Package Details: non-daw-git 0.r1823.3946d39-1

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Package Base: non-daw-git
Description: A modular Digital Audio Workstation system - Git version.
Upstream URL:
Licenses: GPL
Groups: multimedia
Conflicts: non-daw, non-mixer, non-sequencer, non-session-manager, non-timeline
Provides: non-mixer, non-sequencer, non-session-manager, non-timeline
Submitter: epicurious
Maintainer: lievenmoors
Last Packager: lievenmoors
Votes: 19
Popularity: 0.000003
First Submitted: 2012-04-07 08:28
Last Updated: 2016-03-06 20:18

Latest Comments

RastaManKing commented on 2016-02-22 07:43

ntk returns "package not found"
should switch ntk dependecy to ntk-git
for a fluid install, thank you.

anarch.linux commented on 2015-11-05 15:33

there is a problem with non sequencer's event editor in current source tree — it crashes the sequencer when trying to insert anything except for note events.
(issue #182 here: )

a quick and dirty fix:

--- non.orig/sequencer/src/gui/event_edit.fl 2015-11-05 17:09:53.843045795 +0200
+++ non/sequencer/src/gui/event_edit.fl 2015-11-05 17:13:42.058170232 +0200
@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@

e->status( opcode );

- Event_Widget *ew = v->value();
+ Event_Widget *ew;

if ( ew && ew->ev() )
e->timestamp( ew->ev()->timestamp() );

probably it's worth including to PKGBUILD until actual fix commited to the source tree.

pingplug commented on 2015-10-10 14:36

can not build with the latest libsig++
"-std=gnu++11" should be added to CXXFLAGS

lievenmoors commented on 2014-08-26 17:19


I just tested updating, and it didn't return any errors.
Are you sure you don't have any leftover files from another
non-daw installation? You could check if any of the files returned
by "pacman -Qpl nameofgitpackage" are already present on
your system (maybe you should remove the package first).

hollunder commented on 2014-08-26 12:22

I think one of the install() commands fails:
(1/1) installing non-daw-git [########################################] 100%
error: command failed to execute correctly

lievenmoors commented on 2014-04-30 18:39

python3/waf issues have been fixed upstream now.

lievenmoors commented on 2014-04-17 19:53

Thanks for the heads-up, switched to using python2 until this is fixed

haagch commented on 2014-04-17 19:21

Does it build for someone?

_pickle.PicklingError: Can't pickle <class 'waflib.Node.Context.__init__.<locals>.node_class'>: attribute lookup Context.__init__.<locals>.node_class on waflib.Node failed

It looks like waf had an issue with python 3.4 but in my it was already the new version:

lievenmoors commented on 2013-11-10 19:42

Hi, I'm the maintainer of the non-daw-git package, and I just discovered non-suite-git. They are virtually identical, so I propose we merge our packages.
It doesn't matter to me who maintains the package, so that choice would be up to you. So maybe we could discuss some of the differences:

- First of all the name: I think non-daw-git might be a better name, because
the author uses the word DAW a lot on the non website, and I've never seen him use the word suite. I know there was a lot of confusion when the audio recording/editing part of non was called non-daw, but know that name has changed to non-timeline.

- I have a different pkgver() function: I recently adapted mine to the recommendations found on the arch wiki, using commit count instead of date.
I don't mind either way, except that it might be good that most git packages would follow some sort of convention.

- depends: I still have ntk instead of ntk-git, because ntk-git should provide
ntk. But I can imagine it might be a problem for the AUR helpers like yaourt...

- I have libxpm in the makedepends. Namcap told me that was unnecessary, but
when trying to build the package in a chroot jail, I saw that it was needed to
build non. That's when I concluded it should be a makedepend.

- License: didn't know about LGPL, but I guess you know better

- I don't have the replaces array. Isn't the conflicts array enough?

- you add $_pkgname to provides and conflicts. Is this necessary? From the arch wiki: "Do not add pkgname to your provides array, this is done automatically"
I know $pkgname and $_pkgname are not the same, but I still wonder why you add an extra name...

- I didn't know about the python dependency in optdepends...

Let me know what you think,



jrdnjhntn commented on 2013-11-04 03:45

@Vixus - ah, i see (about the ntk-git part). I was already using that - so i was a bit confused as to why your package was building fine for me, but not you guys ;)

anyway, i was mainly just curious if there was maybe a specific reason to not use -O3 (aside from the known older issue), but i assume you're using -O2 because that's what was being used in Arch, already.

O.T. slightly: but NON is starting to get pretty good :)

Vixus commented on 2013-11-04 01:24

Ok, I've figured it out.. Needs to be dependent on ntk-git, not ntk.

Vixus commented on 2013-11-04 01:15

Hmm, I'm currently getting the same error as funkmuscle (both -O2 and -O3). Need to fix that first.

jrdnjhntn commented on 2013-11-04 01:04

hi. I see this package is replacing -O3 with -O2 optimization flag. ~ Is there any real reason to (still) be doing this?

Originally, for Arch/Non packaging it was switched to -O2 do to bugs in GCC-4.8.0 (and Non- compilation would fail at -O3). However, this isn't the case anymore and -O3 works again. <i've been using it for a while / no issues at all>


funkmuscle commented on 2013-09-29 18:50

this is not building anymore.. with or without Army's PKGBUILD.
I get this error:

Waf: Leaving directory `/tmp/packerbuild-1000/non-suite-git/non-suite-git/src/non-suite/build'
Build failed
-> task in 'non-mixer' failed (exit status 1):
{task 140585933147728: cxx Spatialization_Console.C -> Spatialization_Console.C.1.o}
['/usr/bin/g++', '-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2', '-march=x86-64', '-mtune=generic', '-O2', '-pipe', '-fstack-protector', '--param=ssp-buffer-size=4', '-O2', '-fomit-frame-pointer', '-ffast-math', '-pipe', '-msse2', '-mfpmath=sse', '-Wall', '-fno-rtti', '-pthread', '-D_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE', '-D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64', '-D_GNU_SOURCE', '-MD', '-pthread', '-pthread', '-I/tmp/packerbuild-1000/non-suite-git/non-suite-git/src/non-suite/build/mixer', '-I/tmp/packerbuild-1000/non-suite-git/non-suite-git/src/non-suite/mixer', '-I/tmp/packerbuild-1000/non-suite-git/non-suite-git/src/non-suite/build/mixer/src', '-I/tmp/packerbuild-1000/non-suite-git/non-suite-git/src/non-suite/mixer/src', '-I/tmp/packerbuild-1000/non-suite-git/non-suite-git/src/non-suite/build', '-I/tmp/packerbuild-1000/non-suite-git/non-suite-git/src/non-suite', '-I/tmp/packerbuild-1000/non-suite-git/non-suite-git/src/non-suite/build/nonlib', '-I/tmp/packerbuild-1000/non-suite-git/non-suite-git/src/non-suite/nonlib', '-I/usr/include/raptor2', '-I/usr/include/ntk', '-I/usr/include/cairo', '-I/usr/include/glib-2.0', '-I/usr/lib/glib-2.0/include', '-I/usr/include/pixman-1', '-I/usr/include/freetype2', '-I/usr/include/libdrm', '-I/usr/include/libpng16', '-DHAVE_NTK=1', '-DHAVE_NTK_IMAGES=1', '-DHAVE_JACK=1', '-DHAVE_JACK_PORT_GET_LATENCY_RANGE=1', '-DHAVE_XLIB=1', '-DHAVE_LIBLO=1', '-DUSE_SSE=1', '-DNDEBUG=1', '-D_GNU_SOURCE=1', '-DHAVE_SNDFILE=1', '-DHAVE_SF_FORMAT_VORBIS=1', '-DVERSION="1.2.0"', '-DSYSTEM_PATH="/usr/share/non-session-manager"', '-DDOCUMENT_PATH="/usr/share/doc"', '-DPIXMAP_PATH="/usr/share/pixmaps"', '-DHAVE_LADSPA_H=1', '-DHAVE_LRDF=1', '-DHAVE_SIGCPP=1', '-D_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE', '-D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64', '-D_GNU_SOURCE', '-D_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE', '-D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64', '-D_GNU_SOURCE', '../mixer/src/Spatialization_Console.C', '-c', '-o', 'mixer/src/Spatialization_Console.C.1.o']
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
The build failed.

lievenmoors commented on 2013-07-24 22:06

Too much breakage, so I pinned the package to one commit that builds for me...

lievenmoors commented on 2013-07-24 22:06

Too much breakage, so I pinned the package to one commit that builds for me...

lievenmoors commented on 2013-07-24 22:05

Too much breakage, so I pinned the package to one commit that builds for me...

lievenmoors commented on 2013-07-24 22:05

Too much breakage, so I pinned the package to one commit that builds for me...

lievenmoors commented on 2013-07-24 22:04

Too much breakage, so I pinned the package to one commit that builds for me...

Vixus commented on 2013-07-04 01:10

Ok, thanks for that.. I did build the package without problems, after having edited a PKGBUILD from another git package (I think it was gimp). But this looks better, so I'll use it. Thanks!

Anonymous comment on 2013-06-28 12:53

This PKGBUILD isn't as good as it could be. Let me help:

Please use pacman's capability of handling git, look into the wiki to see how it works.

And after building a package (which you did before you uploaded it here, right?) please use the tool namcap to see possible problems.

Here's my correction of your package, feel free to use it how it is or as an inspiration

jrdnjhntn commented on 2013-04-27 01:48

@Lievenmoors - Jonathon already knows (non-dev) but is not using gcc-4.8.0 nor is it available on his distro (for now).

when i can find some time, i will have a closer look and see if i can put together a bug report against gcc-4.8.0, although to be honest, this isn't the highest priority for me. (i have more important/critical projects to focus on right now).

lievenmoors commented on 2013-04-22 12:38

@ Ninez

Yes I do realize that, and I was going to do the same thing...
Maybe we should let each other know when one of us finds the time
to file a bug report...


jrdnjhntn commented on 2013-04-22 12:29


no problem. but do realize this is a workaround to a current problem in gcc (most likely). When i have an hour or two, that i can focus on this bug - i will most likely be filing a bug report against gcc ~ but at least for now, this package can be compiled with -O2


lievenmoors commented on 2013-04-22 11:24

@ Ninez

Thank you so much for your help! I found out about the segfault a few days ago,
but didn't know -O2 would work around it. I updated the PKGBUILD to make
use of the pacman 4.1.0 VCS features as well.

thanks again...

jrdnjhntn commented on 2013-04-21 23:20


just a head's up ~ this package doesn't compile - because it fails with -O3 optimization level with gcc-4.8.0. (segfaults). Instead, you can use -O2 which will allow non-daw-git to compile okay.


lievenmoors commented on 2013-03-10 16:16

Well, there is ntk-git which provides ntk.

Anonymous comment on 2013-03-09 10:56

Hi, the dependency ntk doesn't exist in the AUR or repos.

imv commented on 2012-12-09 18:15

Makedependency should be python, not waf, because waf script is included in the package.
Also, I've made a package ntk-git. You may consider adding it to dependencies. As far as I tried, building non against local ntk is not straightforward.

epicurious commented on 2012-12-02 06:34

Aware of flag - currently wrestling with yet another change in build method, and an extra makedependency [waf]. Close to solution, so possibly next few days.

epicurious commented on 2012-09-12 12:17

Updated to reflect developer moving branches. Again.

epicurious commented on 2012-07-18 01:28

Y'know I thought I'd done that [imake] in April. But since I'd edited the PKGBUILD to go along with J. Lilles' changes in Git management I must have dropped it from an older one. Apologies.

Anonymous comment on 2012-07-14 07:06

makedepends = ('imake') might be better since imake is in extra

kasbah commented on 2012-07-02 21:02

It also provides non-sequencer.

kasbah commented on 2012-07-02 21:00

You didn't fix it dude, there is still no makedepends = ('makedepend') in PKGBUILD.

epicurious commented on 2012-06-24 07:59

The new PKGBUILD is based on the Next branch: however, the programme developer has stated that he won't be working on the master branch and longer, so this is the Git version to use.

epicurious commented on 2012-04-08 12:16

Ah yes - slightly over-zealous! Fixed.

Anonymous comment on 2012-04-07 19:10

Please add the package "makedepend" to the makedepends line. Sounds weird, but it's true ;)