Package Details: rocketchat-desktop 3.8.6-1

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Package Base: rocketchat-desktop
Description: Rocket.Chat Native Cross-Platform Desktop Application via Electron.
Upstream URL:
Keywords: chat client electron rocket rocketchat
Licenses: MIT
Submitter: sum01
Maintainer: lmartinez-mirror (buzo)
Last Packager: buzo
Votes: 23
Popularity: 1.44
First Submitted: 2017-10-23 16:52 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2022-05-03 10:01 (UTC)

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lmartinez-mirror commented on 2021-08-25 03:21 (UTC)

Co-maintainer spots are open, as I don't use this often enough.

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attention_horse commented on 2022-05-04 05:52 (UTC)

Good news, my patches are not required with 3.8.6 (any more) :)

attention_horse commented on 2022-04-22 08:06 (UTC)

Still no luck without modifications:

diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
index 2d07533..aa0cb1d 100644
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ pkgdesc='Rocket.Chat Native Cross-Platform Desktop Application via Electron.'
-depends=('electron' 'nodejs')
+depends=('electron' 'electron17' 'nodejs')
 makedepends=('node-gyp' 'yarn' 'asar')
@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ source=("$pkgname-$pkgver.tar.gz::${url}/archive/${pkgver}/${pkgname}-${pkgver}.
-            '5fe8f552b4ac1917a1bb08e86f957e9b892220a2aab59b88e8256e2e092e1b1c'
+            'e58afbc182494f80d0a6d8438f6331386458abbcf9e5cc1fc8d05999a9a5ece4'
 # validpgpkeys=('9EA06BE6FD613A03') # Tasso Evangelista

diff --git a/rocketchat-desktop b/rocketchat-desktop
index 5edafa6..bc23986 100755
--- a/rocketchat-desktop
+++ b/rocketchat-desktop
@@ -1,2 +1,2 @@
-exec electron /usr/lib/rocketchat-desktop "$@"
+exec electron17 /usr/lib/rocketchat-desktop "$@"

Building and installing the package resolves the issue for me.

0xFF1E071F commented on 2022-04-20 14:56 (UTC)

Hello, i have updated to last electron and rocketchat-desktop. But unfortunately i am still getting the exact same error: blank gray screen after conntecing to my server

Rocketchat-desktop version: 3.8.3 electron version: 18.0.3

Error Message on Console

/usr/bin/../lib64/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/11.2.0/../../../../include/c++/11.2.0/bits/unique_ptr.h:659: typename std::add_lvalue_reference<element_type>::type std::unique_ptr<blink::CSSSelector []>::operator[](std::size_t) const [_Tp = blink::CSSSelector [], _Dp = std::default_delete<blink::CSSSelector []>]: Assertion 'get() != pointer()' failed.

BS86 commented on 2022-04-18 07:47 (UTC)

3.8.2 was not compatible with electron18. 3.8.3 now is according to the changelog:

so all good now

lmartinez-mirror commented on 2022-04-18 00:31 (UTC)

I ran 3.8.3 under Wayland just fine; I can't vouch for X11, however. Please let me know if anyone else can't run this package. I will consider pinning this package to electron17 as listed below if this is a widespread issue.

vtc commented on 2022-04-12 15:06 (UTC)

For now adding community/electron17 as a dependency and patching /usr/bin/rocketchat-desktop to call 'exec electron17 /usr/lib/rocketchat-desktop "$@"' solves problems.

0xFF1E071F commented on 2022-04-12 14:36 (UTC) (edited on 2022-04-12 14:43 (UTC) by 0xFF1E071F)

After this last update, now i have a blank gray screen after connecting my server. My electron version is v18.0.3

When i run from terminal i got this error:

$ rocketchat-desktop 
libva error: vaGetDriverNameByIndex() failed with unknown libva error, driver_name = (null)
[17084:0412/] Exiting GPU process due to errors during initialization
libva error: vaGetDriverNameByIndex() failed with unknown libva error, driver_name = (null)
[17116:0412/] InitializeSandbox() called with multiple threads in process gpu-process.
[17116:0412/] dri3 extension not supported.
/usr/bin/../lib64/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/11.2.0/../../../../include/c++/11.2.0/bits/unique_ptr.h:659: typename std::add_lvalue_reference<element_type>::type std::unique_ptr<blink::CSSSelector []>::operator[](std::size_t) const [_Tp = blink::CSSSelector [], _Dp = std::default_delete<blink::CSSSelector []>]: Assertion 'get() != pointer()' failed.

dusatvoj commented on 2022-01-27 19:16 (UTC)

update of electron to 16.0.7-2 breaks the ability to scroll up in Rocketchat (reinstalling/recompiling with a clean build does not solve the problem). The client freezes and turns grey, has to be reloaded from the View-menu but you still can't scroll up without the issue reappearing. I switched to the rocketchat-client-bin package because that one does not rely on the installed electron.


BS86 commented on 2022-01-26 11:56 (UTC) (edited on 2022-01-26 11:58 (UTC) by BS86)

the update of electron to 16.0.7-2 breaks the ability to scroll up in Rocketchat (reinstalling/recompiling with a clean build does not solve the problem). The client freezes and turns grey, has to be reloaded from the View-menu but you still can't scroll up without the issue reappearing. I switched to the rocketchat-client-bin package because that one does not rely on the installed electron.

lmartinez-mirror commented on 2021-08-25 03:21 (UTC)

Co-maintainer spots are open, as I don't use this often enough.

lmartinez-mirror commented on 2021-07-12 16:35 (UTC)

I'll revert the package version for the time being then, thanks!

AlynxZhou commented on 2021-07-12 08:32 (UTC)

Hi, it seems version 3.3.0 of rocketchat-desktop has a bug that leads into high cpu usage:, and 3.3.0 seems unpublished now, they have a 3.2.3 release as newest.

lmartinez-mirror commented on 2021-06-27 16:52 (UTC)

Forgot about that, thanks for the tip! I thought simply changing nodejs-lts-fermium to nodejs was enough. Pushing a fix.

snakeroot commented on 2021-06-27 16:50 (UTC) (edited on 2021-06-27 16:52 (UTC) by snakeroot)

Version 3.3.0-1

Requires nodejs >=14.17.0. Build fails with:

error rocketchat@3.3.0: The engine "node" is incompatible with this module. Expected version ">=14.17.0". Got "14.16.0"

Prior to build, install nodejs and remove nodejs-lts-fermium

videlec commented on 2021-04-29 14:09 (UTC) (edited on 2021-04-29 14:17 (UTC) by videlec)

Fails to build (see #2018)

error /tmp/yaourt-tmp-vincent/aur-rocketchat-desktop/src/Rocket.Chat.Electron-3.1.1/node_modules/sharp: Command failed.
Exit code: 1

There seems to be invalid C++ (at least to gcc 10.2.0)

/home/vincent/.cache/node-gyp/16.0.0/include/node/v8-internal.h:452:38: error: no member named 'remove_cv_t' in namespace 'std'
            !std::is_same<Data, std::remove_cv_t<T>>::value>::Perform(data);
/home/vincent/.cache/node-gyp/16.0.0/include/node/v8-internal.h:452:52: error: expected '(' for function-style cast or type construction
            !std::is_same<Data, std::remove_cv_t<T>>::value>::Perform(data);
/home/vincent/.cache/node-gyp/16.0.0/include/node/v8-internal.h:452:63: error: no member named 'Perform' in the global namespace
            !std::is_same<Data, std::remove_cv_t<T>>::value>::Perform(data);

matthias.lisin commented on 2021-04-20 19:04 (UTC)

@aminvakil I saw it, compared checksums and then ignored it. Dev probably just created a Github Release for an old tag.

aminvakil commented on 2021-04-20 05:15 (UTC) has just been released 11 hours ago, I'm not sure what happened here, did they just released another 3.1.1 or what?

aminvakil commented on 2021-04-03 10:36 (UTC)

@matthias.lisin Latest change and using electron11 fixed the issue for me, thanks!

@AlynxZhou FWIW it's not necessary for me and this PKGBUILD which uses nodejs itself builds correctly.

AlynxZhou commented on 2021-04-03 02:39 (UTC)

It seems nodejs-lts-erbium is needed to build this package, I failed to build one of its node_modules (sharp) with latest nodejs.

aminvakil commented on 2021-04-02 18:44 (UTC)

@vtc, Does not work for me either.

vtc commented on 2021-04-02 17:47 (UTC)

After upgrading electron to 12.0.2, rockatchat-desktop doesn't work anymore, even after reinstalling the package against the new electron version.

However, if doing yarn/yarn start from the Github repository (at the same commit), it works.

matthias.lisin commented on 2020-10-02 20:24 (UTC) (edited on 2020-10-02 20:24 (UTC) by matthias.lisin)

Updated to 3.0.1. Had some weird behaviour with the application crashing when switching spellchecking languages, but now I am unable to reproduce.

The dictionaries are downloaded from Google CDN

Issue #1766

Electron Docs > Does the spellchecker use any Google services?

Hrafnahnef commented on 2020-09-29 09:56 (UTC)

I was not able to build this package at first.

yarn failed to spawn $BUILDDIR/rocketchat-desktop/src/Rocket.Chat.Electron-2.17.11/node_modules/app-builder-bin/linux/x64/app-builder with an EACCES error.

I could solve it fairly simple by simply doing a

chmod u+x $BUILDDIR/rocketchat-desktop/src/Rocket.Chat.Electron-2.17.11/node_modules/app-builder-bin/linux/x64/app-builder

I thought I'd share this workaround if anyone else runs in to this problem.

matthias.lisin commented on 2020-09-21 10:45 (UTC) (edited on 2020-09-21 10:53 (UTC) by matthias.lisin)

@djinn Obviously not a problem of the package. Won't fix.

Updated dependency to electron instead, seems to work now and tray doesn't crash the application. Check if it works for you now.

djinn commented on 2020-09-21 07:13 (UTC) (edited on 2020-09-21 07:14 (UTC) by djinn)

⨯ EPERM: operation not permitted, copyfile '/usr/lib/electron7/chrome-sandbox' -> '/var/cache/private/pikaur/build/rocketchat-desktop/src/Rocket.Chat.Electron-2.17.11/dist/linux-unpacked/chrome-sandbox' stackTrace=

Please fix it

SpotlightKid commented on 2020-08-31 18:08 (UTC)

(makedepends) nodejs-lts-erbium instead of nodejs. Build broken with latest version.

Builds fine with current nodejs (14.x) from community repo here.

xgaia commented on 2020-06-09 12:59 (UTC)

Hello, I have this error:

[!] (plugin babel) Error: No "exports" main resolved in /var/tmp/pamac-build-imx/rocketchat-desktop/src/Rocket.Chat.Electron-2.17.9/node_modules/@babel/helper-compilation-targets/package.json
Error [ERR_PACKAGE_PATH_NOT_EXPORTED]: No "exports" main resolved in /var/tmp/pamac-build-imx/rocketchat-desktop/src/Rocket.Chat.Electron-2.17.9/node_modules/@babel/helper-compilation-targets/package.json
    at applyExports (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:491:9)
    at resolveExports (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:507:23)
    at Function.Module._findPath (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:635:31)
    at Function.Module._resolveFilename (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:953:27)
    at Function.Module._load (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:842:27)
    at Module.require (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:1026:19)
    at require (internal/modules/cjs/helpers.js:72:18)
    at Object.<anonymous> (/var/tmp/pamac-build-imx/rocketchat-desktop/src/Rocket.Chat.Electron-2.17.9/node_modules/@babel/preset-env/lib/debug.js:8:33)
    at Module._compile (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:1138:30)
    at Object.Module._extensions..js (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:1158:10)

[14:58:06] 'build:bundle' errored after 399 ms
[14:58:06] Error in plugin "gulp-execa"
    Command failed with exit code 1: rollup -c
Error: Command failed with exit code 1: rollup -c
    at makeError (/var/tmp/pamac-build-imx/rocketchat-desktop/src/Rocket.Chat.Electron-2.17.9/node_modules/execa/lib/error.js:58:11)
    at handlePromise (/var/tmp/pamac-build-imx/rocketchat-desktop/src/Rocket.Chat.Electron-2.17.9/node_modules/execa/index.js:114:26)
    at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:97:5)
    at async execCommand (/var/tmp/pamac-build-imx/rocketchat-desktop/src/Rocket.Chat.Electron-2.17.9/node_modules/gulp-execa/build/src/exec.js:21:8)
[14:58:06] 'build' errored after 401 ms
error Command failed with exit code 1.
info Visit for documentation about this command.
==> ERREUR : Une erreur s’est produite dans build().

matthias.lisin commented on 2020-04-13 21:56 (UTC)

@Blackbot No worries. Just make sure you install all the dependencies properly and reachable in your PATH.

Blackbot commented on 2020-04-13 21:42 (UTC) (edited on 2020-04-13 21:43 (UTC) by Blackbot)

@matthias.lisin You're absolutely right. I installed another node version many, many months (maybe even years) ago and assumed they all got removed when I uninstalled nodejs and npm back then. This was not the case and after following instructions how to do it rocketchat-desktop compiles now. Apologies!

(Nodejs, man. Even after you get rid of it it trips you up...but hey, at least I said "I'm 70% sure" and not "I'm 99% sure" ;))

matthias.lisin commented on 2020-04-13 19:10 (UTC)

@Blackbot Your message says:

error rocketchat@2.17.9: The engine "node" is incompatible with this module. Expected version ">=10.16.x". Got "6.9.0"

I honestly don't know where you got nodejs 6.9.0 from since it's definitly not in the Arch repositories.

The package build for my local setup as well as clean chroot. Please check your setup. Might as well just purge the whole npm cache.

Blackbot commented on 2020-04-13 18:20 (UTC)

Stopped working for me again:

==> Starting prepare()...
patching file src/scripts/spellChecking.js
yarn upgrade v1.22.4
[1/5] Validating package.json...
error rocketchat@2.17.9: The engine "node" is incompatible with this module. Expected version ">=10.16.x". Got "6.9.0"
error Found incompatible module.
info Visit for documentation about this command.
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in prepare().
Error making: rocketchat-desktop

As I do not usually have NodeJS installed I'm about 70% sure it's a problem with the package and not my setup.

matthias.lisin commented on 2020-03-07 01:40 (UTC)

Quick update:
  • (makedepends) nodejs-lts-erbium instead of nodejs. Build broken with latest version.
  • (makedepends) Dropped gulp since it's not used anyway.
  • (depends) removed electron using bundled Electron 7 instead. Tray icon boken with Electron 8 (segfault).

I'll see what I can do about the mess. Should work for now, sorry for the temporary bloat.

kawasakai commented on 2020-02-12 15:31 (UTC)

Thank you for the update. Spellcheck and the context menu is working now :-)

kawasakai commented on 2020-02-10 13:48 (UTC)

Spellchecking is not working for me, also if I right click on the text area nothing happens (context menu should open?).

matthias.lisin commented on 2020-02-04 19:30 (UTC)

Please excuse the update frequency. The app is not up-to-date and the spellchecking should work properly.

matthias.lisin commented on 2020-02-04 09:31 (UTC)

The checksum check failed for me as well today. I guess it was retagged upstream. I updated it anyway. Should work now.

aminvakil commented on 2020-02-04 06:43 (UTC)


pkgver is 2.17.3 and sha256sum of rocketchat-desktop-2.17.3.tar.gz is correct.


If you've changed pkgver to 2.17.5 manually you should also download it and get sha512sum manually and change it in PKGBUILD to work correctly.

tuxitop commented on 2020-02-04 05:13 (UTC)

There is a problem with the sha512sum of the rocketchat-desktop-2.17.5.tar.gz file, in the pkgbuild.

matthias.lisin commented on 2019-12-13 14:26 (UTC) (edited on 2019-12-13 19:47 (UTC) by matthias.lisin)

@tuxitop: It is an optional dependency for certain environments. It causes more trouble for KDE users than it actually helps.

electron already specifies libappindicator-gtk3 as an optional dependency and for now I think this is fine.

Edit: After reading your comment one again (properly this time) I've edited my response.

tuxitop commented on 2019-12-12 21:46 (UTC)

It is required to install libindicator-gtk3 to view the system tray icon (using the appIndicator-support plugin). Could you please add it as an optional dependency?

matthias.lisin commented on 2019-11-25 12:28 (UTC)

@r0b0t No need for nodejs AUR packages. Just install community/nodejs-lts-erbium. This provides nodejs version 12 and is available in the official community repo.

r0b0t commented on 2019-11-25 12:23 (UTC) (edited on 2019-11-25 12:25 (UTC) by r0b0t)

@matthias.lisin I wasn't using anything special (not even nvm to change the nodejs versions) , I simply installed nodejs from the community channel with pacman and the current version is 13.2.0-1 Even if I set nodejs to 12 with nvm it wont work. The only solution seems to be installing nodejs-lts-erbium and removing the default nodejs

matthias.lisin commented on 2019-11-25 11:49 (UTC) (edited on 2019-11-25 12:16 (UTC) by matthias.lisin)

@r0b0t This currently doesn't work with nodejs>=13 due to node-spellchecker which is pretty much unmaintained.

I'm not sure why your build errors though. There are nodejs packages for version 8, 10 and 12. Are you running makepkg or using AUR helper?

Edit: I will replace the current nodejs version pinning with nodejs-lts-erbium as soon as I get some feedback on this issue:

r0b0t commented on 2019-11-25 11:01 (UTC)

warning: nodejs-13.2.0-1 is up to date -- skipping there is nothing to do error: unable to satisfy dependency 'nodejs<13' required by rocketchat-desktop

Can we have this work with nodejs > 13?

My system is up to date as I'm writing.

matthias.lisin commented on 2019-11-01 19:26 (UTC)

@Polly I can not reproduce this. Build works fine without eslint. The warning comes from upstream and doesn't affect the application at all.

Polly commented on 2019-11-01 11:51 (UTC) (edited on 2019-11-01 11:52 (UTC) by Polly)

On my machine (up to date on 2019/11/1) the build got stuck while rebuilding packages. Installing eslint solved the issue. Also there is the warning:

warning " >" has incorrect peer dependency "eslint@^4.19.1 || ^5.16.0".

Is there a missing dependency?

matthias.lisin commented on 2019-10-29 22:47 (UTC)

Just pushed an update to fix build with electron 7.

Finally got rid of the python2 dependency. node-gyp works fine with python now.

Had to pin nodejs version to 12 because it doesn't build with 13 (which is in community-testing right now)

matthias.lisin commented on 2019-08-10 10:26 (UTC)

Updated to 2.15.5. Please excuse the delay, there were some issues upstream.

To build this nodejs<12 is now required. Version 12 is in community-testing right now and breaks the build due to a dependency. I have created an issue upstream

Hopefully this will be resolved soon. If it is not the case, I'll recreate the issue in the rocketchat repository.

Turtizzle commented on 2019-02-25 09:06 (UTC)

The notification timeout works fine in the new version... I guess it's fixed by ignoring the issue. :)

matthias.lisin commented on 2019-02-24 19:01 (UTC)

Hello my dudes. So there we go 2.15.0 is out. The notifications timeout patch is gone and hopefully all the related issues as well.

Now depends on electron (3) instead of electron2. This is good, but might not quiet perfect since upstream actually wants electron 4(!).

As you can see in the PKGBUILD, I downgraded to electron@^3.1.4, because I noticed at least one thing that was broken. Looks like 4 is not fully backwardscompatible.

matthias.lisin commented on 2019-02-23 20:20 (UTC)


I didn't know what to answer or what to do. But today I saw this merged pull request arrive:

This might actually solve all the notification issues. Let's hope it does.

Turtizzle commented on 2019-02-21 16:08 (UTC) (edited on 2019-02-21 16:12 (UTC) by Turtizzle)

@matthias.lisin That's weird, I am using xfce4-notifyd and have a default timeout of 10 seconds configured, which works fine when I test it with notify-send. My rocketchat messages do not disappear though... and it used to work when I was still testing it with the hardcoded 10 seconds patch.

Honestly, the behavior I'd prefer is having a single notification that adapts when new messages arrive, similarly to how smartphones tell you about consecutive messages... or have notifications automatically disappear when you read the respective messages in RocketChat... but that's a larger issue. As for what do do now, I suppose that's up to you. You can always make it configurable in the PKGBUILD for people who prefer it differently, if you want... that's what we build packages from source for. :P

matthias.lisin commented on 2019-02-19 09:33 (UTC)

@ruebsd By all means, I can't see how any of my patches might have caused this. I just cleaned everything and recompiled it again and I honestly can't reproduce what I have seen on your screenshot.

Would you be so kind to compile rocketchat from source (master) and maybe from the v2.14.7 tag? Does this solve the issue? Is it really just this AUR Package?

@Turtizzle So, messages disappear after a few seconds for me on KDE. Guess it really uses the default. If I don't read the notifications in time they minimize to tray, which I'm not really sure is good or bad. What do you think about this, and should be go back to a fixed timeout instead?

ruebsd commented on 2019-02-18 18:53 (UTC)

@matthias.lisin, I tried rocketchat-client-bin, that aur worked without a hitch for me. As for this aur, I tried it again and got the same result I described in the previous comment. I took a screenshot of it, so I'll send you the link on irc.

matthias.lisin commented on 2019-02-18 11:59 (UTC)

Hello ruebsd, I can't reproduce this. Please try installing the binary package rocketchat-client-bin and tell me if you get the same issues.

ruebsd commented on 2019-02-18 11:19 (UTC)

I tried it the other day, but it seems like the input textbox isn't show anywhere on the screen. The main display area also seems kind of buggy - the text gets cut off on the right and doesn't wrap when you resize the window so only way to see full messages is by going fullscreen. :(

matthias.lisin commented on 2019-02-14 14:56 (UTC)

Some notification daemon don't set their own timeout and rely on the application, so I guess relying on the default settings might not be the best solution for those daemons.

Turtizzle commented on 2019-02-14 14:12 (UTC)

Reporting back after testing for 1 day myself: I've had mixed results with this particular patch. Earlier, I tested it with a hardcoded timeout of 10 seconds, which worked fine. I assumed, removing it entirely would use the default value, but now the messages won't disappear again, just like before. :/

I'll keep you informed if I figure out more.

matthias.lisin commented on 2019-02-13 14:47 (UTC)

Hello Turtizzle my friend, Thanks for the suggestion, I've been annoyed by the never disappearing notifications for a while now but never got around to see what's wrong.

I have applied the suggested patch, let's see how well it works.

Turtizzle commented on 2019-02-13 14:21 (UTC) (edited on 2019-02-13 14:21 (UTC) by Turtizzle)

May I suggest adding the following patch? It removes the hard coded 24h notification timeout and uses the configured default timeout of the notification daemon instead.

diff -ura package.orig/src/background/notifications.js
--- package.orig/src/background/notifications.js    2019-02-13 15:06:35.778156745 +0100
+++ 2019-02-13 15:07:01.368069410 +0100
@@ -86,7 +86,6 @@
            body: body && this.escapeBody(body),
            icon: icon ? path.resolve(icon) : 'info',
            appName: app.getName(),
-           timeout: 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000,
            sound: silent ? undefined : 'message-new-instant',
            actions: process.env.XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP !== 'Unity' ? {
                default: '',

matthias.lisin commented on 2019-02-08 08:45 (UTC)

There is a good chance the next release will use Electron 3.

To the future, and beyond. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

matthias.lisin commented on 2018-12-31 23:20 (UTC)

The package now uses the system electron2. Therefore it is now a dependency of this package. Don't worry about the additional size of the new dependency, because this package lost most than 120M of size itself!

Spell checking now uses the system hunspell dictionaries instead of using the ones provided by upstream. This is a breaking change and you need to install the desired hunspell-* packages to re-enable spell checking. Again, this is a zero sum game, the size gained by installing system hunspell dicts is lost through removing the package dicts.

Next upstream rocketchat-update is likely to use electron3, so don't worry about electron2 being somewhat a waste of space if you have electron installed also. It's gone soon.

As always, report problems.

matthias.lisin commented on 2018-12-02 20:48 (UTC)

I decided against leaving this package broken. As a temporary solution the yarn.lock Lockfile will be ignored.

Waiting for

Also had to patch the package.json due to (another) broken dependencie concerning electron-updater. I quickly tested it on my home machine and it seems to work.

Everything is a mess.

God have mercy

matthias.lisin commented on 2018-12-02 20:18 (UTC) (edited on 2018-12-02 20:45 (UTC) by matthias.lisin)

Edit: this comment is obsolete now

Hi je-vv, yes, it's broken now. But I can't fix it that easily because it's an issue somewhere else. (this whole event-stream drama)

I reported it upstream and will update as soon as it's fixed upstream. I would really like to patch it myself, but I'm not an expert and will probably break something else if I try to.

je-vv commented on 2018-12-02 02:51 (UTC)

Build of 2.14.4 failing with:

==> Extracting sources...
  -> Extracting rocketchat-desktop-2.14.4.tar.gz with bsdtar
==> Starting prepare()...
patching file electron-builder.json
Hunk #1 succeeded at 86 (offset 10 lines).
patching file tasks/release.js
==> Removing existing $pkgdir/ directory...
==> Starting build()...
yarn install v1.12.3
[1/4] Resolving packages...
[2/4] Fetching packages...
error Extracting tar content of undefined failed, the file appears to be corrupt: "Unexpected end of data"
info Visit for documentation about this command.
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
==> ERROR: build: failure on package rocketchat-desktop

matthias.lisin commented on 2018-11-21 12:03 (UTC) (edited on 2018-11-21 12:03 (UTC) by matthias.lisin)

Updated to 2.14.4

Changes from 2.14.3 to 2.14.4

je-vv commented on 2018-11-14 20:27 (UTC)

Thanks a lot @matthias.lisin, as I had the menu bar hidden, I didn't notice the setting, :). But the tray is working as you mentioned. And now with 2.14.3-1 the versioning is fine !

matthias.lisin commented on 2018-11-14 19:09 (UTC)

@je-vv All the displayed package versions should now display properly. Tray Icon should still work, activate it via View -> Tray Icon

je-vv commented on 2018-11-14 17:57 (UTC) (edited on 2018-11-14 17:59 (UTC) by je-vv)

The details in this URL shows 2.14.2-2, but the latest snapshot, as well as the latest changes commit here, latest-commit, just point to package release 1, not 2, so I guess, the package details don't match what's in latest PKGBUILD, neither what gets downloaded with latest snapshot?

Also, 2.14.2-1 doesn't load the icon on the tray, which I really miss... Should that be flagged upstream, or is it something in the packaging?

matthias.lisin commented on 2018-11-08 13:55 (UTC)

Todays update only fixes the Node 11 build problem. This will be be fixed in upsteam starting 2.14.2. I decided to skip 2.14.1 which contains a but that renders rocketchat unusable, and I'll skip the 2.14.2-beta.1 as well since it's a beta and I don't want to heavily edit the PKGBUILD because hyphens are not allowed in pkgver.

matthias.lisin commented on 2018-10-28 14:31 (UTC) (edited on 2018-11-04 16:18 (UTC) by matthias.lisin)

Hi notification-receivers,

Waiting for this issue to be resolved before updating to 2.14.1, or 2.14.2, depends if the fix will result in a new version.


Edit: So I could update to 2.14.1 and fix the building issue by upadting natives to 1.1.6, but it's totally not worth it because this release has weird issues with tray icon and closing the application on Linux. It's fixed upstream, but I'd rather wait for 2.14.2 before updating this package. Thanks for reading.

matthias.lisin commented on 2018-10-11 09:56 (UTC) (edited on 2018-10-11 09:56 (UTC) by matthias.lisin)

Updated to 2.14.0

Changes from 2.13.3 to 2.14.0

matthias.lisin commented on 2018-09-10 08:28 (UTC) (edited on 2018-09-10 08:31 (UTC) by matthias.lisin)

Updated to 2.13.2. Let me know if you experience any issues.

Changes from 2.13.1 to 2.13.2

matthias.lisin commented on 2018-08-28 07:24 (UTC)

Fixed. Worked yesterday. Not sure what they did there upstream.

balu commented on 2018-08-28 06:00 (UTC)

Please add this sha512sum instead of the first one and it will work:


je-vv commented on 2018-08-27 22:03 (UTC)

Isn't the sha512sum wrong?


matthias.lisin commented on 2018-08-27 20:00 (UTC) (edited on 2018-08-27 20:03 (UTC) by matthias.lisin)

Updated to 2.13.0.
  • Target "dir" patch adjusted
  • Added new patch to make building for seperate arches possible.

I really don't like the way this builds right now. It's a huge "one-click builds everything" giant with 870 npm dependencies.

When I have the time, I'll look into this matter with the goal to just deliver the .asar application and use it with system electron.

Edit: Please note that they have changes the user-dir upstream. This means that your existing configuration which is under ~/.config/Rocket.Chat+ is not used anymore. The new patch is ~/.config/Rocket.Chat (missing +)

matthias.lisin commented on 2018-08-17 16:18 (UTC) (edited on 2018-08-17 20:46 (UTC) by matthias.lisin)

@dvatate yes, this is a know issue.

It is solved with glibc-2.28-4, please update your packages, it is on the core repository now and should run fine.

Just to be sure, recompile rocketchat after updating glibc!

dvtate commented on 2018-08-17 14:44 (UTC)

for some reason this segfaults when i try to run it. I've also tried rocketchat-client-bin and it does the same. Any ideas on why this could be?

matthias.lisin commented on 2018-08-17 11:24 (UTC)

Did a small update.

  • snap and AppImage packages are not build anymore.
  • The rocketchat-desktop.desktop file is not properly placed.

I also though about using the systems electron instead of providing it's own. This would save more than 100 MiB in installed size!

Let me know what you think.

matthias.lisin commented on 2018-08-15 11:18 (UTC)

I updated the package to 2.12.1, which includes only one fix:

Also, I removed the pinned glibc version, because 2.28-4 (in testing) is working and downgrading it is highly discouraged.

The new build process only builds the required architecture, not both as before, and skips the github publishing process which is (always) inevitably failing.

matthias.lisin commented on 2018-08-15 08:48 (UTC)

@sum01 Since I'm stuck with this thing, guess I'll give it a try.

sum01 commented on 2018-08-14 23:51 (UTC)

Anyone is welcome to adopt this package, as I'm tired of tring to fix the build issues. I don't even use Rocketchat anymore :)

matthias.lisin commented on 2018-08-13 08:03 (UTC)

@sum01 You want to restore dependency to "glibc" without version requirement?

sum01 commented on 2018-08-09 15:55 (UTC)

@xteixeira I'm not entirely sure how to do that, and I don't have time at the moment to figure it out.

If someone is interested in (co)maintaining then I'm open to help.

xteixeira commented on 2018-08-07 19:49 (UTC)

@sum01 as per I commented on you can try to build this package using electron from arch's repos if you wish to, as it appears to works even on glibc 2.28

je-vv commented on 2018-08-07 18:11 (UTC)

Well, my work around so far is using the rocketchat web interface

matthias.lisin commented on 2018-08-07 08:30 (UTC)

Until the issue is resolved, you have the option to use RocketChat with flatpak.

There is some information on Reddit:

sum01 commented on 2018-08-06 23:15 (UTC)

Oh, I have glibc v2.27 at the moment. I guess that's why I didn't run into this issue.

I can add a depends=('glibc<=2.27') but that just means anyone who already updated can't build this.

je-vv commented on 2018-08-06 22:59 (UTC)

Please notice defect open on rocketchat:

je-vv commented on 2018-08-06 21:31 (UTC)

The strace partial output:

% strace rocketchat-desktop
execve("/usr/bin/rocketchat-desktop", ["rocketchat-desktop"], 0x7ffff8eeb350 / 99 vars /) = 0 brk(NULL) = 0x775b000 arch_prctl(0x3001 / ARCH_??? /, 0x7ffc6123f780) = -1 EINVAL (Invalid argument) readlink("/proc/self/exe", "/opt/rocketchat-desktop/rocketch"..., 4096) = 34 access("/etc/", R_OK) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory) openat(AT_FDCWD, "/opt/rocketchat-desktop/tls/haswell/x86_64/", O_RDONLY|O_CLOEXEC) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory) stat("/opt/rocketchat-desktop/tls/haswell/x86_64", 0x7ffc6123e9c0) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory) ... futex(0x7f25ae92df38, FUTEX_WAKE_PRIVATE, 2147483647) = 0 futex(0x7f25ae92df38, FUTEX_WAKE_PRIVATE, 2147483647) = 0 madvise(0xa75d6201000, 4096, MADV_DONTNEED) = 0 getrandom("\x62", 1, GRND_NONBLOCK) = 1 stat("/etc/gnutls/default-priorities", 0x7ffc6123f6f0) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory) --- SIGSEGV {si_signo=SIGSEGV, si_code=SEGV_ACCERR, si_addr=0x83b460} --- +++ killed by SIGSEGV (core dumped) +++

je-vv commented on 2018-08-06 21:21 (UTC) (edited on 2018-08-06 22:57 (UTC) by je-vv)

gdb shows:

(gdb) run Starting program: /usr/bin/rocketchat-desktop [Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled] Using host libthread_db library "/usr/lib/".

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. 0x000000000083b460 in ?? () (gdb) bt

0 0x000000000083b460 in ()
1 0x00007ffff7d83292 in node::http2::Http2Session::Callbacks::Callbacks(bool) () at /opt/rocketchat-desktop/
2 0x00007ffff7d83355 in () at /opt/rocketchat-desktop/
3 0x00007ffff7fe36da in call_init.part () at /lib64/
4 0x00007ffff7fe37da in _dl_init () at /lib64/
5 0x00007ffff7fd503a in _dl_start_user () at /lib64/
6 0x0000000000000001 in ()
7 0x00007fffffffd8bd in ()
8 0x0000000000000000 in ()

sum01 commented on 2018-08-06 21:03 (UTC)


Do you have any stack trace or a log? It works fine for me (build & exec)

je-vv commented on 2018-08-06 20:55 (UTC) (edited on 2018-08-06 21:18 (UTC) by je-vv)

2.12.0 building fine, but seg faulting when executing:

% rocketchat-desktop Segmentation fault (core dumped)

sum01 commented on 2018-08-06 16:20 (UTC) (edited on 2018-08-06 16:20 (UTC) by sum01)

Not that it matters, but I accidentally left pkgrel on 3. My bad.

matthias.lisin commented on 2018-08-06 15:55 (UTC)

Right now the package gets SIGSEGV, but this seems to be connected to another library that is linked to the rocketchat-desktop executable.

SilverRainZ commented on 2018-07-02 03:56 (UTC)

@sum01, nodejs is downloaded in form of binary package, package tool(makepkg or devtools) will not download the "makedepend of depend".

sum01 commented on 2018-06-24 14:47 (UTC)


Nodejs has python2 as a makedep. If you're missing python in your $PATH then you might have other issues you need to fix.

SilverRainZ commented on 2018-06-24 09:20 (UTC)

Isn't that python2 is still required as a make dependency?

extra-x86_64_build failed with the following error:

jamiepate commented on 2018-06-22 17:13 (UTC)

gulp-4.0.0-1-any <br> ... (1/1) checking for file conflicts [#############################################################################] 100% error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files) gulp: /usr/bin/gulp exists in filesystem Errors occurred, no packages were upgraded.

Do we really need to install the global gulp-cli for this? seems weird to use a system package for a global node module when you could use $(npm bin)/gulp

sum01 commented on 2018-06-11 17:22 (UTC)

Nodejs v10 now seems to work, so anyone who switched to an older version for this can safely upgrade to the newest nodejs when upgrading this package.

Example for Aurman users: aurman -S nodejs rocketchat-desktop

sum01 commented on 2018-05-24 20:22 (UTC)


It's right in the error message, you need to resolve the dependency.

Install nodejs-lts-carbon or some other compatible nodejs provider. Nodejs version 7 to 9 is compatible.

See for tracking of this issue.

thunderstorm9905 commented on 2018-05-24 20:18 (UTC)

It does not build for me.

==> Missing dependencies: -> nodejs>=7.0.0 ==> ERROR: Could not resolve all dependencies.

==> ERROR: An unknown error has occurred. Exiting...

pelmennoteam commented on 2018-05-22 18:54 (UTC)

Try to build with nodejs-lts-carbon package. I just did it and it's OK.

sum01 commented on 2018-05-17 01:43 (UTC)

@steelstring94 For most people it isn't important. But if you really want some of the reasons...

  • Prevents the possibility of a bait-and-switch situation where the binary isn't actually from the source code, or contains additional malicious code
  • Offers very, very minor speed improvements when compiling for your specific system

Note that both of those reasons aren't really that relevant, as adding malicious code directly to source is still possible, and the speed improvement is really super minor.

There're other reasons, but usually this boils down to personal preference of the user.

steelstring94 commented on 2018-05-17 01:06 (UTC)

@sum01 What would be the advantage to building from source with this package, rather than just installing rocketchat-client-bin?

sum01 commented on 2018-05-01 21:29 (UTC)

@je-vv I don't really know the exact issue, but this issue references it

The only relevant dependency that's changed since the last release was yarn going to v1.6, so maybe that messed something up?

je-vv commented on 2018-04-30 23:47 (UTC) (edited on 2018-04-30 23:49 (UTC) by je-vv)

yarn run v1.6.0 $ gulp build --env=production gulp[14066]: ../src/ void node::contextify::ContextifyScript::New(const v8::FunctionCallbackInfo<v8::value>&): Assertion `args[1]->IsString()' failed. 1: node::Abort() [gulp] 2: 0x55b06c2899db [gulp] 3: node::contextify::ContextifyScript::New(v8::FunctionCallbackInfo<v8::value> const&) [gulp] 4: v8::internal::FunctionCallbackArguments::Call(v8::internal::CallHandlerInfo*) [gulp] 5: 0x55b06c49eba7 [gulp] 6: 0x55b06c49f33c [gulp] 7: 0x209b3710427d error Command failed with signal "SIGABRT". info Visit for documentation about this command. ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build(). Aborting...</v8::value></v8::value>

sum01 commented on 2018-01-30 17:31 (UTC)

Maybe open an issue on Github then, since I have no control over upstream.

mikky commented on 2018-01-30 13:11 (UTC)

@sum01 tried, though just using "export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF8" and it works for some reason.

I ignored the locale warning since it was just a warning and there was no indication (to me) that it is related to the actual error.

Seems like an upstream bug.

sum01 commented on 2018-01-29 18:09 (UTC)

@mikky Maybe try since the first error is about locale.

mikky commented on 2018-01-29 12:12 (UTC) (edited on 2018-01-29 12:16 (UTC) by mikky)

EDIT: seems like upstream source was changed without changing version. The problem, however, remains:

Even worse I'm afraid @sum01. What do you think was the problem? As the only thing changed in v2 PKGBUILD is pkgrelease number and SHA, everything else is the same, including src file and prepare() and build()...

sum01 commented on 2018-01-27 18:24 (UTC)

Try again with 2.10.2-2? @mikky

mikky commented on 2018-01-27 08:27 (UTC) (edited on 2018-01-27 08:27 (UTC) by mikky)

Build failed:

I have absolutely no idea what's wrong :(

sum01 commented on 2017-11-09 22:22 (UTC)

I can't replicate the issue, and I'm not even sure why it's occurring in the the first place. The repo has a yarn.lock, so it shouldn't fail finding it. For now, you can run > makepkg -s --nocheck to skip the check(). If anyone has any idea why this might happen, I'm open to suggestions.

mikky commented on 2017-11-09 15:00 (UTC) (edited on 2017-11-09 15:00 (UTC) by mikky)

Check still fails:

sum01 commented on 2017-11-04 18:10 (UTC)

Hmm. The project doesn't directly depend on gpy (which requires python2), so I guess it's a dependency of a dependency. But anyways, I added it to the makedepends, so hopefully it fixes that. Not sure why it couldn't find an integrity file, but it might be a by-product of the first error.

SilverRainZ commented on 2017-11-04 16:07 (UTC)

Build failed with extra-x86_64-build: - Missing python2 makedepends: required by node-gpy - check() failed: ``` yarn check v1.3.2 error Couldn't find an integrity file error Found 1 errors. info Visit for documentation about this command. ```

sum01 commented on 2017-10-25 17:02 (UTC)

If you're wondering about the difference between this and rocketchat-client-bin, this builds from the source code.