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Description: The Open Source Conditional Access Module daemon
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Licenses: GPL3
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Maintainer: LukyLX
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First Submitted: 2011-01-22 15:09
Last Updated: 2018-04-16 04:30

Latest Comments

LukyLX commented on 2018-04-16 04:36

Updated to svn r11420 and: - fixed the upstream url (thanks @francoism90) - added architectures arm, armv6h, armv7h & aarch64 - enabled SSL again (which was fixed upstream)

francoism90 commented on 2018-04-10 19:26

Please use as upstream url.

jhernberg commented on 2016-04-05 12:24

Actually after browsing some, i think this is ok anyways. Supposedly it uses TSLv1.2, though I haven't verified.

jhernberg commented on 2016-04-05 12:09

Don't think oscam has fixed this yet, please let me know if they take care of the problem and I'll try to update the buildscript again.

jhernberg commented on 2016-04-05 12:05

I did a quick fix of the build by disabling SSL. I suppose the real fix would be to build another openssl package for the aur with sslv3 support and statically link it into oscam, but I really can't be bothered ;) Sorry if you really need it!

slashme commented on 2016-03-16 12:49

I believe openssl in arch is built without sslv3 support since 1.0.2g. You can build oscam without ssl support by removing USE_SSL=1 in PKGBUILD.

Frans-Willem commented on 2016-03-10 11:01

Is anyone else encountering compilation errors regarding SSLv3_server_method not being defined ?

jhernberg commented on 2014-02-16 16:03

@elpadre: Sure, but is there any pressing need to add it? I've asked the archdevs and they tell me that armv6h isn't an officially supported platform, thus shouldn't be used in a build script. Surely anyone that wants to build it can just edit the script? Personally I use devtools and build everything in a chroot, and editing the script to add armv6h would be a matter of 15 secs or so.

I'm really not trying to be difficult or against armv6h, just trying to make my scripts abide by the archlinux standards and policies...

elpadre commented on 2014-02-16 14:35

well, arch=('armv6h') works fine, is is the architecture of the Raspberry Pi which has sold 2 million units in its short existance. It is excellent to run oscam as it is small, consumes only 1amp and cheap (about 35 euro)

jhernberg commented on 2013-05-08 07:55

I've added After=tmp.mount to the service file, should work if the mounting of /tmp was what messed up the socket. Probably a better place for it would bin in /run, but I'm not going to make such a change since it will break all packages using oscam...

I've asked the devs, and they say that the only valid archs are i686, and x86_64, so I'm not going to add another one to the build. Easy enough for the user to do himself if he needs to.

Have added suversion as a makedepend, but don't think make and gcc need to be explicitly specified. In any case it builds fine in a chroot, so I think the build is ok.

elpadre commented on 2013-04-28 19:43

can you add armv6h to arch?
Also subversion, make and gcc are also dependencies

elpadre commented on 2013-04-28 18:02

can you add armv6h to arch?
Also subversion, make and gcc are also dependencies

Anonymous comment on 2013-04-08 16:44

Sometimes I find oscam is unable to write the /tmp/camd.socket when I start my PC.

I'm not sure but maybe adding something like 'After=tmp.mount' to the service file might help.

Anonymous comment on 2012-11-14 20:45

I solved my linking problems (before the change from cmake to make) by adding -DSTATIC_LIBUSB=0 in PKGBUILD. Othervise the linker complained about missing static libraries.


jhernberg commented on 2012-11-10 17:20

I have changed the script over to use make instead of cmake, and it appears to build fine and works for me. I am not quite sure about all the options, but have tried to include everything that might be needed on a PC. Please let me know if something is missing or broken! Have fun :)

jhernberg commented on 2012-11-06 15:37

This build fails for me with /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lusb-1.0, be it chroot with devtools or not. appears to find it. I have to build with a -DHAVE_LIBUSB=0 argument to cmake to finish making the package. Any ideas what i'm missing? My system has libusbx installed, and I tried to add it to the depends array, but still it won't build :(

Anonymous comment on 2012-09-21 23:08

Unit file oscam.service for systemd

Description=An Open Source Conditional Access Module software

ExecStart=/usr/bin/oscam $OSCAM_ARGS


Anonymous comment on 2012-08-27 21:44

Please change source link to: oscam-trunk

Anonymous comment on 2012-06-26 08:50

stop() method in rc.d script doesn't work...fix it adding -9 option:

killall -9 oscam

Anonymous comment on 2012-03-12 16:50

@spock According to the wiki article about creating packages, makepkg is intended to be non-interactive (

Anonymous comment on 2012-03-10 18:57

With the privous posts changes you could remove HAVE_SSL, WITH_DVBAPI etc. and let people select whatever options they want.

I'm not much of a programmer though, I just try to fix bugs occasionally. I haven't read up on PKGBUILD guidelines so maybe it's not an allowed change for a PKGBUILD.

There are more stuff that could be added at compile time too by interactive choices, such as some patches.

Anonymous comment on 2012-03-08 23:15

If you add this to PKGBUILD (after msg "SVN checkout done or server timeout")

sleep 2
cd "$srcdir/oscam"
cd "$srcdir"

Allows configuration before build.

Anonymous comment on 2012-03-08 21:18


I've been thinking that oscam might need some different PKGBUILDs, as it comes with quite a few choices at compile time. Sure we can just edit the PKGBUILD, and maybe thats even preferred. But for PCSC readers for example we would need -DHAVE_PCSC=1, or as with SSL, libusb, etc. for some it's not really needed. Or we could just build one binary that has it all, as we have more or less unlimited space on x86 machines, maybe that's better?

So since this is for x86 hardware usually we have enough space to include it all, but oscam lets us choose by ourselves since the STBs usually don't have much free space, and since not many people needs libusb, pcsc or even ssl support it leaves the choice to the user.

Another option would be to add some interactivity to the PKGBUILD so we could choose at build time what options we want (do PKGBUILD guidelines allow that?).

I would be happy to leave things as it is, but the temptation of more or less automated builds having all the necessary build options are always there. :)

Anonymous comment on 2012-01-28 08:48

@spock: just uploaded the new files including your improvements. thanks

Anonymous comment on 2012-01-19 08:59

Could you add -DWITH_SSL to the build (tired of manually editing it :)? And also for the rc.d script restart function add sleep 2 or atleast 1 between stop and start or it will usually fail to restart.


Anonymous comment on 2011-09-16 16:05

@codeworkx: thanks for the hint. PKGBUILD updated

codeworkx commented on 2011-09-15 14:39

PKGBUILD needs the following changes: