Package Details: sioyek 2.0.0-5

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Package Base: sioyek
Description: PDF viewer for research papers and technical books.
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Licenses: GPL3
Submitter: aexl
Maintainer: aexl
Last Packager: aexl
Votes: 20
Popularity: 1.11
First Submitted: 2022-04-12 00:33 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2023-11-15 02:07 (UTC)

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aexl commented on 2023-10-31 14:24 (UTC)

@TomHu I think this should be a separate package and not be included here...

TomHu commented on 2023-10-31 14:17 (UTC)

Would you be able to include:

into the package?

bart commented on 2023-09-21 13:22 (UTC)

Since libmupdf 1.23.3-2, that library is built shared, instead of static. This means also that libmupdf-third.a is no longer available, which in turn means this build fails.

I fixed this by just adding this in the prepare step:

sed -i 's/-lmupdf-third//'

MithicSpirit commented on 2023-09-05 02:57 (UTC) (edited on 2023-09-05 03:02 (UTC) by MithicSpirit)

I've been having issues with and was able to fix them with Lmk if you're interested in merging those changes here (obviously make sure to undo some of them like maintainer field, pkgname change, pkgrel drop); if not, I'll probably publish them as a separate package here soon.

EDIT: you might want to uncomment that line in prepare(). I commented it while testing and never bothered to see if it actually mattered or not.

EDIT 2: note that this also removes the need for the patch from before.

Dominik commented on 2023-09-04 17:48 (UTC) (edited on 2023-09-04 17:53 (UTC) by Dominik)

@MithicSpirit I have indeed mounted ~/.cache as a separate partition with the option noexec. Thank you for the hint. I think this explains my issue.

xyzzz commented on 2023-09-03 03:51 (UTC)

@aexl Hi, it seems like that there is a bug about libmupdf causing crash on specific pdf file. And I posted details in GitHub issue. Version: sioyek 2.0.0-3.

MithicSpirit commented on 2023-09-02 13:20 (UTC)

@Dominik Ah, that's a different issue than the one I had. Mine was with gcc failing to compile the project due to it attempting to use an undefined function (one that was missing from the newer version of mupdf). Have you perchance configured pikaur and paru to use a different partition for compilation? If the partition has noexec set then it would fail. It seems that compilation is occurring in ~/.cache, and I know some people like to use a different partition for that to make it ephemeral.

Dominik commented on 2023-09-02 08:05 (UTC) (edited on 2023-09-02 08:07 (UTC) by Dominik)


I don't think the error occurs due to an inconsistency with pikaur. I had the same issue with paru.

The error which I reported here on 2023-08-02 is still the same. There seem to be missing permissions to run line 35 in ./ Pikaur is using the latest PKGBUILD:

:: AUR package will be installed:
 sioyek                                                     -> 2.0.0-3

:: Starting the build:
==> Making package: sioyek 2.0.0-3 (Sat Sep  2 09:47:05 2023)
==> Checking runtime dependencies...
==> Checking buildtime dependencies...
==> Retrieving sources...
  -> Downloading sioyek-2.0.0.tar.gz...
  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed
  0     0    0     0    0     0      0      0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:--     0
100 4785k    0 4785k    0     0  3516k      0 --:--:--  0:00:01 --:--:-- 7217k
  -> Found mupdf-1.23.0.patch
==> Validating source files with sha256sums...
    sioyek-2.0.0.tar.gz ... Passed
    mupdf-1.23.0.patch ... Passed
==> Extracting sources...
  -> Extracting sioyek-2.0.0.tar.gz with bsdtar
==> Starting prepare()...
patching file pdf_viewer/document_view.cpp
patching file pdf_viewer/main_widget.cpp
patching file pdf_viewer/utils.cpp
patching file pdf_viewer/utils.h
==> Starting build()...
/home/niggi/.cache/pikaur/build/sioyek/PKGBUILD: line 35: ./ Permission denied
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().

Command 'sudo --user=#1000 --preserve-env=EDITOR -- makepkg --force' failed to execute.

MithicSpirit commented on 2023-09-01 22:28 (UTC)

@Dominik AUR helpers are not officially supported, so I'd recommend also reporting this issue to pikaur (since it's up to them to fix inconsistencies between whatever they are doing and regular makepkg). Additional information on the exact error you're experiencing would also be helpful, although, if I had to guess, the issue is that pikaur is using an old cached version of the PKGBUILD rather than the new one.

Dominik commented on 2023-09-01 11:33 (UTC) (edited on 2023-09-01 11:36 (UTC) by Dominik)

For me it is still the same. The package cannot build and install when using an AUR helper (pikaur).

Manually I can install the package by cloning it and with

 makepkg -srci