Package Details: subliminal-git 2.0.5.r1.gdd74383-1

Git Clone URL: (read-only)
Package Base: subliminal-git
Description: Python library and CLI tool for searching and downloading subtitles. (python3 version)
Upstream URL:
Licenses: MIT
Conflicts: subliminal
Provides: subliminal, subliminal-git, subliminal-git-doc
Replaces: subliminal-git
Submitter: acieroid
Maintainer: hcartiaux
Last Packager: hcartiaux
Votes: 26
Popularity: 0.104424
First Submitted: 2012-12-24 07:53
Last Updated: 2016-09-23 23:14

Latest Comments

youngian commented on 2017-03-15 21:00

@psamim I had the same problem. I solved it by reinstalling these packages:


And then updating this package. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

psamim commented on 2017-02-15 20:11


I get the following error:

==> Starting build()...
sphinx-build -b man -d _build/doctrees -n . _build/man
Running Sphinx v1.5.2
making output directory...

Exception occurred:
File "/tmp/yaourt-tmp-samim/aur-subliminal-git/src/subliminal/subliminal/", line 12, in <module>
from babelfish import Language, LanguageReverseError
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'babelfish'
The full traceback has been saved in /tmp/sphinx-err-96t42pmv.log, if you want to report the issue to the developers.
Please also report this if it was a user error, so that a better error message can be provided next time.
A bug report can be filed in the tracker at <>. Thanks!
make: *** [Makefile:141: man] Error 1

hcartiaux commented on 2017-01-31 09:05

@jevv, no, it's not a good practice. The Pkgrel should be bumped only if the PKGBUILD is changed, which is not the case. And in all cases, I can't bump all the dependencies...

je-vv commented on 2017-01-14 04:26

Can the release be increased, so that the package gets re-compiled given the python version change to 3.6? Also the deps also owned, :-) Thx!

hcartiaux commented on 2016-09-22 09:32

@chocolateboy: the conflict with the manpage is because of the old package subliminal-doc-git.

@cryzed: right, this is a leftover from an old version of the PKGBUILD. I will update soon.

chocolateboy commented on 2016-09-21 17:43

In case anyone gets the same errors:


The following packages cannot be upgraded due to unresolvable dependencies:
python2-rebulk python-rebulk


pacaur -Rs python-subliminal-git
pacaur -S subliminal-git


(1/1) checking for file conflicts
error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files)
subliminal-git: /usr/share/man/man1/subliminal.1.gz exists in filesystem


pacaur -Rs python-subliminal-git-docs
pacaur -S subliminal-git

cryzed commented on 2016-09-18 19:44

You can make the symlink part of the package by creating it in one of the PKGBUILD's functions, there's no need for the install-script:
> ln -s /usr/bin/subliminal3 "${pkgdir}"/usr/bin/subliminal

Unless I am misunderstanding its purpose? Thanks for updating the PKGBUILD by the way!

hcartiaux commented on 2016-09-17 17:57

@archerie: python-rarfile 2.7 is on AUR, install it before or use a AUR helper able to manage AUR dependencies. I can't reproduce your issue using yaourt.

archerie commented on 2016-09-17 16:34

I'm getting an error installing this:

error: target not found: python-rarfile>=2.7

hcartiaux commented on 2016-09-10 15:08

I've updated the PKGBUILD:
* renamed to subliminal-git
* python2 support removed
* this PKGBUILD is not a split package anymore, the man page is not in another split package
* nautilus-subliminal is not in the subliminal git repository anymore, and the nautilus binding does not support python3, so I will not re-upload it.
Here's a PKGBUILD attempt, yet it would require a python2 subliminal PKGBUILD to work:

# Contributor: Hyacinthe Cartiaux <>
# Contributor: Nikola Milinković <>
# Contributor: Quentin Stievenart <>
pkgdesc="An extension for Nautilus to download subtitles."
depends=('subliminal-git' 'python2-nautilus')
pkgver() {
cd ${_gitname}
printf "r%s.%s" "$(git rev-list --count HEAD)" "$(git rev-parse --short HEAD)"
package() {
cd ${srcdir}/${_gitname}
install -v -m755 -d "${pkgdir}/usr/share/nautilus-python/extensions/subliminal/ui"
install -v -m644 ./ "${pkgdir}/usr/share/nautilus-python/extensions/"
install -v -m644 ./ui/{choose,config}.glade "${pkgdir}/usr/share/nautilus-python/extensions/subliminal/ui/"
for filepath in i18n/*.po; do
filename=$(basename "$filepath")
install -v -d ${pkgdir}/usr/share/nautilus-python/extensions/subliminal/locale/${filename##*.}/LC_MESSAGES/
msgfmt ${filepath} -o ${pkgdir}/usr/share/nautilus-python/extensions/subliminal/locale/${filename##*.}/LC_MESSAGES/
install -v -m755 -d "${pkgdir}/usr/share/licenses/nautilus-subliminal-git"
install -v -m644 LICENSE "${pkgdir}/usr/share/licenses/nautilus-subliminal-git/"

hcartiaux commented on 2016-08-21 09:15

If you add me as co-maintainer of this package and python-guessit, I will try to update & fix it... Could you please do that ?

je-vv commented on 2016-08-15 09:04

The new 2.0.3 also dependes on latest babelfish 0.5.5...

je-vv commented on 2016-08-15 06:29

The new 2.0.3 now dependes on latest guessit 2.0.4, so the dep 'python-guessit<2.0' needs to be removed. To build the man page now it's required as well sphinxcontrib-programoutput. There's a PKGBUID that needs to remove the python2 line in "package" under:

There's NO need to have 2 binaries for sublimal, so I wouldn't make a link on the python3 one... Here it's a cleaner python3 PKGBUILD:


pkgdesc="Python library and CLI tool for searching and downloading subtitles."
makedepends=('git' 'python-setuptools' 'python-sphinx' 'gettext')
'python-beautifulsoup4>=4.2.0' 'python-guessit>=0.9.1'
'python-requests>=2.0' 'python-enzyme>=0.4.1'
'python-dogpile.cache>=0.5.4' 'python-click>=4.0'
'python-pysrt>=1.0.1' 'python-six>=1.9.0'
'python-chardet>=2.3.0' 'python-stevedore>=1.0.0'
'python-rarfile' 'python-appdirs' 'sphinxcontrib-programoutput'
conflicts=('subliminal-git' 'python-subliminal' 'python2-subliminal'
'python-subliminal-git' 'python2-subliminal-git'
'subliminal-docs' 'subliminal-docs-git'

build() {
cd ${srcdir}/${pkgname}-${pkgver}
patch -p1 -i ${srcdir}/sphinx-manpages.patch

cd ${srcdir}/${pkgname}-${pkgver}/docs
make man

package() {
cd ${srcdir}/${pkgname}-${pkgver}

python install --root="${pkgdir}/" --optimize=1
install -Dm644 LICENSE -t "${pkgdir}/usr/share/licenses/${pkgname}"
install -Dm644 docs/_build/man/subliminal.1 -t "${pkgdir}/usr/share/man/man1"

ebs007 commented on 2016-06-29 02:15

line 92: .pkgbuild -> file or dir not found


WhyNotHugo commented on 2016-06-27 04:02

Dependency python-rarfile and python-appdir are missing (and a few other, apparently).

baldrick commented on 2016-05-19 09:45

This isn't compiling for me at all, dependency hell commences...

ekkelett commented on 2016-05-05 15:39

So, some fun dependencies missing:
- python-pysrt
- python-dogpile
- python-dogpile.cache
- python-beautifulsoup4

WhyNotHugo commented on 2016-04-12 02:53

python3 package should actually be called "subliminal-git". The "python-" prefix is for library-only python packages.

tmplt commented on 2016-03-10 10:44

I get the following:

==> Starting package_python-subliminal-git-docs()...
sphinx-build -b man -d _build/doctrees -n . _build/man
Running Sphinx v1.3.6

Exception occurred:
File "/tmp/makepkg/subliminal-git/src/subliminal/subliminal/", line 10, in <module>
import pysrt
ImportError: No module named 'pysrt'

hcartiaux commented on 2016-03-09 18:58

We should use the git branch "develop" (not yet tested myself).
The development happens here, and the develop branch is merged into master only when there is a new release.

The develop branch has new dependencies, rarfile>=2.7, appdirs>=12, guessit > 2:

hcartiaux commented on 2016-03-09 18:26

@CyberShadow: I came here for the same problem with yaourt and the missing dependencies of python-subliminal-git-docs

simonzack commented on 2016-03-03 18:27

@nikmil Thanks a lot on your work merging our packages. Sorry I totally forgot about this issue. Much appreciated!

wil93 commented on 2016-03-03 18:21

I get this:

ImportError: No module named 'babelfish'

whenever I try to makepkg this package.

CyberShadow commented on 2016-02-22 00:58

Aren't the python depends for python-subliminal-git-docs all actually makedepends, because sphynx seems to actually load the Python code when generating the documentation? Either way, building python-subliminal-git with yaourt fails when trying to build package_python-subliminal-git-docs, because the Python babelfish/requests/etc. libraries won't be installed.

nikmil commented on 2015-10-25 13:28

PKGBUILD is updated now. Users can switch between python2 and python3 using _python variable at buildtime. There's also a new 'nautilus-subliminal-git' package with the subliminal nautilus extension. Testers are needed and feedback is appreciated, as I don't use nautilus.

nikmil commented on 2015-10-23 19:22

Hi! :) I took a look at your PKGBUILD and I'm thinking we should merge this one with subliminal-git. It'll be easier to maintain both versions (py2 and py3) in one place, and less confusing for users and developers. Here's the PKGBUILD I have in mind:

nikmil commented on 2015-10-23 19:15

Sorry everyone, due to a bad case of pneumonia, I wasn't really able to pay attention to AUR over the past two months. Expect an updated PKGBUILD (both with a python2 and a python3 package) in the next couple of days.

@simonzack: I took a look at your python3 PKGBUILD and I'm thinking we should merge them. It'll be easier to maintain both versions (py2 and py3) in one place, and less confusing for users and developers. I'll send you an email later with the PKGBUILD I had in mind.

@Diaoul: The Nautilus extension you're talking about is the one in the develop branch? I agree, that should definitely be a separate package. I'll take a look and see what I can do, as I have very little experience with GNOME and Nautilus. In the meantime, I took the liberty to package the git versions of enzyme and babelfish :) Thank you for your good work!

BrainDamage commented on 2015-09-11 11:45

please update dep array:
python2-dogpile-cache -> python2-dogpile.cache
python2-dogpile-core -> python2-dogpile.core
so that official packages can be used instead of aur's

simonzack commented on 2015-09-06 02:55

Uploaded my own aur build based on yours, couldn't wait :D But you're welcome to maintain the python 3 version if you want.

simonzack commented on 2015-09-06 01:13

For python 3 guessit and babelfish are missing.

simonzack commented on 2015-09-06 01:12

For python 3 guessit and babelfish are missing, the other deps are available already, with click in aur.

simonzack commented on 2015-09-06 01:12

Only guessit and babelfish actually.

simonzack commented on 2015-09-06 01:06

For python 3 guessit, enzyme and babelfish are missing, the other deps are available already, with click in aur.

simonzack commented on 2015-09-06 00:14

Can this be upgraded to python 3? Subliminal supports python 3 now.

Diaoul commented on 2015-08-26 22:16

Thanks for the awesome work doing this packaging. FYI I added a nautilus extension so you can download subtitles using a nice right click menu and GTK UI. I don't think this should be in this package but maybe another one based on the same source?

Also, user feedback on cron job usage would be welcome for this issue:


acieroid commented on 2014-09-24 10:44

Updated with python2-argparse and python2-dateutil>=2.1, and removed the second python2-guessit>=0.7, thanks for the comments!

vianney commented on 2014-09-24 08:53

Also, dependency "python2-guessit>=0.7" appears to be present twice in PKGBUILD.

vianney commented on 2014-09-24 08:49

Hi, looks like beside python2-argparse, package also need python2-dateutil or else it fails with pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: python-dateutil>=2.1

goll commented on 2014-09-22 01:52

Package now needs python2-argparse as another dependency or else it fails with: pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: argparse

acieroid commented on 2014-05-07 16:40

Indeed, and I see that the fix now has been merged into master, thanks!

goll commented on 2014-05-07 12:27

Subliminal fails to run after update to python2-guessit 0.7.1

The temporary fix is to remove 'autodetect' from lines 72 and 203 inside /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/subliminal/

acieroid commented on 2014-03-03 20:58

Thanks, package updated. It won't compile until python2-pysrt is updated in AUR, but that shouldn't take long.

vianney commented on 2014-03-02 20:47

Hi, looks like we now need python2-pysrt>=1.0.1.

« pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: pysrt>=1.0.1 »

acieroid commented on 2014-02-15 09:40

Updated, thanks!

OK100 commented on 2014-02-13 17:17

python2-chardet and python2-stevedore are required.

acieroid commented on 2014-02-01 21:51

Updated, thanks! The package won't build until python2-pysrt is updated to 1.0.0 though (it's still 0.5.1 in AUR, but I saw you notified the maintainer).

vulpesvelox commented on 2014-02-01 18:55

It looks like python2-xdg is also needed and python2-pysrt should be >=1.0.0.

acieroid commented on 2013-12-29 14:32

Added python2-babelfish as dependency. python2-setuptools is already in makedeps

OK100 commented on 2013-12-29 14:26

python2-setuptools and python2-babelfish should be in deps.

vulpesvelox commented on 2013-11-16 17:36

python2-babelfish dep is missing.

acieroid commented on 2013-10-31 09:15

PKGBUILD updated. Some versions of the dependencies are not yet in AUR. I notified the maintainers, It'll take some time before every dependency is available.

acieroid commented on 2013-01-22 14:39

I added the dogpile* PKGBUILDs and updated this PKGBUILD to depend on them. It should be fixed now (works here)

oneeyed commented on 2013-01-21 16:20

After installation:

% pacaur -Ss subliminal-git
aur/subliminal-git 20121224-1 (2) [installed]
Search and download subtitles.

% subliminal
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/subliminal", line 5, in <module>
from pkg_resources import load_entry_point
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/", line 2803, in <module>
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/", line 696, in require
needed = self.resolve(parse_requirements(requirements))
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/", line 594, in resolve
raise DistributionNotFound(req)
pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: dogpile.cache>=0.4.1