Package Details: netatop 2.0-1

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Package Base: netatop
Description: Atop network kernel module, enables network statistics in atop
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Keywords: atop kernel module netatop
Licenses: GPL
Groups: modules
Submitter: Spider.007
Maintainer: Spider.007
Last Packager: Spider.007
Votes: 24
Popularity: 0.35
First Submitted: 2013-02-16 11:58
Last Updated: 2019-11-14 19:20

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Kurtoid commented on 2020-01-16 16:51

For those reading the comments, the fix listed below has been applied to the latest PKGBUILD

3ndymion commented on 2019-11-14 10:36

Confirmed after a few more kernel updates. For anyone who may be running into this issue, there is a very simple temporary solution. You only need to change 1 line in the PKGBUILD file to make the build work like normal again.

Simply CHANGE THIS LINE: install -Dm 0744 module/netatop.ko $pkgdir/usr/lib/modules/extramodules-ARCH/netatop.ko

TO THIS: install -Dm 0744 module/netatop.ko $pkgdir/usr/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/extramodules/netatop.ko

With this simple fix, the build will work like normal again.

3ndymion commented on 2019-10-21 11:09

Hi. Please note that as of 2019-10, this fails to install. I'm not sure if the issue is with the kernel update, or the Arch Linux firmware update, but the current install location ( /usr/lib/modules/extramodules-ARCH/ ) does not seem to be used anymore. The command depmod -a no longer looks in there, & with that, netatop is not inserted as a kernel module. The new & correct location to install the file into is /usr/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/extramodules. With the file in that new location, depmod -a will correctly insert the kernel module.

This began in October 2019, with the kernel 5.3.6. I have now confirmed it on kernel 5.3.7 as well. Building & installing netatop like normal (makepkg -sic) will not insert the kernel module, & there will always be fail messages on bootup. Fail messages are Failed to find module 'netatop', & Failed to start Load Kernel Modules.

Simply moving the netatop.ko file from /usr/lib/modules/extramodules-ARCH/ to /usr/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/extramodules/ & then running depmod -a to insert it solve the problem. Netatop works again.


PROBLEM: The install location has changed. Old Install Location = /usr/lib/modules/extramodules-ARCH New Install Location = /usr/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/extramodules/

SOLUTION: Have pacman install the netatop.ko file into the new location. depmod -a will find the file when it is in the new install location.

purisame commented on 2018-09-13 19:13

For those using the zen kernel: building fails due to the word "zen" appearing in the output of uname -r. It can be fixed by adding "a-z" in the last group of "[0-9]" so the word zen is matched.

kgunders commented on 2016-06-08 20:02

Head's Up: broken on 4.6.1 kernel.

Whether upstream issue or not, package is broken. No offence. Just a head's up so others will know since there is no issue tracker, nor does upstream respond to email regarding issues.

eigengrau commented on 2016-04-22 10:10

Installing this on a new machine which didn’t have linux-headers installed reminded me that this should probably makedepend on linux-headers. Alternative kernels usually also have a PROVIDES declaration which includes linux-headers.

Edit: sorry, actually it does already makedepend on linux-headers. The problem in my case was that I did have linux-headers installed, but I was running the -ck kernel (but I was missing linux-ck-headers). There’s probably no good way to warn of this case.

eigengrau commented on 2015-10-19 10:32

netatop 0.7 is out, which fixes the build on 4.2.

kgunders commented on 2015-10-01 01:34

I did but wasn't didn't find any links to issue/bug tracker. Well, at least it's documented here for others. Thx.

Spider.007 commented on 2015-09-30 17:32

@kgunders that is not a bug in this package but the actual source, please check upstream

kgunders commented on 2015-09-30 17:26

Seems to be borked on 4.2 kernel :(

make[1]: Entering directory '/home/kvg/builds/netatop/src/netatop-0.6/module'
echo start the make
start the make
make -C /lib/modules/4.2.1-1-ARCH/build M=/home/kvg/builds/netatop/src/netatop-0.6/module modules
make[2]: Entering directory '/usr/lib/modules/4.2.1-1-ARCH/build'
CC [M] /home/kvg/builds/netatop/src/netatop-0.6/module/netatop.o
/home/kvg/builds/netatop/src/netatop-0.6/module/netatop.c: In function ‘init_module’:
/home/kvg/builds/netatop/src/netatop-0.6/module/netatop.c:1747:2: error: implicit declaration of function ‘proc_create’ [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]
proc_create("netatop", 0444, NULL, &netatop_proc_fops);
/home/kvg/builds/netatop/src/netatop-0.6/module/netatop.c: In function ‘cleanup_module’:
/home/kvg/builds/netatop/src/netatop-0.6/module/netatop.c:1774:2: error: implicit declaration of function ‘remove_proc_entry’ [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]
remove_proc_entry("netatop", NULL);