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Description: The Pi-hole is an advertising-aware DNS/Web server. Arch adaptation for lan wide DNS server.
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Submitter: max.bra
Maintainer: max.bra (graysky)
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First Submitted: 2016-01-13 12:50
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max.bra commented on 2018-02-09 16:45

ArchLinux Pi-hole is not officially supported by Pi-hole project. In case of bugs and malfunctions please DO NOT file a report upstream. First of all check if the wiki ( can help then ask here for assistance and tips. When it will be excluded that the problem does not depend on ArchLinux we will file a bug upstream.

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max.bra commented on 2018-05-25 08:05

@gecko - we need log of FTL systemd service status when fail and errors about installing packages. Is it a file conflict before installing it or is an error post install running *.install script?

for me, the only pihole directory in /var is: /var/cache/lighttpd/compress/pihole and it's about admin gui web server.

gecko commented on 2018-05-25 07:56

@ max.bra Hi Max, thanks for your reply. What information can I give that would be more useful? I’d be happy to run some tests but I’d have to reinstall the package as I removed it. But I have never touched the curl command from the pi-hole site. This is a brand new installation of Arch Linux Arm on an R-Pi 3B+, using the aarch64 architecture, that I only installed last weekend. It was the first time I’d installed pi-hole on this machine (guess that also answers your question @graysky).

It’s interesting though, becuase there were certainly entries in my /var directory that are to do with pihole. I have already removed the package now and the directories have gone with it. But there was a pihole directory in /var/log that was owned by http, not the pihole user. So I thought that that might be part of the problem. I tried changing it but it made no difference.

--- edit

You know, I think I’ve gotten confused between pi-hole and pi-hole-ftl. I believe the problems I have been expereincing have been with FTL, not with pi-hole server itself. As, although the systemd pi-hole-ftl service was failing to start, I was able to resolve DNS using the server still. I think I got too caught up in the web interface not working (it was stuck on continuously loading) and thought that the whole thing was broken. I may reinstall the package and just use it from the CL.

--- edit

Also, I didn’t debug by using the pihole debug command, but by installing and using gdb. I was adapting the debian based instructions listed here:

graysky commented on 2018-05-24 22:05

@gecko - I have an ODROID-C2 running Arch ARM (aarch64) that runs pihole for me using these packages. Does your setup have something special you configured? These work out-of-the-box for me (aarch64 lxc).

max.bra commented on 2018-05-24 21:42

@gecko hi gecko, unfortunately with the informations available I can not help. this package do not use /var directory at all for nothing. it is highly probable that you have also performed an official installation with curl from the pi-hole site. clean EVERYTHING thoroughly, install only the packages for arch and we'll talk about it again.

--- edit

and more: this package has debug run disabled/not available/deleted

--- edit 2

port 4711 has nothing to do with us

gecko commented on 2018-05-24 20:54

I can't run pi-hole-server from this package on my aarch64 installation. The systemd pi-hole-ftl service fails to start. Running pi-hole in debug mode, and I think it can't bind to the 4711 port. But more than that, I believe this package is not doing the correct permissions on /var/run/pihole. Either way, I can't run a new installation of pihole at all with this package :(

graysky commented on 2018-05-12 13:43

@tsago - All members of base-devel are implied deps for all AUR packages[1].


tsago commented on 2018-05-12 13:42

Hi crobe2,

Already discussed on e.g. 2017-08-02 in here. Please spend a few moments to check older comments next time. =>

(and if the link is not obvious enough, note that sudo belongs to base-devel)

crobe2 commented on 2018-05-12 13:35

The package is missing a dependency for "sudo", without it, many things, like the blocking page will not work.

tsago commented on 2018-05-03 15:58

FYI, they are >planning< to have a fork of dnsmasq in the near future =>

Note, however, that this change is yet to appear in the master branch. Currently it's still in testing. (so should not be present in the aur package yet)

max.bra commented on 2018-05-03 05:18

hi lilmike, no no no. dnsmasq is always required and it's in official distribution too. FTL is not a dns server (nor proxy, nor wrapper, nor everything) and i think it will never be.

I read that pihole-ftl had an integrated dns server as of 3.0.

do you mean that: Add full DNSSEC support #186?

that is only for resolution.

and more: Switch to dnsmasq "extra" logging style to ensure 100% accuracy for the log analysis #174

dnsmasq is absolutely required.

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