Package Details: ripgrep-all 0.9.6-2

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Package Base: ripgrep-all
Description: rga: ripgrep, but also search in PDFs, E-Books, Office documents, zip, tar.gz, etc.
Upstream URL:
Keywords: find grep rga ripgrep ripgrep-all
Licenses: AGPL3
Conflicts: ripgrep-all-bin, ripgrep-all-git
Submitter: phiresky
Maintainer: ChrisLane (phiresky)
Last Packager: ChrisLane
Votes: 17
Popularity: 0.82
First Submitted: 2019-06-15 09:52
Last Updated: 2021-10-08 08:17

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ChrisLane commented on 2021-10-08 08:18

Thanks @Celti, I've updated the PKGBUILD accordingly.

Celti commented on 2021-10-07 19:25

The current Rust packaging guidelines recommend downloading dependencies in prepare() so that build() can be run entirely offline. The PKGBUILD should be changed as follows:

prepare() {
  cd "${srcdir}/ripgrep-all-${pkgver}"
  cargo fetch --locked --target "$CARCH-unknown-linux-gnu"

build() {
  cd "${srcdir}/ripgrep-all-${pkgver}"
  cargo build --release --frozen --target-dir=$PWD/target

check() {
  cd "${srcdir}/ripgrep-all-${pkgver}"
  cargo test --frozen --target-dir=$PWD/target

m040601 commented on 2020-12-02 19:22

rga-bin, rga-git disappeared from the AUR, so you can remove the from

Conflicts:  rga-bin, rga-git, ripgrep-all, ripgrep-all-git

Svenstaro commented on 2020-11-01 19:15

Downloading stuff in build() is generally accepted for rust stuff for practical reasons. If you'd like to see this changed, go to and discuss there with a good suggestion on how to improve this.

dreieck commented on 2020-11-01 18:57

This PKGBUILD downloads stuff in build().
This must not happen.
No internet connection to be assumed in build() or package().
Everything needed to build should be fetched via the source-array (which also makes makepkg honouring special download agent settings in makepkg.conf) or, if this is not possible, as an exception in prepare().

Please fix your PKGBUILD accordingly &
many thanks for providing and maintaining this software to Arch Linux users!

Evidence of stuff which is beeing downloaded in build():

==> Starting build()...
  Downloaded fallible-iterator v0.2.0
  Downloaded autocfg v1.0.0
  Downloaded crossbeam v0.7.3
  Downloaded fnv v1.0.6
  Downloaded generic-array v0.12.3
  Downloaded getrandom v0.1.14
  Downloaded glob v0.3.0
  Downloaded heck v0.3.1
  Downloaded failure_derive v0.1.7
  Downloaded crossbeam-epoch v0.8.2
  Downloaded crossbeam-queue v0.2.1
  Downloaded flate2 v1.0.14
  Downloaded fixedbitset v0.1.9
  Downloaded fallible-streaming-iterator v0.1.9
  Downloaded memchr v2.3.3
  Downloaded crossbeam-utils v0.7.2
  Downloaded miniz_oxide v0.3.6
  Downloaded env_logger v0.7.1
  Downloaded itoa v0.4.5
  Downloaded nom v2.2.1
  Downloaded failure v0.1.7
  Downloaded jobserver v0.1.21
  Downloaded ordered-float v1.0.2
  Downloaded num-complex v0.2.4
  Downloaded ordermap v0.3.5
  Downloaded num v0.2.1
  Downloaded humantime v1.3.0
  Downloaded percent-encoding v2.1.0
  Downloaded num-integer v0.1.42
  Downloaded ppv-lite86 v0.2.6
  Downloaded pkg-config v0.3.17
  Downloaded rand v0.7.3
  Downloaded proc-macro-hack v0.5.15
  Downloaded crc32fast v1.2.0
  Downloaded crossbeam-deque v0.7.3
  Downloaded byteorder v1.3.4
  Downloaded rand v0.6.5
  Downloaded rand_core v0.3.1
  Downloaded rand_hc v0.1.0
  Downloaded rand_chacha v0.1.1
  Downloaded rand_pcg v0.1.2
  Downloaded rand_isaac v0.1.1
  Downloaded scopeguard v1.1.0
  Downloaded rand_os v0.1.3
  Downloaded libc v0.2.68
  Downloaded log v0.4.8
  Downloaded parking_lot v0.8.0
  Downloaded num-iter v0.1.40
  Downloaded encoding_rs_io v0.1.7
  Downloaded exitfailure v0.5.1
  Downloaded lazy_static v1.4.0
  Downloaded paste-impl v0.1.10
  Downloaded semver v0.9.0
  Downloaded smallvec v0.6.13
  Downloaded ryu v1.0.3
  Downloaded paste v0.1.10
  Downloaded backtrace v0.3.46
  Downloaded synstructure v0.12.3
  Downloaded autocfg v0.1.7
  Downloaded proc-macro2 v1.0.10
  Downloaded proc-macro-error-attr v0.4.12
  Downloaded cc v1.0.50
  Downloaded linked-hash-map v0.5.2
  Downloaded thread_local v1.0.1
  Downloaded unicode-bidi v0.3.4
  Downloaded unicode-width v0.1.7
  Downloaded proc-macro-error v0.4.12
  Downloaded typenum v1.11.2
  Downloaded bzip2 v0.3.3
  Downloaded parking_lot_core v0.5.0
  Downloaded unicode-xid v0.2.0
  Downloaded xattr v0.2.2
  Downloaded version_check v0.9.1
  Downloaded remove_dir_all v0.5.2
  Downloaded zstd v0.5.1+zstd.1.4.4
  Downloaded adler32 v1.0.4
  Downloaded syn-mid v0.5.0
  Downloaded semver-parser v0.7.0
  Downloaded rustc-demangle v0.1.16
  Downloaded rkv v0.10.4
  Downloaded structopt v0.3.12
  Downloaded num-rational v0.2.4
  Downloaded term_size v0.3.1
  Downloaded rand_core v0.4.2
  Downloaded smallvec v1.2.0
  Downloaded tar v0.4.26
  Downloaded zip v0.5.5
  Downloaded rand_jitter v0.1.4
  Downloaded quick-error v1.2.3
  Downloaded rand_xorshift v0.1.1
  Downloaded memoffset v0.5.4
  Downloaded xz2 v0.1.6
  Downloaded time v0.1.42
  Downloaded rustc_version v0.2.3
  Downloaded zstd-safe v2.0.3+zstd.1.4.4
  Downloaded tempfile v3.1.0
  Downloaded structopt-derive v0.4.5
  Downloaded rand_core v0.5.1
  Downloaded uuid v0.8.1
  Downloaded podio v0.1.6
  Downloaded serde_derive v1.0.106
  Downloaded quote v1.0.3
  Downloaded rand_chacha v0.2.2
  Downloaded filetime v0.2.9
  Downloaded arrayref v0.3.6
  Downloaded path-clean v0.1.0
  Downloaded tree_magic_fork v0.2.2
  Downloaded size_format v1.0.2
  Downloaded atty v0.2.14
  Downloaded num-traits v0.2.11
  Downloaded bincode v1.2.1
  Downloaded lock_api v0.2.0
  Downloaded matches v0.1.8
  Downloaded cfg-if v0.1.10
  Downloaded lmdb-rkv v0.14.0
  Downloaded lru-cache v0.1.2
  Downloaded maybe-uninit v2.0.0
  Downloaded bitflags v1.2.1
  Downloaded cachedir v0.1.1
  Downloaded petgraph v0.4.13
  Downloaded serde v1.0.106
  Downloaded crossbeam-channel v0.4.2
  Downloaded unicode-normalization v0.1.12
  Downloaded url v2.1.1
  Downloaded rusqlite v0.21.0
  Downloaded lmdb-rkv-sys v0.11.0
  Downloaded idna v0.2.0
  Downloaded unicode-segmentation v1.6.0
  Downloaded aho-corasick v0.7.10
  Downloaded serde_json v1.0.51
  Downloaded backtrace-sys v0.1.35
  Downloaded chrono v0.4.11
  Downloaded regex v1.3.6
  Downloaded syn v1.0.17
  Downloaded lzma-sys v0.1.15
  Downloaded regex-syntax v0.6.17
  Downloaded encoding_rs v0.8.22
  Downloaded libsqlite3-sys v0.17.2
  Downloaded bzip2-sys v0.1.8+1.0.8
  Downloaded zstd-sys v1.4.15+zstd.1.4.4
  Downloaded 140 crates (12.9 MB) in 4m 18s (largest was `libsqlite3-sys` at 2.3 MB)
   Compiling libc v0.2.68

xuiqzy commented on 2019-12-16 13:16

graphicsmagick is missing from dependencies and should be optional, together with tesseract being optional (and probably all other features special to rga and not part of rg, so the user can choose what dependencies they need according to arch philisophy with optional dependencies

phiresky commented on 2019-06-28 14:49

@Pastafarianist that looks like something caused by you using a old Rust version. Try rustup update

Pastafarianist commented on 2019-06-28 12:19

==> Starting build()...
error: failed to parse manifest at `/home/user/.cache/yay/ripgrep-all/src/ripgrep-all-0.9.2/Cargo.toml`

Caused by:
  editions are unstable

Caused by:
  feature `edition` is required

consider adding `cargo-features = ["edition"]` to the manifest
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().

Am I the only one getting this?

Svenstaro commented on 2019-06-28 11:05

It might be helpful to let users choose which of the dependencies they'd like to install. We have a few tools in [community] as well which basically are also useless by themselves and users are prompted to install such optional dependencies.

phiresky commented on 2019-06-27 15:38

Really all the dependencies (except ripgrep) are optional, but without them the tool is fairly useless... If your main problem is pandoc pulling in 750MB of "useless" Haskell dependencies, you can install pandoc-bin instead