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Package Base: safesignidentityclient
Description: Smart card PKCS#11 provider and token manager
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Licenses: custom:copyright
Submitter: denisfalqueto
Maintainer: denisfalqueto (geyslan)
Last Packager: denisfalqueto
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First Submitted: 2015-04-10 02:25 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2022-08-12 21:16 (UTC)

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denisfalqueto commented on 2022-08-12 21:18 (UTC)

I've updated this package to use a specific version of wxWidgets (3.0.x), which is also available on AUR. I've tested this package in my system and it is working fine.

denisfalqueto commented on 2022-07-26 13:47 (UTC)

This is a tricky problem to solve. Arch's wxwidgets-gtk package bumped that library version and upstream doesn't provide an updated version, so it relies on that specific version that's not provided anymore. A possible solution is to provide a package for wxwidgets-gtk3.0, but I don't have any time right now. I didn't find any suitable version currently on AUR, so I'll have to create a new one.

pedrohqb commented on 2022-07-24 00:50 (UTC)

tokenadmin: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

It seems that was dropped from the latest wxwidgets-gtk3 update.

potuz commented on 2022-05-26 15:23 (UTC) (edited on 2022-05-26 15:23 (UTC) by potuz)

@denisfalqueto I just reinstalled, same version, and wxgtk3 seems to be up-to-date

$ sudo pacman -Qi wxgtk3
Name            : wxgtk3
Version         :
Description     : GTK+3 implementation of wxWidgets API for GUI
Architecture    : x86_64
URL             :
Licenses        : custom:wxWindows
Groups          : None
Provides        : None
Depends On      : gtk3  gst-plugins-base-libs  libsm  libxxf86vm  wxgtk-common  libnotify
Optional Deps   : webkit2gtk: for webview support [installed]
Required By     : audacity  safesignidentityclient
Optional For    : None
Conflicts With  : wxgtk<
Replaces        : None
Installed Size  : 15.08 MiB
Packager        : Antonio Rojas <>
Build Date      : Wed 05 Jan 2022 07:10:46 AM -03
Install Date    : Mon 07 Mar 2022 12:38:25 PM -03
Install Reason  : Installed as a dependency for another package
Install Script  : No
Validated By    : Signature

denisfalqueto commented on 2022-05-25 00:36 (UTC) (edited on 2022-05-25 00:38 (UTC) by denisfalqueto)

@potuz, when did you install this package? It could be some old version of a dependency (I would bet on wxgtk3...). I just tested with an old token (expired certificates, etc) but it showed digital id's correctly.

potuz commented on 2022-05-24 00:27 (UTC)

Getting a segfault on tokenadmin installed with yay.

     Product name: SafeSign IC Standard Linux
          Version: 3.7
            Build: 0.0
     Distribution: AET.000

        File Name: File Version

It opens up and when clicking on "show digital IDs" a popup "working" appears for a split second before it segfaults.

illusioon commented on 2022-01-09 08:52 (UTC)

No problem @denisfalqueto.

The newer version of safesign 3.7.0 if you want to update:

Release of SafeSign Identity Client version 3.7 for Microsoft, MacOS and Linux

denisfalqueto commented on 2021-12-15 23:08 (UTC)

Thanks @illusion for the heads up. It's good they dropped wxgtk2 as a dependency. I can get rid of it in my box now.

illusioon commented on 2021-12-14 18:30 (UTC) (edited on 2021-12-14 18:31 (UTC) by illusioon)

You may need to install wxgtk3 because it's a required dep, I think wxgtk2 is deprecated in this version.

denisfalqueto commented on 2021-12-07 11:36 (UTC)

Sorry for the delay in updating. Just got some time today and updated it to, according to @illusioon's comment. Thanks again for helping out.

illusioon commented on 2021-10-09 04:07 (UTC) (edited on 2021-10-09 05:04 (UTC) by illusioon)

Creio que seja uma versão mais atualizada do safesignidentityclient (aqui tem a versão 3.7)

Que segundo a aeteurope é a última versão disponível:

denisfalqueto commented on 2021-07-16 12:05 (UTC)

Good catch, @euzao. Updated again, just a pkgver bump.

pedrohqb commented on 2021-07-15 16:48 (UTC)

Thanks for the update. It is also important to update the URL above accordingly.

denisfalqueto commented on 2021-07-15 14:33 (UTC)

Updated package, according to new version suggested by @gravity. Thanks for the heads up.

grawity commented on 2020-12-04 09:25 (UTC) (edited on 2020-12-04 09:26 (UTC) by grawity)

Although I don't have a compatible smartcard to test with (I don't remember why I subscribed to this), I could suggest running the module out-of-process in case it somehow interferes with the browser's internals (e.g. by trying to load incompatible libraries):

  1. Remove from the browser.

  2. Add /usr/lib/ to the browser.

  3. Create a file ~/.config/pkcs11/modules/safesign.module with contents:

    module: /usr/lib/
    remote: |p11-kit remote /usr/lib/

  4. After restarting the program, you should see the 'p11-kit remote' process as a child of firefox in the process tree.

(Note that p11-kit will load all modules from ~/.config/pkcs11/modules and from /usr/share/p11-kit/modules, acting as one big PKCS#11 supermodule.)

pedrovanzella commented on 2020-12-02 19:01 (UTC)

By the way, there's a more current version here, which doesn't seem to require gdbm183. Manually installing it did not fix my issues though.

pedrovanzella commented on 2020-12-02 13:19 (UTC)

Both Firefox and Chromium seem to hang when trying to talk to the smartcard (a VALID eCPF on a VASCO DP905v1.1). I added /usr/lib/ to both, as instructed here. When I so much as switch tabs (even to something that doesn't even try to authenticate with the card) with the card inserted, both browsers freeze completely.

Has anyone run into this?

delboni commented on 2020-11-03 21:59 (UTC) (edited on 2020-11-03 22:00 (UTC) by delboni)

Muito obrigado, funcionou perfeitamente!

denisfalqueto commented on 2020-02-14 22:41 (UTC)

@malta: happy to learn that. I'll try to make a snap package for this, so we can get around library dependencies. If I succeed, I'll leave a message here.

malta commented on 2020-02-14 18:15 (UTC)

now its working. seems a few steps and packages were missing. anyone having this problem just follow

denisfalqueto commented on 2020-02-14 13:38 (UTC)

@malta: it's working for me. This is a proprietary mess, without any commitment from the hardware providers.

malta commented on 2020-02-14 00:25 (UTC) (edited on 2020-02-14 00:58 (UTC) by malta)

similar error as @joaopassarini and @ralvesco. Is there a fix to this?

[malta@malta-ub ~]$ tokenadmin 21:51:51: Warning: Mismatch between the program and library build versions detected. The library used 3.0 (wchar_t,compiler with C++ ABI 1013,wx containers,compatible with 2.8), and your program used 3.0 (wchar_t,compiler with C++ ABI 1009,wx containers,compatible with 2.8). *** Caught unhandled unknown exception; terminating Falha de segmentação (imagem do núcleo gravada)

denisfalqueto commented on 2019-04-11 02:40 (UTC) (edited on 2019-04-11 02:45 (UTC) by denisfalqueto)

I was able to run tokenadmin after installing gdbm183, from AUR. I'll change that dependency to point to the correct package. Sorry for taking so long to answer.

ralvesco commented on 2019-04-08 01:51 (UTC)

I'm having the same problem pointed out by @joaopassarini in his last comment, do you have any clues?

Sorry to bother you, @denisfalqueto.


joaopassarini commented on 2018-12-04 16:08 (UTC)

@denisfalqueto I'm still not able to use the certificate. It looks like a mismatch between the library versions:

[joao@ga-78lmt-usb3 ~]$ tokenadmin 
14:03:29: Warning: Mismatch between the program and library build versions detected.
The library used 3.0 (wchar_t,compiler with C++ ABI 1013,wx containers,compatible with 2.8),
and your program used 3.0 (wchar_t,compiler with C++ ABI 1009,wx containers,compatible with 2.8). não é possível abrir arquivo compartilhado: Arquivo ou diretório inexistente

Any clues?

joaopassarini commented on 2018-10-30 16:14 (UTC)


denisfalqueto commented on 2018-10-29 20:49 (UTC)

@joaopassarini, that's quite strange. /usr/lib/ is linked to the right file and access rights are correct. Would you send the results of:

ldd /usr/bin/tokenadmin

You can put it on

joaopassarini commented on 2018-10-29 19:30 (UTC)

@geyslan Here you are:

lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root      15 out 29 14:15 /usr/lib/ ->
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root      17 out 29 14:15 /usr/lib/ ->
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root      22 out 29 14:15 /usr/lib/ ->
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1481176 out 29 14:15 /usr/lib/

geyslan commented on 2018-10-29 17:25 (UTC)

@joaopassarini @jplatte, perhaps it's due to broken links. Can you paste the result of ls?

ls -l /usr/lib/libaetpkss*

joaopassarini commented on 2018-10-29 17:22 (UTC)

@denisfalqueto after upgrading to new versions (3.5-1 and 3.5-2), 'tokenadmin' stopped working. It cannot load the library anymore

jplatte commented on 2018-10-29 12:36 (UTC)

Newer dependencies are nice, but for me 3.5 doesn't work. The 'Token Admin' still detected that a card was present, but didn't show the same card label and didn't allow me to do anything with it. Downgrading to 3.0.101-5 fixed the problem.

denisfalqueto commented on 2018-10-26 22:53 (UTC)

Many thanks for Geyslan for important hints for avoiding deb2targz dependency for build.

denisfalqueto commented on 2018-10-23 22:28 (UTC)

Update to version 3.5, fetched from Pronova CA. This version has newer dependencies, so it's easier to install.

kardosop commented on 2018-05-15 02:04 (UTC) (edited on 2018-05-15 21:28 (UTC) by kardosop)

Hi guys, just trying to get this PJe to install on a Manjaro live-session as a trial run.

So far I've tried to install the safesignidentityclient directly through Pamac and got a bunch of errors regarding openssl098, so I went to google and found out this "guide" from @loliveira but even when I replicate his steps, I got the package to install but when I open the tokenadmin, these messages appears on the terminal and the app crashes a few seconds after: "tokenadmin: /usr/lib/ no version information available (required by tokenadmin) 10:55:57 PM: Deleted stale lock file '/tmp/{B58139E8-7087-C745-ACBE-5EE8B60C3D32} - manjaro'.

Aborted (core dumped)"

I have these files on the path: /usr/lib/ -> /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

Tried running it with sudo and got a new error right before the crash: "terminate called after throwing an instance of 'unsigned long' Aborted"

Can you guys help me figure this one out? Trying to get another user away from Windows!!! :D

Thanks in advance.

--EDIT: Nevermind, guys. Got it to work by installing the drivers for the token first (the package "ccid-morpho" from AUR). Now everything works flawlessly, as expected coming from Linux ;)

denisfalqueto commented on 2018-04-19 16:25 (UTC)


Oh, I'm glad it worked! This method of linking to specific versions of libraries is a little problematic on Arch, with rolling release just moving dependencies underneath and we only learn it when the software blows on our faces. That's why I've provided gdbm183 also, so it wouldn't update the underlining library.

Anyway, I'm very happy to help.

loliveira commented on 2018-04-19 15:54 (UTC)

Just managed to get it to work!!!

Here is what I did:

sudo yaourt -R safesignidentityclient openssl098 # Removed both safesign and openssl098 package

sudo rm -rf /usr/lib/ # This was left even after removing openssl098, so I removed it manually

I cloned the repository for openssl098:

makepkg # built it locally

sudo pacman -U openssl098-0.9.8.zh-2-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz # installed it

sudo rm -rf /usr/lib/libaet* # remove anything related to libaet

sudo yaourt -Sy safesignidentityclient # installed safesignidentityclient again

tokenadmin # started tokenadmin and installed the firefox integration through it

Launched firefox, and for my surprise, it worked! Now, I have no idea why that fixed my problem to be honest, if you look close enough you will see I didn't do anything that wouldn't have happened with a simple yaourt -Sy safesignidentityclient openssl098, but something certainly got messed up with my shared objects, so hopefully this info here will help someone one day.

I thought I was the only Brazilian trying to pull this off on Arch, only to find you had done all the hard work and shared it, thanks a lot @denisfalqueto!

denisfalqueto commented on 2018-04-19 15:49 (UTC)


Hi. You should never symlink for different versions of libraries. If some library or program links to an specific version of another, there's a reason for that and if you symlink to a different version, all hell will break lose. So, don't do that.

According to your ldd output, your version of is wrongly linked to That should be, which is provided by gdbm183. As is a binary provided by AET Software (through some hardware vendor), I believe that you should uninstall and reinstall SafeSign again. Make sure that the original source is the same as the source url in this page.

loliveira commented on 2018-04-19 15:25 (UTC) (edited on 2018-04-19 15:26 (UTC) by loliveira)

hi @denisfalqueto!

Same thing over here as you can see (I updated the gist):

I don't have the missing error anymore, as I have fixed it with a symlink to

Do you have firefox integrated with libaetpkss (by clicking on tokenadmin's "Integration > Install SafeSign in Firefox")? When I click that, it says the integration has been successfully installed, but when I trigger firefox from my terminal I get:

$ firefox

/usr/lib/firefox/firefox: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: EVP_md2

I am fighting this one now by trying to compile openssl098 with enable-md2, not sure if this will fix the issue though..

denisfalqueto commented on 2018-04-19 13:01 (UTC)


I also have a warning for libopenssl, I think that's normal. But I don't have any messages about missing ldd tokenadmin gave the same results as yours. Could you provide the output for ldd /usr/lib/ This is the library that links to libgdbm and here in my box is links to

loliveira commented on 2018-04-19 06:06 (UTC) (edited on 2018-04-19 06:07 (UTC) by loliveira)

Turns out the issue was this: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I looked up what .so files I had for libgdbm and I found this:

$ find /usr/lib -type f -name "libgdbm*" | awk '!/compat/'



So I created a symlink for the closest version:

$ sudo ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

Now I am able to run tokenadmin although it crashes as soon as I try to do basically anything, screaming about undefined symbols on like this:

tokenadmin: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: dbm_open

I believe this has to do with the first error that shows up on my terminal when I run tokenadmin (although it doesn't blow up right there):

tokenadmin: /usr/lib/ no version information available (required by tokenadmin)

I am able to install the firefox integration though, but when I do it crashes firefox like this:

$ firefox

/usr/lib/firefox/firefox: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: EVP_md2

Digging deeper on google I found this:

So tomorrow I am gonna try to recompile openssl098 with enable-md2 and see how it goes, I wonder if anyone is facing these issues as well, but anyway I will keep posting here for the sake of information.

loliveira commented on 2018-04-19 04:19 (UTC) (edited on 2018-04-19 04:21 (UTC) by loliveira)

Hi folks!

First, thank you for the amazing effort you have put onto this :)

I got this package installed this week, but when I try to open tokenadmin, I am facing a few issues, some I think are fine, but there is one in particular that prevents me from using the program:

~ » tokenadmin

tokenadmin: /usr/lib/ no version information available (required by tokenadmin)

01:12:24 AM: Deleted stale lock file '/tmp/{B58139E8-7087-C745ACBE-5EE8B60C3D32} - lucas'. cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

The above shows up on my terminal but doesn't prevent the program from starting up, the thing is that when it starts, I get a GUI titled "Fatal Error" with the following message: "Unable to load"

This is the relevant info I can get about

~ » ll /usr/lib/

lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 22 Apr 19 00:55 /usr/lib/ ->

~ » pacman -Qo /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ is owned by safesignidentityclient 3.0.101-5

You can see the output of "ldd /usr/bin/tokenadmin" on my machine here:

Any chance someone can help me figure out what's going on?

Thanks a lot in advance!

denisfalqueto commented on 2018-03-15 22:17 (UTC)

Changelog for 3.0.101-5:

  • Remove use of deb2targz
  • Make ccid obligatory dependency

Thanks @la-mj for pointing that out.

denisfalqueto commented on 2017-12-15 16:13 (UTC)


"fetching binary packages from github makes me sad => who knows how they were REALLY obtained"

This is certainly a valid point, but on the other hand, our providers also don't have a source from where they get it. For example, "Valid AC" can get a version of Safesign different from "Caixa AC". So, that's a moot point.

"deb2targz is a builddep => please add it"

Point taken, I'll change it.

"using wxgtk3 is no good => confirmed"

Also had confirmed it before.

"ccid is not optional for this unit"

Thanks. I'll fix it.

"Warning: Mismatch between the program and library build versions detected. The library used 2.8 (no debug,Unicode,compiler with C++ ABI 1011,wx containers,compatible with 2.6), and your program used 2.8 (no debug,Unicode,compiler with C++ ABI 1002,wx containers,compatible with 2.6)."

This mean your version of wxgtk was built with a different version of toolchain than the one used to build Safesign. That could be fixed by rebuilding wxgtk2.8 with the right options.

"locally available win-only version is 3.0.124 => vendor & provider are grade A holes"

That's true. Unfortunately, we're on their hands for Linux support, which is always an afterthought.

"seems to work kinda..."

Yeah, unfortunately also not under our control.

"firefox picks it up but I am getting SSL_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CA_ALERT on a site that should recognize it"

That problem is related to missing intermediary CA certs known to Firefox. That's nothing Safesign can do about it.

"too bad nothing free handles pdf signing"

Also not related to Safesign.

Thanks for commenting. I'll try to fix what I can as soon as possible.

geyslan commented on 2017-12-14 16:55 (UTC) (edited on 2017-12-14 16:59 (UTC) by geyslan)


My cents about some concerns.

  • "fetching binary packages from github makes me sad => who knows how they were REALLY obtained"

  • "deb2targz is a builddep => please add it"

  • Actually tar can handle it alone. There's no need of deb2targz. Eg. tar xf data.tar.xz

LA-MJ commented on 2017-12-14 16:10 (UTC) (edited on 2017-12-14 16:11 (UTC) by LA-MJ)

Notes on trying 3.0.101-4 with 1059:0019 Giesecke & Devrient GmbH:

  • fetching binary packages from github makes me sad => who knows how they were REALLY obtained
  • deb2targz is a builddep => please add it
  • using wxgtk3 is no good => confirmed
  • ccid is not optional for this unit
  • Warning: Mismatch between the program and library build versions detected. The library used 2.8 (no debug,Unicode,compiler with C++ ABI 1011,wx containers,compatible with 2.6), and your program used 2.8 (no debug,Unicode,compiler with C++ ABI 1002,wx containers,compatible with 2.6).
  • locally available win-only version is 3.0.124 => vendor & provider are grade A holes
  • seems to work kinda...
  • firefox picks it up but I am getting SSL_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CA_ALERT on a site that should recognize it
  • too bad nothing free handles pdf signing

denisfalqueto commented on 2017-09-04 12:30 (UTC)

@mehdisadeghi: I tested it with wxgtk3 and couldn't open Token Administrator. It failed with a missing dependency on a symbol provided by wxgtk2.8-light. So I won't change the dependency for now.

mehdix commented on 2017-09-04 09:54 (UTC)

As a note to people who want to avoid installing wxwidgets2.8-lite, I replaced it with `wxgtk3` and everything works just fine. This saved me the compile time and more importantly helped me not to enable multilib repository which had initially caused some troubles for me.

ralvesco commented on 2017-06-22 22:34 (UTC)

Not a problem live with this and with your help, right now, with this working, I'm like Dr. Frankenstein saying "It's alive"! :)

denisfalqueto commented on 2017-06-22 19:42 (UTC)

@ralvesco: yeah, it's really finicky... Specially for browser authentications. But, after all, I'm glad it's working. You'll have to live with it as it is.

geyslan commented on 2017-06-22 19:39 (UTC)

Try to test it using pcsc_scan (pcsc-tools). Remove the token and insert it again. If the token is plugged at booting the ccid will not recognize it.

ralvesco commented on 2017-06-22 19:36 (UTC)

@denisfalqueto and @geyslan, think I finded the problem, pcscd is not starting with the system, although I've used the systemctl commands to start and to enable. It's working right now, but It's not stable.

denisfalqueto commented on 2017-06-22 19:20 (UTC)

@ralvesco: I have a GD too (don't know the model exactly) and it works with just pcscd-lite.

geyslan commented on 2017-06-22 19:19 (UTC) (edited on 2017-06-22 19:20 (UTC) by geyslan)

@ralvesco, try to find some steps in this tutorial ( that you probably have to follow. But don't forget to follow @denisfalqueto tip: "What you need to do now is enable pcscd.service with systemctl start pcscd.service. If you want it to start on every boot, you can use systemctl enable pcscd.service."

ralvesco commented on 2017-06-22 19:13 (UTC)

@geyslan: GD Burti

geyslan commented on 2017-06-22 19:05 (UTC)

@ralvesco, which model is your token? You may have to use a specific driver.

denisfalqueto commented on 2017-06-22 19:05 (UTC)

@ralvesco: I'm happy that it is working almost right, now. You shouldn't need to use --asexplicit, but nevermind. What you need to do now is enable pcscd.service with systemctl start pcscd.service. If you want it to start on every boot, you can use systemctl enable pcscd.service.

ralvesco commented on 2017-06-22 19:02 (UTC)

@denisfalqueto: Done. But I've used: pacman -Syu --asexplicit gcc-objc-multilib This removed the gcc-libs then installed the gcc-libs-multilib, among other things. Then I tried again to install the safesignidentityclient and it worked. I can open the tokenadmin (and it's stable), but I still can't see my token. When I put the token flash drive in the USB port, his light turn on and, right after, off again.

denisfalqueto commented on 2017-06-22 18:12 (UTC)

@ralvesco: Hmm, strange. Let's try with pacman -S multilib-devel. It's a group of packages, so I hope it works now.

ralvesco commented on 2017-06-22 16:19 (UTC) (edited on 2017-06-22 16:20 (UTC) by ralvesco)

@denisfalqueto: Same error with pacman -Syu gcc-lib-multilib (

denisfalqueto commented on 2017-06-22 14:26 (UTC)

@ralvesco: as I said, you must install gcc-libs-multilib. You bailed out by pressing n on the prompt. You should use pacman directly for that.

ralvesco commented on 2017-06-22 14:16 (UTC)

@denisfalqueto: It presented the same problem when I tried with yaourt ( And when I tried in pamac this was the message: gcc: Removal of gcc-libs interrupts dependency 'gcc-libs = 7.1.1-2'

denisfalqueto commented on 2017-06-22 12:33 (UTC)

@ralvesco: I see... Please, make sure you install explicitly gcc-libs-multilib then. That will replace gcc-libs, so I hope it will solve that problem.

ralvesco commented on 2017-06-22 12:26 (UTC)

@denisfalqueto: The lines appointed were already uncommented.

denisfalqueto commented on 2017-06-22 12:09 (UTC)

@ralvesco: That package (wxgtk2.8-light) needs to be built with the multilib tool chain, so it can build 32 and 64 bit binaries. You should follow this That should do it.

ralvesco commented on 2017-06-22 11:31 (UTC)

@denisfalqueto: I've included the Key and changed the command line to yaourt -S safesignidentityclient, that suits better to the task (I think), than it installed the openssl098, but when installing the wxgtk2.8-light appeared one conflict: - gcc-libs-multilib e gcc-libs estão em conflito. Tried every choice given by the terminal, but nothing worked...

denisfalqueto commented on 2017-06-22 03:12 (UTC)

@ralvesco: makepkg can check digital signatures if the packages provide ways to do that. For example, openssl098 provides digital signatures for the source files and these need to be validated by a public key. You'll need to add those keys to gpg keyring for the user running makepkg. For example, you can use: gpg --recv-keys D5E9E43F7DF9EE8C This will add the public key with ID D5E9E43F7DF9EE8C in gpg's keyring for the current user. Maybe you'll need to add other keys as well, with a similar command.

ralvesco commented on 2017-06-22 02:26 (UTC)

@denisfalqueto I've run the following command: yaourt -i safesignidentityclient And get this first error: openssl-0.9.8zh.tar.gz ... FALHOU (chave pública desconhecida D5E9E43F7DF9EE8C) ==> ERRO: Uma ou mais assinaturas PGP não puderam ser verificadas! ==> ERRO: Makepkg não conseguiu compilar openssl098. After that it's a loop as you can see in the whole process (

denisfalqueto commented on 2017-06-21 17:55 (UTC)

@ralvesco: Ok. I suggest using an AUR wrapper. I personally use pacaur, but you can choose any of the others (packer, yaourt, etc). By using one, you'll be a little isolated from the nuances of makepkg and downloading dependencies, without losing much power. So, could you try installing this package with an AUR wrapper of your choice? Send any errors here (use pastbin to avoid cluttering the comment session).

ralvesco commented on 2017-06-21 17:44 (UTC)

I'm not exactly a nobbie, but I can't say that I know much of it. I'd say that I'm an intermediary user. I figure somethings out on the go, so I'd work relative well with pacman and with AUR, the first I understand better, the second more or less. For instance, I start working with pacman using the same principles that I used in apt for debian based distros, but always reading the documentation of the command, using man and searching the meaning of the orders that I give to system. As for the makepkg I think it's shell, so I can understand relatively well and I'm good researcher. :)

denisfalqueto commented on 2017-06-21 16:20 (UTC)

@ralvesco: I can help you troubleshoot, but I need to know the level of familiarity with Arch that you have. Do you know well how to use pacman, makepkg and how AUR works? That will help we start.

ralvesco commented on 2017-06-21 16:08 (UTC)

Please, may you help me? I've been using for a while now ubuntu without problems, except with STJ, then I resolved to change to archlinux (Antergos distro to be precise), but I couldn't install the safesign, it's crashes when installing the dependencies openssl098, pcsclite (pcsclite-git) and wxgtk2.8-light. I've tried to install each separated and using makepkg erasing this dependencies in the PCKGBUILD, but the same error continued to appear: gcc-lib coudl not be erased conflict with running gcc-lib= I need to get this done so I can work from my laptop at home, but... Thank you for everything, in advance.

denisfalqueto commented on 2017-03-31 03:13 (UTC)

Changelog for 3.0.101-3: - Remove install file, because it's covered by hook system.

denisfalqueto commented on 2017-03-31 01:30 (UTC)

Changelog for 3.0.101-2: - Don't depende on deb2targz anymore (thanks @geyslan) - Fix bug for generated symlink

denisfalqueto commented on 2017-03-31 00:48 (UTC) (edited on 2017-03-31 01:27 (UTC) by denisfalqueto)

Changelog for 3.0.101-1: - Create a symlink to /usr/lib/ -> /usr/lib/libaet - Change dependency to wxgtk2.8-light. It doesn't depend of gstreamer0.10 (dangerously old) anymore - Update to new midleware package version

geyslan commented on 2017-03-29 11:17 (UTC)

wxgtk2.8 is working beautifully now.

denisfalqueto commented on 2017-02-05 00:27 (UTC)

@geyslan: If wxwidgets needs to be compiled with different options and an specific ABI, maybe it would be better to convert this package in an snap package (or flatpack, but I preffer snap). That's something I was thinking about for some time. As the upstream software is binary, snap (or flatpack) is perfect for that.

geyslan commented on 2017-02-04 20:44 (UTC) (edited on 2017-02-05 00:45 (UTC) by geyslan)

wxgtk2.8 nowadays has to be compiled with CXXFLAGS='-std=gnu++98' but after tokenadmin run for a few seconds and crash. tokenadmin /usr/bin/tokenadmin: /usr/lib/ no version information available (required by /usr/bin/tokenadmin) Warning: Mismatch between the program and library build versions detected. The library used 2.8 (no debug,Unicode,compiler with C++ ABI 1010,wx containers,compatible with 2.6), and your program used 2.8 (no debug,Unicode,compiler with C++ ABI 1002,wx containers,compatible with 2.6). terminate called after throwing an instance of 'unsigned long' ERROR: signal: aborted (core dumped) Is there a way to compile wxgtk2.8 using the same ABI (1002) as tokenadmin?

denisfalqueto commented on 2016-08-11 00:01 (UTC)

@pedrofuly, I think ccid is only needed for some models of tokens. Maybe it could be an optional dependenty, though. Thanks for letting me know.

pedrofuly commented on 2016-08-10 23:14 (UTC)

BTW, thank you very much for your effort! One last thing. Shouldn't ccid be a dependency? Only managed to get my token recognized with it installed...

denisfalqueto commented on 2016-04-29 19:36 (UTC)

@pedrofuly Sorry for that. It seems the INSTALL= option inside PKGBUILD is wrong (it was working sometime ago, it may have changed). I'll upload a new version as soon as possible, but you can solve it by removing the parenthesis on that option.

pedrofuly commented on 2016-04-29 18:26 (UTC)

Tried to install and got the following message: ==> ERRO: install não deveria ser um array Could you help me? Thanks.

denisfalqueto commented on 2015-11-24 18:31 (UTC)

This package is not out of date. It is just not possible to get the latest version directly from AET Inc. So, this version is grabbed from a brazilian Certification Authority. It's the latest version I could find.