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Package Base: retroarch-rbp-git
Description: Reference frontend for the libretro API.
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Licenses: GPL
Conflicts: retroarch
Provides: retroarch, retroarch-git
Submitter: cecton
Maintainer: cecton
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First Submitted: 2016-04-30 15:20 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2018-05-12 17:41 (UTC)

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cecton commented on 2016-04-30 17:04 (UTC)

Pull requests are welcome on github:

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kappa8086 commented on 2018-02-01 04:42 (UTC)

Need to append "--disable-x11" to configure step, then it works.

cecton commented on 2018-01-28 21:30 (UTC)

Hello @wayland I'm not maintaining it for the rpi3 and I didn't manage to get a build for it.

It seems to me that the error you have is at runtime. Normally you should be able to run the program using one of the other driver. I don't have X11 or Wayland installed on my rpi2 and it works normally on dispmanx.

If you believe the problem is in the build and everyone would benefit from this change, you could make a PR on github. Otherwise you can simply edit the PKGBUILD for you when you run the build.

wayland commented on 2018-01-28 17:45 (UTC) (edited on 2018-01-28 17:49 (UTC) by wayland)

X11 input/video drivers are activated, which lead to error on rbp3:

[INFO] [Video]: Graphics driver did not initialize an input driver. Attempting to pick a suitable driver.

[ERROR] Currently active window is not an X11 window. Cannot use this driver.

[ERROR] [Video]: Cannot initialize input driver. Exiting ...

[ERROR] Fatal error received in: "video_driver_init_input()"

[ERROR] This core requires a content file.

See also:

jewelux commented on 2018-01-10 23:43 (UTC)

@cecton Seems the incompatibility with mupen caused by Sorry for my wrong conclusion.

cecton commented on 2017-12-26 21:30 (UTC)

Thanks @jewelux I will revert that changes

jewelux commented on 2017-12-26 21:18 (UTC) (edited on 2017-12-26 21:20 (UTC) by jewelux)

New build instruction seems to break compatibility to some cores e.g. mupen64plus. To recover compatibility you should remove the line starts with "export PKG_CONFIG_PATH ..." Tested on RPI2

cecton commented on 2017-10-29 20:53 (UTC)

@MattScherbatsky sorry not tested on Rpi3. Maybe you can fix it?

MattScherbatsky commented on 2017-10-29 19:03 (UTC)

Raspberry Pi 3, new installation and I get this error: CC deps/miniupnpc/minisoap.c CC tasks/task_decompress.c LD retroarch /usr/bin/ld: obj-unix/gfx/drivers/dispmanx_gfx.o: undefined reference to symbol 'vc_dispmanx_display_close' /opt/vc/lib/ error adding symbols: DSO missing from command line collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status make: *** [Makefile:148: retroarch] Error 1

jewelux commented on 2017-07-04 11:24 (UTC)

@cecton The build option holdver is helpful if you already got (and saved) the source code of a working version. But usually it is not the case if you are using a package manager like yaourt or you are installing the package for the first time. So it could be make sense to provide both: a package "retroarch-rbp" for the last stable release and "retroarch-rbp-git" for the current development branch. Anyway thx for the working 1.6.1 update!

cecton commented on 2017-07-04 09:31 (UTC)

@jewelux I put back the Git version again. The build seems to work now. Now I wonder. How people do usually handle this when the master branch is broken? But I think I have my answer, there is an option that probably helps in makepkg: --holdver Do not update VCS sources

jewelux commented on 2017-07-03 20:26 (UTC)

@cecton: Last link-button ("Submit Request") in the "Package Actions" box in the right upper corner of these page. To submit a merge-request is the only way to transfer votes, comments, etc. to a new (and renamed) package base. Good luck!

cecton commented on 2017-07-03 18:34 (UTC)

@jewelux thx I'm giving it a shot now btw.... :D actually I can't find the button to create a new package..... -_-

jewelux commented on 2017-07-03 15:21 (UTC)

@cecton: Today, I successfully build v1.6.1 with these pkgbuild locally on a rpi2. So now it should work without any build errors. To rename a package: a) create a new package b) select the package option "Submit Request" c) create a new merge-request d) maybe set the replaces-variable in the pkgbuild. Hope it helps. Thx.

cecton commented on 2017-06-19 06:36 (UTC)

I can't find anywhere that the Neon instruction set is not working on the rpi2.

cecton commented on 2017-06-19 06:32 (UTC)

I'm not sure why SDL2 has been added

cecton commented on 2017-06-19 06:28 (UTC)

Yes it's probably a bit outdated but I couldn't manage to make it compiles with the latest commit and I can't find any option to rename the package. @BlackLotus89

BlackLotus89 commented on 2017-06-18 23:44 (UTC)

Ok a few things -git packages should get their code from git (no a release from github is not a git package) This is a raspberry pi package with neon enabled, but only the raspberry pi 3 has a working neon instruction set Why does it have sdl as a dependency? First of all the sdl implementations of any driver suck, second you disabled sdl with --disable-sdl... I think that's it...

cecton commented on 2016-09-13 12:41 (UTC)

Yes actually I just inherited/re-inserted this repo almost "as it" (they were abandoned, poor things). One big issue I found is that the bin package is actually only for RPI2. It should be fixed for RPI1 and 3 somehow. On the other hand, if you have a good idea to merge them all that would be good too. The -bin packages are just here to avoid compiling stuff on the RPI itself.

ProfessorKaos64 commented on 2016-09-13 12:21 (UTC)

I found this and the bin variant by just searching around the AUR. If this is a target RetroArch for ARM, I'd suggest naming the package better, or tagging it / description with ARM / RasPi etc. I'd be all for possibly merging in this to retroarch-git with separate build/deps.

cecton commented on 2016-04-30 17:04 (UTC)

Pull requests are welcome on github: