Package Details: pyload-git 0.4.20.r211.4b905ceb5-1

Git Clone URL: (read-only, click to copy)
Package Base: pyload-git
Description: Downloadtool for One-Click-Hoster written in python. Latest stable branch
Upstream URL:
Licenses: GPL
Conflicts: pyload
Provides: pyload
Submitter: robertfoster
Maintainer: None
Last Packager: robertfoster
Votes: 34
Popularity: 0.095320
First Submitted: 2013-05-18 15:18
Last Updated: 2021-04-06 23:02

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digital_mystik commented on 2021-04-10 19:21

found an easy, but probably a bit hacky workaround. The python2-pycurl failing dependencies are just for checks anyway, so I just skipped checkdepends in my AUR helper to install pyload, which seems to work fine for me

Edit: most people that have not had any issues did not remove python2-pycurl from when it was in the official repos, so anyone new to pyload/python2-pycurl will have issues with the pycurl AUR package since the checkdepends won't install

micwoj92 commented on 2021-04-10 18:42

Yeah, lots of python2 packages are deleted nowadays from main repo and aren't reuploaded to aur.

digital_mystik commented on 2021-04-10 18:10

ahh.. I should have read the dependency failure more carefully lol

the culprit is python2-pycurl (which is an orphan now, and it's dependencies are missing)

micwoj92 commented on 2021-04-09 02:08

You don't have to. You could reinstall it from your package cache, OR you could use Arch Linux has package archives, OR you could just build that dependency manually.

digital_mystik commented on 2021-04-09 02:03


I ran into the same issue.. I was able to update initially and then -Rsc'd python2-pillow thinking I didn't need it since it's not in the AUR anymore, and cannot install pyload due to similar dependency issues that you mentioned. Not sure why, but it looks like I'll just have to use pip for now.

mercora commented on 2021-04-04 14:48

well that's is unfortunate then. apparently both branches evolve more or less independently. so there should really be three packages then; pyload, pyload-git and probably pyload-ng-git as you said. making this package already named appropriately.

i don't intent to maintain any of this, i just had to express my confusion about all of that. So sorry for the fuzz i guess... Having a pyload-ng-git package available would have made it more obvious what was going on though.

micwoj92 commented on 2021-04-04 14:19

Feel free to upload pyload package if you want and maybe then you will see that last release 0.4.20 was over a year ago and stable branch got 211 commit since.

Also on top of that the readme states: pyLoad Next is the newest version of pyLoad. Developed in the main branch on GitHub and deployed as pyload-ng on PyPI, works on Python 3.6+ and is currently in alpha phase. The old stable version of pyLoad resides in the stable branch and is compatible with Python 2 only.

So if you want to build from main branch then you should name it pyload-ng-git. Feel free to make package for this too.

mercora commented on 2021-04-04 14:02

But it is built directly from git here? while that's true this is exactly why it is confusing. There is effectively no difference between building from a source tarball of the latest stable branch and a specific commit representing that same source code. in fact i would not be too surprised if many packages are built from git instead of source tarballs.

However, every other package with that suffix i encountered till this builds the bleeding edge of the code directly from a source repository. I therefore think this suffix should be applied to packages doing that instead of packages that just happen to be built from source code that is fetched from git. It is not confusing because its not mentioned its confusing because it somewhat breaks expectations.

If you are going to build the stable branch anyways, why the git suffix then? Why use git at all? just using the source tarballs like most other packages do would be best IMHO. It would also make room to replace that package with the weird "-nightly" suffix the packager came up with instead of "-git" (currently without any maintainer apparently). This package should be called pyload and that other one pyload-git anything else will confuse, at least it did confuse me.

micwoj92 commented on 2021-04-03 23:44

But it is built directly from git here? I see no problem with that. You can even read that it is stable branch in the description.

mercora commented on 2021-04-03 23:40

i think it is somewhat confusing that this builds the stable branch instead of the main branch. usually the git suffix indicates the latest code is built directly from git.