Package Details: netatop 2.0-1

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Package Base: netatop
Description: Atop network kernel module, enables network statistics in atop
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Keywords: atop kernel module netatop
Licenses: GPL
Groups: modules
Submitter: Spider.007
Maintainer: Spider.007
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First Submitted: 2013-02-16 11:58
Last Updated: 2017-11-05 10:30

Latest Comments

kgunders commented on 2016-06-08 20:02

Head's Up: broken on 4.6.1 kernel.

Whether upstream issue or not, package is broken. No offence. Just a head's up so others will know since there is no issue tracker, nor does upstream respond to email regarding issues.

eigengrau commented on 2016-04-22 10:10

Installing this on a new machine which didn’t have linux-headers installed reminded me that this should probably makedepend on linux-headers. Alternative kernels usually also have a PROVIDES declaration which includes linux-headers.

Edit: sorry, actually it does already makedepend on linux-headers. The problem in my case was that I did have linux-headers installed, but I was running the -ck kernel (but I was missing linux-ck-headers). There’s probably no good way to warn of this case.

eigengrau commented on 2015-10-19 10:32

netatop 0.7 is out, which fixes the build on 4.2.

kgunders commented on 2015-10-01 01:34

I did but wasn't didn't find any links to issue/bug tracker. Well, at least it's documented here for others. Thx.

Spider.007 commented on 2015-09-30 17:32

@kgunders that is not a bug in this package but the actual source, please check upstream

kgunders commented on 2015-09-30 17:26

Seems to be borked on 4.2 kernel :(

make[1]: Entering directory '/home/kvg/builds/netatop/src/netatop-0.6/module'
echo start the make
start the make
make -C /lib/modules/4.2.1-1-ARCH/build M=/home/kvg/builds/netatop/src/netatop-0.6/module modules
make[2]: Entering directory '/usr/lib/modules/4.2.1-1-ARCH/build'
CC [M] /home/kvg/builds/netatop/src/netatop-0.6/module/netatop.o
/home/kvg/builds/netatop/src/netatop-0.6/module/netatop.c: In function ‘init_module’:
/home/kvg/builds/netatop/src/netatop-0.6/module/netatop.c:1747:2: error: implicit declaration of function ‘proc_create’ [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]
proc_create("netatop", 0444, NULL, &netatop_proc_fops);
/home/kvg/builds/netatop/src/netatop-0.6/module/netatop.c: In function ‘cleanup_module’:
/home/kvg/builds/netatop/src/netatop-0.6/module/netatop.c:1774:2: error: implicit declaration of function ‘remove_proc_entry’ [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]
remove_proc_entry("netatop", NULL);

eigengrau commented on 2015-08-11 07:18

Seems to work nicely, thanks!

Spider.007 commented on 2015-08-10 16:57

I've altered the regexp, let me know if it works

Spider.007 commented on 2015-08-10 16:30

what's the issue with grsec-kernels? What does `uname -r` output?

eigengrau commented on 2015-08-10 08:01

Okay, netatop 0.6 seems to be stable for Linux 4.1.

eigengrau commented on 2015-08-05 11:46

It seems more like a kernel issue; all my 4.1 kernels on various machines lock up hard when the 0.5 module is inserted. However, netatop 0.6 has been released yesterday. Maybe it addresses this issue.

(Also, ping about the -grsec unames not working.)

Spider.007 commented on 2015-07-19 11:34

Netatop breaks after installing linux-4.1.2 + systemd-222; it seems systemd is the culprit

eigengrau commented on 2015-02-22 15:51

The official grsecurity kernels are using a uname of the form «». The extramodules path includes the subminor version number, so we’d have «/usr/lib/modules/extramodules-3.18.7-grsec/» there.

Best regards!

Spider.007 commented on 2015-02-09 17:14

@ttoirrah; this is a known issue; you'll probably need to recompile this package.

ttoirrah commented on 2015-02-08 23:03

After upgrading to kernel 3.18.6-1, bootup error:
system-modules-load: Failed to insert 'netatop'

kgunders commented on 2015-01-21 08:22

Man, this should be in official arch repos.... But I guess the average arch desktop user is not interested in network performance. Sigh....

eigengrau commented on 2015-01-08 22:32

Works nicely, thanks!

Spider.007 commented on 2015-01-08 17:40

I have adressed both issues with some regexp magic

Spider.007 commented on 2015-01-08 17:40

I have adressed both issues with some regexp magic

eigengrau commented on 2015-01-08 06:49

I’m also seeing the conflict on /lib. This is likely due to the changed behavior in Pacman 4.2:

«Previously, if pacman was installing a package and it found files in /lib, it would follow the symlink and install it in /usr/lib. However the filelist for that package still recorded the file in /lib. This caused heaps of difficulty in conflict resolving – primarily the need to resolve every path of all package files to look for conflicts. That was a stupid idea! So now if pacman sees a /lib directory in a package, it will detect a conflict with the symlink on the filesystem.»

cobalt commented on 2015-01-08 00:59

With this new version I have

error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files)
netatop: /lib exists in filesystem

And also I am using linux-ck kernel and each time I have to edit PKGBUILD for netatop and replace "-ARCH" with "-ck" in the line

install -Dm 0744 module/netatop.ko $pkgdir/lib/modules/extramodules-${v%.*}-ARCH/netatop.ko

Spider.007 commented on 2014-10-26 11:37

I have created a patch for 3.17; it seems to work; comments welcome!

kgunders commented on 2014-10-25 01:26

Appears to be broken on 3.17.1 Bummer :(

val-amart commented on 2014-08-13 21:07

this can and will happen with major kernel upgrades (i.e. second number in the version string changes). this is because the module is installed in kernel version-specific directory, right now it's /lib/modules/extramodules-3.16-ARCH/.
simply reinstall the package and it will work fine again.

gim commented on 2014-08-13 14:53

After recent kernel updates modprobe can't find 'netatop'.

# modprobe netatop
modprobe: FATAL: Module netatop not found.

kgunders commented on 2014-04-27 05:13

Nice extension for atop. Thanks.

kgunders commented on 2014-04-27 05:13

Useful extension for atop. Thanks.

kgunders commented on 2014-04-27 05:12

Nice addition to atop. Thanks.

fordprefect commented on 2013-06-03 21:58

this should go to /usr/bin
building a module is depending on the kernel, so the result is architecture specific. the convention about that (i didnt find in the wiki right now, but similar hints show up on the ML all the time) is to write arch=('i686' 'x86_64').
arch=('any') is reserved for packages, that are installable for both architectures withoit rebuilding.

Spider.007 commented on 2013-06-03 14:20

@fordperfect; which file did you find in /sbin belonging to this package? Also; I don't see anything architecture specific in my PKGBUILD?

fordprefect commented on 2013-06-03 14:09

also, please change the architecture to ('i686' 'x86_64'), because this package contains architecture specific kernel modules.
you can check plausibility of your package with namcap, who points out those things.

fordprefect commented on 2013-06-03 14:05

please fix this package to no more install files to /sbin to comply with the latest changes in arch.
thank you

Spider.007 commented on 2013-05-25 09:57

I have done several bugfixes ;)

studentik commented on 2013-05-25 08:09


It seems that PKGBUILD file has several bugs. Can you please watch this forum's thread and possibly fix PKGBUILD? Sorry my skills are yet low to offer fixed version.

Here is link: