Package Details: p4v 2022.1.2268368-1

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Package Base: p4v
Description: Perforce Visual Client
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Keywords: p4 p4merge perforce
Licenses: custom:p4v
Submitter: 1ace
Maintainer: jshap
Last Packager: jshap
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First Submitted: 2015-08-12 22:16 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2022-05-03 04:11 (UTC)

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squalou commented on 2021-01-04 10:12 (UTC) (edited on 2021-01-04 10:19 (UTC) by squalou)

with 2020.3.2059355-1 I get this :

==> ERROR: One or more files did not pass the validity check!

I get this file donwloaded (with its sha256)

a5550587ded1fde03831610242a29d50ddf0f3f5475cb384443c3bb4a1b7ea72  20210104-p4v-2020.3.2059355.tgz

jshap commented on 2020-08-28 19:05 (UTC)

yes you're right, fixed.

SoleSoul commented on 2020-08-09 08:09 (UTC)

Shouldn't this have qt5-base as a dependency? It doesn't start without qt5-base installed.

dunestorm commented on 2020-06-06 15:01 (UTC) (edited on 2020-06-06 15:02 (UTC) by dunestorm)

It no longer builds for me using the latest release :(

==> Validating source files with sha256sums...

p4v.desktop ... Passed

p4admin.desktop ... Passed

p4merge.desktop ... Passed

LICENSE ... Passed

20200606-p4v-2020.1.1946989.tgz ... FAILED

==> ERROR: One or more files did not pass the validity check!

Failed to build p4v

JudgeManganese commented on 2020-05-26 08:32 (UTC)

I've noticed that if you use p4v to launch anything qt, p4v's qt conflicts with with the system one with a log filled with things like

kde-open5: /usr/share/p4v/lib/ version `Qt_5.14' not found (required by kde-open5)

That includes launching web browser for swarm reviews, using any QT text editors, etc.

Trying to set export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib (which gets appended to p4v's own export LD_LIBRARY_PATH in the p4v file) doesn't help at all because the linker still sees the first libraries and gives up.

p4v is probably built against Ubuntu or Debian, so it works fine there because the libraries match (besides not being able to find its own plugins after startup, but that's a different problem).

jshap commented on 2020-01-15 21:07 (UTC)

like aur/p4 I made some changes so pkgver is updated automatically to match what you download mainly for my own convenience, however unlike that package this one does not ship with an asc so the checksum verif. will still fail until I manually update the package... :(

jshap commented on 2019-11-20 21:46 (UTC)

@aurius sorry, I just fixed it. guess my previous comment to @geirThomassen is defunct lol

aurius commented on 2019-11-20 21:44 (UTC)

Just tried to install with pikaur and got:

==> Validating source files with sha256sums...
p4v.desktop ... Passed
p4admin.desktop ... Passed
p4merge.desktop ... Passed
LICENSE ... Passed
p4v-2019.2.1856742.tgz ... Passed
==> Extracting sources...
-> Extracting p4v-2019.2.1856742.tgz with bsdtar
==> Entering fakeroot environment...
==> Starting package()...
/home/user/.cache/pikaur/build/p4v/PKGBUILD: line 29: cd: /home/user/.cache/pikaur/build/p4v/src/p4v-2019.2.1856742/: No such file or directory
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in package().

Command 'makepkg --force' failed to execute.


When listed the "/home/user/.cache/pikaur/build/p4v/src" got:

drwxr-xr-x 3 user user 4096 Nov 20 22:34 .
drwxr-xr-x 4 user user 4096 Nov 20 22:34 ..
lrwxrwxrwx 1 user user 44 Nov 20 22:34 LICENSE -> /home/user/.cache/pikaur/build/p4v/LICENSE
lrwxrwxrwx 1 user user 52 Nov 20 22:34 p4admin.desktop -> /home/user/.cache/pikaur/build/p4v/p4admin.desktop
lrwxrwxrwx 1 user user 52 Nov 20 22:34 p4merge.desktop -> /home/user/.cache/pikaur/build/p4v/p4merge.desktop
lrwxrwxrwx 1 user user 59 Nov 20 22:34 p4v-2019.2.1856742.tgz -> /home/user/.cache/pikaur/build/p4v/p4v-2019.2.1856742.tgz
drwxr-xr-x 4 user user 4096 Nov 13 22:11 p4v-2019.2.1883366
lrwxrwxrwx 1 user user 48 Nov 20 22:34 p4v.desktop -> /home/user/.cache/pikaur/build/p4v/p4v.desktop

jshap commented on 2019-11-20 21:21 (UTC) (edited on 2019-11-20 21:47 (UTC) by jshap)

@GeirThomassen updating, but where did your 2019.2.1883366 come from? even on the new binary checking the version gets me Rev. Helix P4V/LINUX26X86_64/2019.2/1856742, so I'm just going to bump pkgrel.

edit: nevermind I figured it out lol... ignore this comment

jshap commented on 2019-11-19 19:53 (UTC)

@dront78 yeah I get that it still works, but I'd rather just not mess with it on a package basis, sorry. I'll just distribute what they do.

If you want to keep this package from ever installing that file though, you can symlink it to /dev/null with sudo ln -s /dev/null /usr/share/p4v/lib/P4VResources/skins/Default.qss, and then in your pacman.conf [options] section you can add NoUpgrade = usr/share/p4v/lib/P4VResources/skins/Default.qss and from now on whenever the package is updated it will keep the file as being "empty" and p4v will default to your system theme :)

dront78 commented on 2019-11-19 07:32 (UTC) (edited on 2019-11-19 07:45 (UTC) by dront78)

@jshap the hack is still working.
: > /usr/share/p4v/lib/P4VResources/skins/Default.qss
p4v will use the desktop skin after restart in KDE.
For the non-qt I think you can create a symlink to your skin. PS. dark theme has better color theme in diff util. shame, it is still not possible to setup like in any modern app.
Finally, I ended up with switching to the DarkTheme.css which has a zero file size :)

jshap commented on 2019-10-31 18:23 (UTC) (edited on 2019-10-31 18:23 (UTC) by jshap)

@dront78 I messed around with doing that for the default skin file, but on non-qt based platforms it ends up looking very bad.

Fortunately 19.2 now has a native dark theme (edit->preferences->display->color scheme) though so maybe try that out? Although sadly it doesn't look like we can register custom themes either grumble grumble

guardian commented on 2019-10-30 13:14 (UTC)

Installing fails with p4v-2019.1.1830398.tgz not passing sha256sum test

dront78 commented on 2019-08-16 08:28 (UTC)

could you replace p4v/lib/P4VResources/skins/Default.qss with blank file before the packaging? in this case p4v will looks like a native app even when using kde dark theme.

BorjaOuterelo commented on 2017-12-21 08:06 (UTC)

I found problems with the last P4 released version. Last package version is 2017.3.1601999 and the shas256 for .tgz is no longer valid.

This is the new PCKBUILD file:

Can you update it?

Thanks in advance.

timofonic commented on 2017-11-19 23:32 (UTC)

2017.3/1590419 snapshot

bwidawsk commented on 2017-10-27 14:57 (UTC)

Please don't flag this out of date for version 1582486. Perforce made a new version without actually updating p4v, so there is nothing to do for p4v.

ainola commented on 2017-10-20 15:46 (UTC) (edited on 2017-10-20 15:48 (UTC) by ainola)

[update] I'm stupid: I thought I had cleared the cache, but I hadn't. It might be useful to save the tarball to a unique filename so helpers don't get confused (e.g. "p4v-$pkgver.tgz"::'sourceurl') It appears that p4v.tgz's checksum is failing. New version? Thanks for maintaining.

BorjaOuterelo commented on 2017-10-04 10:03 (UTC)

P4 updated package. To be updated with package 2017.2.1573260 and new p4c.tgz shas256: f202c09af2df94e89188a15abb763f38a521051febf5f2f0fce72a95062bc228

ainola commented on 2017-09-06 23:52 (UTC)

The .install file is not necessary and can be removed.

Kunda commented on 2017-07-30 12:42 (UTC)

==> Making package: p4v 2017.2.1532340-2 (Sun Jul 30 08:40:45 EDT 2017) ==> Checking runtime dependencies... ==> Checking buildtime dependencies... ==> Retrieving sources... -> Found p4v.desktop -> Found p4admin.desktop -> Found p4merge.desktop -> Found LICENSE -> Downloading p4v.tgz... ==> Validating source files with sha256sums... p4v.desktop ... Passed p4admin.desktop ... Passed p4merge.desktop ... Passed LICENSE ... Passed p4v.tgz ... FAILED ==> ERROR: One or more files did not pass the validity check!

vollekannehoschi commented on 2017-07-22 15:01 (UTC)

Reinstalling at the moment another PC and it is fixed, thx :)

bwidawsk commented on 2017-07-21 16:26 (UTC)

@vollekannehoschi perforce updated their 17.2 to a new 17.2. Should be fixed now.

vollekannehoschi commented on 2017-07-21 14:40 (UTC)

p4v.tgz failed sha256sums, I tried it three times.

WhittlesJr commented on 2017-05-10 17:53 (UTC)

Getting the wrong permissions under /usr/share/p4v/. Getting 750, when it should probably be 755. Applies to all files under there.

bwidawsk commented on 2016-11-02 21:09 (UTC)

grr. The way that the PKGBUILD handles multiarch is driving me up a wall. No matter what I do, the scripts default to x86 instead of x86_64. I will fix this manually for now.

zerophase commented on 2016-11-02 20:57 (UTC)

I'm getting for sha256 on the x86_64: 2b7f81e7920f2be075622165bb424fe68744c1633185b2eb5894451fada831a1 for p4v.tgz

bwidawsk commented on 2016-10-27 04:20 (UTC)

@zerophase: Thanks. That was some really unlucky timing :D

zerophase commented on 2016-10-27 02:05 (UTC)

@bwidawsk: It looks like perfoce has updated p4v to p4v-2015.2.1455432

zerophase commented on 2016-10-27 01:49 (UTC)

@bwidawsk This is what I'm getting for p4v.tgz: ebf39d11af574aef3bf03510b7c7825d26cf9d8d44deb7833eb355341848bb38

bwidawsk commented on 2016-10-27 01:40 (UTC)

@zerophase: it works for me. Can you tell me what you're getting for the SHA256?

zerophase commented on 2016-10-27 00:32 (UTC)

The sha256 value isn't correct for x86_64.

Nephyrin commented on 2015-11-09 20:17 (UTC)

p4vc doesn't work out of the box with this, it needs a wrapper that puts /usr/share/p4v/lib/icu/ on LD_LIBRARY_PATH