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Package Base: mumble-git
Description: A voice chat application similar to TeamSpeak
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Keywords: audio communication multimedia network voip
Licenses: BSD
Conflicts: mumble
Provides: mumble
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Maintainer: Radioactiveman
Last Packager: Radioactiveman
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First Submitted: 2009-05-30 19:46
Last Updated: 2019-04-11 16:34

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bemug commented on 2018-06-11 08:15

The certificate error is a change in qt5 sql behavior, thus affecting mumble. Read more at

There's a PR waiting to correct it:

Radioactiveman commented on 2018-05-28 18:23

@grochat I can reproduce this issue for servers with self-signed certificates. The servers which are shown in the connection dialog as green don't have this problem.

Mumble from [community] uses Qt4 still. So it looks like the bug is caused by Qt 5.11. Please file a bug report at

grochat commented on 2018-05-27 13:17

I downgrade qt5-base, qt5-svg and qt5-tools to 5.10.1-8 and it work but it's not very clean ans long term solution.

grochat commented on 2018-05-27 12:38

I can not connect to any server because of a certificate error. Fingerprints are however correct. It works with the 1.2.19 client in community. In the log there are ssl errors. See the screenshot.

Radioactiveman commented on 2018-05-21 10:50

@C0rn3j Have you enabled Text-to-Speech in the menu bar under "Configure"? And is espeak or festival installed? See the opt-depends of speech-dispatcher.

C0rn3j commented on 2018-05-20 22:34

I can't get text to speech working on a clean install anymore and I have no clue how to diagnose it, launching mumble through terminal doesn't seem to give any errors about TTS.

Svenstaro commented on 2017-03-27 12:16

Heads-up: With the upcoming changes to openssl in [testing], you'll have to make mumble ust openssl-1.0 for now because qt5-base couldn't be migrated to openssl 1.1 for the time being.

Radioactiveman commented on 2016-10-26 18:29

No, this is a different problem. Reported at

dmp1ce commented on 2016-10-26 14:18

I'm getting a number of errors when building. Am I mssing a dependency?

/usr/include/qt/QtWidgets/qstyleoption.h: In member function ‘QStyleOptionGraphicsItem& QStyleOptionGraphicsItem::operator=(const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem&)’:
/usr/include/qt/QtWidgets/qstyleoption.h:647:24: error: ambiguous overload for ‘operator=’ (operand types are ‘QMatrix’ and ‘const QMatrix’)
class Q_WIDGETS_EXPORT QStyleOptionGraphicsItem : public QStyleOption
In file included from /usr/include/qt/QtGui/qtransform.h:42:0,
from /usr/include/qt/QtGui/qimage.h:47,
from /usr/include/qt/QtGui/qpixmap.h:48,
from /usr/include/qt/QtGui/qbitmap.h:43,
from /usr/include/qt/QtGui/QtGui:8,
from mumble_pch.hpp:30:
/usr/include/qt/QtGui/qmatrix.h:66:14: note: candidate: QMatrix& QMatrix::operator=(QMatrix)
QMatrix &operator=(QMatrix &&other) Q_DECL_NOTHROW // = default
/usr/include/qt/QtGui/qmatrix.h:68:14: note: candidate: QMatrix& QMatrix::operator=(const QMatrix&)
QMatrix &operator=(const QMatrix &) Q_DECL_NOTHROW; // = default
In file included from /usr/include/qt/QtWidgets/qabstractitemdelegate.h:44:0,
from /usr/include/qt/QtWidgets/QtWidgets:29,
from mumble_pch.hpp:33:
/usr/include/qt/QtWidgets/qstyleoption.h: In copy constructor ‘QStyleOptionGraphicsItem::QStyleOptionGraphicsItem(const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem&)’:
/usr/include/qt/QtWidgets/qstyleoption.h:658:109: note: synthesized method ‘QStyleOptionGraphicsItem& QStyleOptionGraphicsItem::operator=(const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem&)’ first required here
QStyleOptionGraphicsItem(const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem &other) : QStyleOption(Version, Type) { *this = other; }
In file included from /usr/include/qt/QtWidgets/QtWidgets:46:0,
from mumble_pch.hpp:33:
/usr/include/qt/QtWidgets/qaction.h: At global scope:
/usr/include/qt/QtWidgets/qaction.h:93:40: error: ‘nullptr’ was not declared in this scope
explicit QAction(QObject *parent = nullptr);
/usr/include/qt/QtWidgets/qaction.h:94:61: error: ‘nullptr’ was not declared in this scope
explicit QAction(const QString &text, QObject *parent = nullptr);
/usr/include/qt/QtWidgets/qaction.h:95:80: error: ‘nullptr’ was not declared in this scope
explicit QAction(const QIcon &icon, const QString &text, QObject *parent = nullptr);
make[2]: *** [Makefile.Release:729: release/mumble.gch/c++] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory '/home/dmp1ce/.cache/pacaur/mumble-git/src/mumble/src/mumble'
make[1]: *** [Makefile:38: release] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/dmp1ce/.cache/pacaur/mumble-git/src/mumble/src/mumble'
make: *** [Makefile:538: sub-src-mumble-release_ordered] Error 2
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
:: qt5-tools is a new orphan package
:: failed to build mumble-git package(s)

Radioactiveman commented on 2015-12-11 17:25

Hi, sorry for the late reply. I have not gotten an email notification.
Without libxkbcommon-x11 Mumble does not run on X11. But most users are on X11 and packages like transmission-qt and qmmp also depend on qt5-base and libxkbcommon-x11.