaded (from "/tmp/.mount_rHDHpA/usr/share/mellowplayer/plugins/nextcloud")
[I] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:913118] [StreamingServiceLoader] Soundcloud streamingService successfully loaded (from "/tmp/.mount_rHDHpA/usr/share/mellowplayer/plugins/soundcloud")
[I] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:914152] [StreamingServiceLoader] Spotify streamingService successfully loaded (from "/tmp/.mount_rHDHpA/usr/share/mellowplayer/plugins/spotify")
[I] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:915242] [StreamingServiceLoader] TuneIn streamingService successfully loaded (from "/tmp/.mount_rHDHpA/usr/share/mellowplayer/plugins/tunein")
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:915306] [StreamingServiceLoader] skipping plugin directory: /tmp/.mount_rHDHpA/usr/bin/plugins (directory not found)
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:915340] [StreamingServiceLoader] skipping plugin directory: /home/user/.local/share/MellowPlayer/MellowPlayer3/plugins (directory not found)
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:915359] [StreamingServiceLoader] looking for services in /usr/share/mellowplayer/plugins
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:915902] [StreamingServiceLoader] skipping streamingService 8tracks, already loaded from another source or invalid
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:916322] [StreamingServiceLoader] skipping streamingService Deezer, already loaded from another source or invalid
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:916739] [StreamingServiceLoader] skipping streamingService Google Play Music, already loaded from another source or invalid
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:917167] [StreamingServiceLoader] skipping streamingService Mixcloud, already loaded from another source or invalid
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:917484] [StreamingServiceLoader] skipping streamingService Soundcloud, already loaded from another source or invalid
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:917764] [StreamingServiceLoader] skipping streamingService Spotify, already loaded from another source or invalid
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:918046] [StreamingServiceLoader] skipping streamingService TuneIn, already loaded from another source or invalid
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:918075] [StreamingServiceLoader] skipping plugin directory: /usr/local/share/mellowplayer/plugins (directory not found)
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:918090] [StreamingServices] service added: 8tracks
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:918234] [StreamingServices] service added: Deezer
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:918338] [StreamingServices] service added: Google Play Music
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:918438] [StreamingServices] service added: Mixcloud
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:918526] [StreamingServices] service added: Nextcloud Audio Player
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:918604] [StreamingServices] service added: Soundcloud
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:918681] [StreamingServices] service added: Spotify
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:918791] [StreamingServices] service added: TuneIn
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:929735] [SqlLiteListeningHistoryDataProvider] opening listening history db: /home/user/.local/share/MellowPlayer/MellowPlayer3/history.db
[I] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:937989] [SqlLiteListeningHistoryDataProvider] connected to database: /home/user/.local/share/MellowPlayer/MellowPlayer3/history.db
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-47:942736] [SqlLiteListeningHistoryDataProvider] creating database
[I] [2017-06-08 21-24-51:529722] [Hotkeys] service started
[I] [2017-06-08 21-24-51:529828] [LibnotifyPresenter] service started
[D] [2017-06-08 21-24-51:529977] [SystemTrayIcon] show
[I] [2017-06-08 21-24-51:553840] [Mpris] service started: org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.MellowPlayer3
[D] [2017-06-08 22-20-21:614196] [Player-Deezer] resume()
[I] [2017-06-08 22-20-21:616704] [StreamingServices] current service changed: Deezer
[WARNING:flash/platform/pepper/pep_module.cpp(63)] SANDBOXED
[D] [2017-06-08 22-20-31:689002] [Player-Deezer] song changed: NullSong
[W] [2017-06-08 22-23-02:413699] [js] Use of the Application Cache is deprecated on insecure origins. Support will be removed in the future. You should consider switching your application to a secure origin, such as HTTPS. See for more details.
[D] [2017-06-08 22-23-08:566863] [Player-Deezer] song changed: Know No Better (feat. Quavo) by Major Lazer
[D] [2017-06-08 22-23-08:574650] [AlbumArtDownloader] downloading to /home/user/.cache/MellowPlayer/MellowPlayer3/Covers/365750351
[D] [2017-06-08 22-23-08:862102] [AlbumArtDownloader] download finished
[D] [2017-06-08 22-24-09:494492] [Player-Deezer] song changed: Don't Save Me by Haim
[D] [2017-06-08 22-24-09:495374] [AlbumArtDownloader] downloading to /home/user/.cache/MellowPlayer/MellowPlayer3/Covers/62234824
[D] [2017-06-08 22-24-09:600221] [AlbumArtDownloader] download finished
[D] [2017-06-08 22-24-09:763753] [Player-Deezer] playback status changed: 3
[D] [2017-06-08 22-24-16:164980] [Player-Deezer] playback status changed: 1
[I] [2017-06-08 22-24-16:165516] [Notifier] display notification: Deezer - Don't Save Me by Haim
[D] [2017-06-08 22-24-16:457816] [ListeningHistory] new entry: Don't Save Me by Haim, id=1
[D] [2017-06-08 22-25-00:266864] [Player-Deezer] song changed: Alles leuchtet by Joy Denalane
[D] [2017-06-08 22-25-00:267686] [AlbumArtDownloader] downloading to /home/user/.cache/MellowPlayer/MellowPlayer3/Covers/142339225
[D] [2017-06-08 22-25-00:469548] [ListeningHistory] new entry: Alles leuchtet by Joy Denalane, id=2
[D] [2017-06-08 22-25-00:526440] [AlbumArtDownloader] download finished
[I] [2017-06-08 22-25-00:527301] [Notifier] display notification: Deezer - Alles leuchtet by Joy Denalane
[D] [2017-06-08 22-28-24:576228] [Player-Deezer] song changed: You've Got The Love by Florence + The Machine
[D] [2017-06-08 22-28-24:577182] [AlbumArtDownloader] downloading to /home/user/.cache/MellowPlayer/MellowPlayer3/Covers/7561784
[D] [2017-06-08 22-28-24:752053] [AlbumArtDownloader] download finished
[I] [2017-06-08 22-28-24:752791] [Notifier] display notification: Deezer - You've Got The Love by Florence + The Machine
[D] [2017-06-08 22-28-24:795402] [ListeningHistory] new entry: You've Got The Love by Florence + The Machine, id=3
[D] [2017-06-08 22-31-16:261935] [Player-Deezer] song changed: Unstoppable by Sia
[D] [2017-06-08 22-31-16:262487] [AlbumArtDownloader] downloading to /home/user/.cache/MellowPlayer/MellowPlayer3/Covers/134533222
[D] [2017-06-08 22-31-16:447729] [AlbumArtDownloader] download finished
[I] [2017-06-08 22-31-16:448724] [Notifier] display notification: Deezer - Unstoppable by Sia
[D] [2017-06-08 22-31-16:460208] [ListeningHistory] new entry: Unstoppable by Sia, id=4

Thanks for the good software, very good work :)

ColinDuquesnoy commented on 2017-06-08 17:01

@ZeroDot1 Thank you for the reminder. I am very sorry I forget.

In the future (MellowPlayer 3) I will provide an AppImage (

I will probably orphan this package unless there are serious reasons not to use the AppImage (btw you can try a pre-beta version here: - this is a temporary link that will be removed in a few days. I personally already use it at work on CentOS).

ZeroDot1 commented on 2017-06-05 20:22

Please update PKGBUILD to v2.2.4


Thanks for the good software, very good work :)

ColinDuquesnoy commented on 2017-02-11 10:18

Yes, the project has moved to gitlab. Version 3.0 is in active development there. I'll update PKGBUILD to use the gitlab upstream for v3.0.

-> In the end the project has moved back to github, gitlab being too unstable... :-/

nicholma commented on 2017-02-10 23:09

Has the project moved to gitlab?

ColinDuquesnoy commented on 2016-11-11 10:14

@opotonil You're right. I've updated the package. Thank you!

opotonil commented on 2016-11-08 11:31

"chromium-pepper-flash-standalone" can be now *"pepper-flash"?


ColinDuquesnoy commented on 2016-06-05 14:22

@vigilian I can reproduce, the issue is in the snorenotify package. I've reported it to the snorenotify maintainer. In the meantime, just edit PKGBUILD and remove the last line of the package function (" mv "${pkgdir}"/usr/mkspecs "${pkgdir}"/usr/lib/qt").

ColinDuquesnoy commented on 2016-05-27 12:09

Snorenotify is a dependency of mellowplayer 2, it cannot be removed. You need to report this to the snorenotify package maintainer. But AFAIK snorenotify 0.7.0 builds fine with Qt 5.6, what errors do you have?

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