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Description: P2P software for high-quality voice communication
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Submitter: Rhinoceros
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First Submitted: 2016-07-30 06:34
Last Updated: 2017-04-25 12:02

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Rhinoceros commented on 2017-06-05 03:07

According to Microsoft, this version of Skype "will be retired on July 1, 2017" [a].

See here [b] to install the beta version (web version in a wrapper).


Rhinoceros commented on 2017-05-14 01:49

lib32-qt4 4.8.7-13 has been updated to fix the lib32-openssl issues. lib32-openssl-1.0 is no longer required. If you are still having issues with skype, please make sure everything is up to date.

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Rhinoceros commented on 2017-08-14 00:47

@Andy_Random I don't use i386, but that seems reasonable prima facie. However, from the sounds of it then skype would conflict with qtwebkit, which isn't ideal.

Andy_Random commented on 2017-08-13 03:15

pacman -S qtwebkit
error: target not found: qtwebkit
I will NOT build libQtWebKit from source. This would take 2 days compiling on my old notebook.
Workaround: use from lib32-qt4-4.8.7-4-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz
Copy to /usr/share/skype/lib/
Binary still working at 11-AUG-2017.
Please fix the package.

Techman35 commented on 2017-07-11 01:48

Rhinoceros, im still using skype on july 10, i hope it keep woking cuz for me is better then the version 5

Rhinoceros commented on 2017-07-03 01:05

@quellen In general, I'd recommend not installing old versions of packages. In this case, lib32-qt4 has been patched multiple times since 4.8.7-7 [a]. Also, if you hardcode the PKGBUILD (or pacman) to use an old version, then you're not going to get future upgrades and vulnerability fixes.


quellen commented on 2017-07-02 21:32

lib32-qt4 needs too much time to be compiled. skype could be installed with an old version of lib32-qt4:
# pacman -U
# pacman -S lib32-openssl-1.0

Rhinoceros commented on 2017-06-10 06:15

@cdkitching What version of lib32-qt4 are you running?

cdkitching commented on 2017-06-10 06:09

Still seems to depend on multilib/lib32-openssl-1.0 - had to install that manually to make this work.

Rhinoceros commented on 2017-06-05 03:07

According to Microsoft, this version of Skype "will be retired on July 1, 2017" [a].

See here [b] to install the beta version (web version in a wrapper).


WoefulDerelict commented on 2017-05-30 15:26

Rhinoceros: With any luck the new fangled electron blob will actually replace the legacy Qt blob in earnest and this package can depart the AUR. I do not use the service but the application is free and it worked for testing. A handful of users have insisted that they have a use for the webkit engine in 32-bit Qt 4 apps on multilib systems and they were disappointed it wasn't available in lib32-qt4. While they inconveniently failed to mention which 32-bit binaries they used that needed the qt 4 port of the web engine I knew Skype did so I was able to build and test a lib32-qtwebkit package for them.

Sadly the scope of a UI toolkit and a web engine is quite large so these sources will react to any extraneous software in the build environment they find .pc files for via autoconf. While I find building packages in a clean chroot via the devtools scripts stupid simple it is not /easy/ for everyone and will always be time consuming for Qt 4 and WebKit as they are large, complex blobs that do lots of things and provide those features for other software to use.

One can not make anyone build and use the packages, the recipies have simply been provided as a convenience to users who still have a use for a legacy UI toolkit and web engine to support 32-bit binaries and other madness.

Rhinoceros commented on 2017-05-30 04:02

@WoefulDerelict Yes, I had always thought better of Arch users, but apparently reading comments isn't so easy.

If I had needed {,lib32-}qtwebkit for myself, I'd be happy to build in a chroot. However, making all the skype users go through that, and then dealing with the fallout here would be too masochistic of me! Even if stable versions hit [archlinuxgr], I think the packages need to be *easily* buildable from the AUR before I'd be comfortable adding lib32-qtwebkit as a dependency.

I agree that using the newer version of webkit is the best alternative, in terms of security and stability. However, given the above issues, and given that skype is EOL, and that the web-wrapper beta skype is getting close to feature parity, it's not really worth worrying about too much IMO. This version of Skype is probably riddled with vulnerabilities anyway!

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