Package Details: qubes-vm-core 4.1.37-1

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Package Base: qubes-core-agent-linux
Description: The Qubes core files for installation inside a Qubes VM.
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Licenses: GPL
Submitter: seberm
Maintainer: seberm
Last Packager: seberm
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First Submitted: 2021-04-13 22:41 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2022-08-09 12:11 (UTC)

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seberm commented on 2022-08-09 12:12 (UTC)

Fixed, thanks!

Beini commented on 2022-08-06 22:13 (UTC)

qubes-vm-passwordless-root should be added to pkgname array. It's also missing cd "${srcdir}/${_gitname}/" before make.

wavesquid commented on 2022-01-04 04:35 (UTC)

I think you need a dependency on inetutils: some package post-install hook is trying to run hostname

seberm commented on 2021-12-22 21:20 (UTC)

joehillen, yeah, that's unfortunate.

I recommend to always do a clone of a working archlinux template before installing any of these custom qubes packages. Then you should make sure that everything works as expected.

That's how I do it.

joehillen commented on 2021-12-18 00:10 (UTC)

Well, nevermind. It looks like I had to basically do a clean build of every qubes package from scratch while also overwriting qubes-vm-qrexec files. Insidently, if I remove qubes-vm-qrexec, it completely breaks my VM. Thank goodness I had a backup.

joehillen commented on 2021-12-17 23:51 (UTC)

ack-clash-protection -fcf-protection -I. -g -O2 -Wall -Wextra -Werror -pie -fPIC `pkg-config --cflags vchan-xen`   -c -o qrexec-agent.o qrexec-agent.c
qrexec-agent.c: In function ‘init’:
qrexec-agent.c:360:24: error: passing argument 1 of ‘register_exec_func’ from incompatible pointer type [-Werror=incompatible-pointer-types]
  360 |     register_exec_func(do_exec);
      |                        ^~~~~~~
      |                        |
      |                        void (*)(char *)
In file included from qrexec-agent.c:46:
/usr/include/libqrexec-utils.h:97:36: note: expected ‘void (*)(const char *, const char *)’ but argument is of type ‘void (*)(char *)’
   97 | void register_exec_func(do_exec_t *func);
      |                         ~~~~~~~~~~~^~~~
qrexec-agent.c: At top level:
qrexec-agent.c:484:5: error: conflicting types for ‘load_service_config’; have ‘int(const char *, int *)’
  484 | int load_service_config(const char *service_name, int *wait_for_session) {
      |     ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
In file included from qrexec-agent.c:46:
/usr/include/libqrexec-utils.h:93:5: note: previous declaration of ‘load_service_config’ with type ‘int(const struct qrexec_parsed_command *, int *)’
   93 | int load_service_config(const struct qrexec_parsed_command *cmd_name,
      |     ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
qrexec-agent.c: In function ‘main’:
qrexec-agent.c:936:9: error: implicit declaration of function ‘wait_for_vchan_or_argfd’ [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]
  936 |         wait_for_vchan_or_argfd(ctrl_vchan, max, &rdset, &wrset);
      |         ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
cc1: all warnings being treated as errors
make: *** [<builtin>: qrexec-agent.o] Error 1
make: Leaving directory '/home/user/.cache/paru/clone/qubes-core-agent-linux/src/qubes-vm-core/qrexec'
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
error: failed to build 'qubes-core-agent-linux-4.0.63-2 (qubes-vm-core)':
error: packages failed to build: qubes-core-agent-linux-4.0.63-2 (qubes-vm-core)

Any idea why I'm getting this error?