Package Details: notcurses 2.2.8-1

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Package Base: notcurses
Description: Blingful TUI/character graphics library
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Licenses: Apache
Submitter: dankamongmen
Maintainer: dankamongmen
Last Packager: dankamongmen
Votes: 10
Popularity: 0.91
First Submitted: 2019-12-02 18:31
Last Updated: 2021-04-18 17:40

Latest Comments

dankamongmen commented on 2021-03-30 16:14

thanks for the heads-up, shoober420, should be fixed now (and upgraded to 2.2.4). btw, i notice you created a notcurses-git package; i obviously can't tell you what to do or not to do, but notcurses master generally is not in a state to ship, and i don't recommend trying.

shoober420 commented on 2021-03-30 16:03

I'm almost for certain this package requires python-pip to build.

serxxx commented on 2021-02-11 22:23

@dankamongmen today, it builds and passes tests. Sorry that I have no clue what changed.

dankamongmen commented on 2021-02-08 15:42

@serxxx, can you file a bug at, with the output of notcurses-tester -p ../data? thanks!

serxxx commented on 2021-02-08 15:33

With a cleanBuild, notcurses-tester fails which breaks the installation:

1/7 Test #1: notcurses-tester .................***Failed   13.61 sec
    Start 2: ncpp_build
86% tests passed, 1 tests failed out of 7

Total Test time (real) =  14.03 sec

The following tests FAILED:
          1 - notcurses-tester (Failed)
Errors while running CTest
FAILED: CMakeFiles/test.util
cd /home/ser/.cache/yay/notcurses/src/notcurses-2.1.8/build && /usr/bin/ctest --force-new-ctest-process
ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in check().
error making: notcurses

dankamongmen commented on 2020-07-10 18:14

@megamind6155: can you ensure you're not doing a build from a cached download? the error:

pandoc: /home/me/.cache/yay/notcurses/src/notcurses-1.6.0/doc/man/man3/ openBinaryFile: does not exist (No such file or directory)

suggests that this file doesn't exist, but it's most definitely in the downloaded checkout. Does that path exist in ~me for you? Can you try running rm -rf ~/.cache/yay/notcurses, and then try building anew? Thanks.

if you can take this to, i'll work with you to resolve it ASAP.

dankamongmen commented on 2020-07-10 14:58

@megamind6155: thanks a lot for the report! I've written up the problem at I'll hopefully get it knocked out today, for inclusion in the 1.6.1 release due this weekend. The problem appears to be in pandoc.

megamind6155 commented on 2020-07-10 09:27

I'm not able to build the package. I'm getting a build failure. Here is a yay build log:

BigfootLives commented on 2020-05-18 23:33

@dankamongmen I pulled my comment when it dawned on me that I was misreading the CMakeLists -- guess I was a little too slow. Totally my bad! Yeah, the testing deps are pretty light. I generally like AUR packages to be as paired down as possible to avoid chasing down packages, but if you find that they're beneficial to you as a maintainer then that's more important. Cheers.

dankamongmen commented on 2020-05-18 23:30

@BigfootLives: qrcodegen is not disabled by default. The CMakeLists.txt entry is:

option(USE_QRCODEGEN "Disable libqrcodegen QR code support" ON)

USE_QRCODEGEN is thus ON by default. It's described as "disable libqrcodegen QR code support" because using (changing) it would be to disable QR code gen. It's a tiny dep with no external deps, so I'm disinclined to make it optional.

I want the tests run everywhere they can be, since if a bug is ever reported, my first question would be "do the unit tests pass in your environment?" Furthermore, doctest is only a header file, so it's a pretty minor dependency itself. If it wasn't available as a dep, I would include it in the tarball; I always want the unit tests run.

Are the unit tests breaking for you? If so, please please please file a bug, and I promise I'll chase down the problem with you.

If I'm going to make anything optional, it would be ffmpeg, which is probably a good idea.

Do you have particular reasoning as to why you'd like to avoid the (run+buildtime) dependency of qrcodegen, or the (buildtime only) dependency of doctest? If so, please reply, or (if applicable) better yet open up a bug on notcurses.

Thanks! --nick, author and maintainer of notcurses