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Package Base: mudlet-git
Description: Mudlet git development branch - is a quality MUD client, designed to take mudding to a new level.
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Keywords: client games mud
Licenses: GPL2
Submitter: sigma_g
Maintainer: strata
Last Packager: strata
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First Submitted: 2011-08-19 14:37
Last Updated: 2015-07-05 20:49

Latest Comments

sigma_g commented on 2014-08-13 17:18

Updated, thanks!

strata commented on 2014-08-12 11:46

strata commented on 2014-08-12 11:31

This PKGBUILD works:

I adopted lrexlib-prce5.1 and made it a dependency instead of lrexlib-pcre to fix ambiguity between the two packages and which lua version they use.

Somnus commented on 2014-08-04 23:46

In regards to the PKGBUILD linked in the previous comment; even though I've got all the dependencies, when it loads up it fails to load lua properly.

strata commented on 2014-05-22 21:00

The sourceforge repository is almost one year out of date.
Use this PKGBUILD for latest github Mudlet:

eatsaq commented on 2013-10-04 06:02

yes, adding qt5-tools to makedepends would be sufficient.

Anonymous comment on 2013-09-17 04:49

The error for QT: uitools can be fixed by a complete install of qt5
pacman -S qt5

it will prompt for all the associated parts. You can try to figure out exactly which ones you need if you like, but I just did them all 'cause I'm lazy. There is another part of qt5 required than what yaourt grabs, so something is missing in the pkgbuild I think. I believe it's qt5-tools

Anonymous comment on 2013-09-12 05:20

I kept getting this error.

Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: uitools

Installing qt5-tools allowed it to successfully compile.

sigma_g commented on 2013-09-09 04:14


Anonymous comment on 2013-09-09 04:10

It would only build successfully, when I install libzip and qt5-multimedia

sigma_g commented on 2013-07-18 15:49

Sorry, I forgot to upload when I saw the post...

Xabre commented on 2013-07-18 12:48

Just to confirm that PKGBUILD provided in previous message works (both i686 and x86_64). Thanks strata!

PKGBUILD on this page is outdated. Sorry, sigma_g, but it's not enough just to change dep from qt to qt4, it's qmake-qt4 now instead of qmake.

strata commented on 2013-05-14 08:18

yajl 2.x support was added some time ago.

The following PKGBUILD worked on x86_64 and GMCP works!

strata commented on 2013-05-14 08:17

yajl 2.x support was added quite some time ago.
There is a never version of lrexlib - though I have not tried.
note: lrexlib and luazip have been moved and their respective PKGBUILDs have not been updated yet.

The following PKGBUILD created a good build. GMCP works. No mapper or rift segfaults on x86_64. SVO for Achaea is fully functional.

Here it is:

sigma_g commented on 2013-03-05 17:49


Xabre commented on 2013-03-05 17:42

qt to qt4 please

sigma_g commented on 2013-01-25 17:52

Thanks to E. Todurov, this mudlet version works *with GMCP* and up-to-date Archlinux.
Many thanks!

sigma_g commented on 2012-12-04 17:54

I can't find any 'glu' package. Think freeglut would be it?

eewallace commented on 2012-11-28 05:21

Seems to be missing dependencies on glu and zziplib.

sigma_g commented on 2012-05-26 08:09

Have a try at mudlet-deb if you don't care about building from source, and want GMCP working. It's the ubuntu binary version, extracted.

sigma_g commented on 2012-05-20 14:30

I've updated the PKGBUILD with the file I received by mail. Many thanks to the one who sent it to me (blackice89? I'm not sure hehe). I'll try to draw again the attention of mudlet's devs on the problems we have, especially with GMCP, maybe they'll have a fix?

Anonymous comment on 2012-05-19 18:04

There's a bug in the current version of Qt and Boost:
which is why I haven't been able to compile it. I don't think qscintilla is still a necessary dependency, because I've been able to build up till the call to Qt's MOC without it. See:

sigma_g commented on 2012-05-12 10:44

updated deps

Anonymous comment on 2012-05-12 03:37

missing dependency: hunspell

sigma_g commented on 2012-03-12 16:49

I thought that git was in base-devel, so not needed in makedepends ... sorry

Xabre commented on 2012-03-12 14:06

Thanks for the tip, but it wasn't of much use to me, since I, of course, have all phonon, mesa and libgl related.

Anonymous comment on 2012-03-12 11:32

depends: -phonon-gstreamer +phonon +mesa
makedepends: +git

For those that get complains about OpenGL, you're missing mesa.

Just tried on a fresh Arch, and with phonon (instead of phonon-gstreamer) and mesa it builds fine.

Xabre commented on 2012-03-07 14:02

Has anyone been able to build this lately?

sigma_g commented on 2012-01-27 16:59

Updated dependency, not tried building again.

Anonymous comment on 2012-01-27 16:49

Depends: phonon-gstreamer

sigma_g commented on 2011-08-19 15:35

GMCP not working, I don't understand why.