Package Details: obfsproxy-git 20160613-5

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Package Base: obfsproxy-git
Description: Tor project obfuscated proxy
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Licenses: BSD
Conflicts: obfsproxy, pyobfsproxy
Submitter: fzerorubigd
Maintainer: navigaid
Last Packager: psyriccio
Votes: 16
Popularity: 0.000000
First Submitted: 2012-02-10 08:08
Last Updated: 2016-06-13 10:09

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b574072 commented on 2019-06-13 02:14


aur package: pip2pkgbuild

aur package: asp-git (to compile PKGBUILD)


pip2pkgbuild pyptlib -p python2 -n pyptlib

pip2pkgbuild pycrypto -p python2 -n pycrypto

then compile for both pyptlib & pycrypto

makepkg -Acs

then install

sudo pacman -U python2-pycrypto-2.6.1-1-any.pkg.tar.xz python2-pycrypto-2.6.1-1-any.pkg.tar.xz

then                install obfsproxy-git with:
Maintainer: Daniel Nagy <danielnagy at gmx de>




pkgdesc="Tor project obfuscated proxy"




depends=('python2-pycrypto' 'python2-pyptlib' 'python2-twisted' 'python2-yaml' 'python2-setuptools' 'python2-gmpy2' 'python2-service-identity')

conflicts=('pyobfsproxy' 'obfsproxy')




optdepends=('tor: you need tor to use this package' )



prepare() { cd "$srcdir/$_gitname"

# argparse is part of python 2.7+, so we can remove it from install_requires sed -i "/'argparse',/d"

find . -type f ( -name '*.py' -or -executable ) -exec \

sed -i -e "s|#![ ]*/usr/bin/python$|#!/usr/bin/python2|" \

       -e "s|#![ ]*/usr/bin/env python$|#!/usr/bin/env python2|" \

       \{\} +


package() { cd "$srcdir/$_gitname" python2 install --root="$pkgdir/" --optimize=1

install -Dm644 LICENSE "$pkgdir/usr/share/licenses/$pkgname/LICENSE" }

ase1590 commented on 2018-09-12 17:31

I now get the following error:

pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: The 'PyCrypto' distribution was not found and is required by obfsproxy

Perhaps the recent move from pycrypto to pycryptodome has done something?

edit: seems it has. Installing the older PyCrypto from pip for python2 resolves this problem.

4llan commented on 2018-05-16 12:16

The package python2-pyptlib, dependency of obfsproxy-git, is now lost.

alphazo commented on 2017-03-01 22:02

In order to use obfs bridges and avoid the following error message:
"unable to connect ("general SOCKS server failure")", I had to install python2-service-identity. I don't know if this is required by obfsproxy or Tor itself.

sbmomeni commented on 2015-09-29 07:26

Adding a pkgver function as follows allows the version to be calculated from git repo tags automatically.

pkgver() {
cd "${srcdir}/${_gitname}"
git describe --always | sed 's|-|.|g' | sed 's/obfsproxy.//'

zcchen commented on 2013-06-18 14:50

A patch to update this package to the newest.
Just change the _gitroot and _gitname

--- PKGBUILD 2013-06-18 22:41:18.192363497 +0800
+++ /tmp/packertmp-1000/obfsproxy-git.PKGBUILD 2013-06-18 22:40:19.735435714 +0800
@@ -14,8 +14,8 @@
optdepends=('tor: you need tor to use this package' )


build() {
cd $srcdir

unhammer commented on 2013-06-14 09:58 seems pyobfsproxy obsoletes this one

Anonymous comment on 2013-06-09 15:46

git link seems to be broken.

Anonymous comment on 2013-01-16 16:16

This need `automake autoconf`, not `autoconf autoconf`.

unhammer commented on 2012-02-11 09:55

… although I get "Could not setup the environment of the managed proxy at '/usr/bin/obfsproxy'." with tor-unstable, while tor from git seems to work (except it tells me my tor is too new to be recommended)