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Description: Command line utility to format and display CSV
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Licenses: GPL3
Submitter: strajder
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strajder commented on 2023-04-04 15:14 (UTC)

table 0.6.6 addresses README and examples, and also transforms tablep and tsvtable into symlinks (reflected in the manpage). Also there is a new parameter: -p, with tablep being a synonym for table -p.

strajder commented on 2023-04-04 11:54 (UTC) (edited on 2023-04-04 12:01 (UTC) by strajder)

Since table was my first recent C program after a while, when writing it I was still following some old GNU mannerisms. The CHANGES file is an example of that. Git log, along with git tag descriptions, fulfills the function of a CHANGES file, which is completely redundant. Since it is also outdated, I intend on removing it completely in the next update.

I don't feel strongly about installing README and I see installing examples as unnecessary, but I guess I could add that in the next update. Initially I was toying with the idea of having a table manpage formatted as PDF installed in DOCDIR, which can be deduced from .do scripts, but ultimately decided against that.

tablep and tsvtable are just convenience scripts for calling table, and among them I feel that only tsvtable is worthy of a mention in the table manpage. tablep (from "table Pause") presents a prompt to press Enter after calling table, and is meant to be used with scripts and shortcuts which launch a terminal emulator calling just table, which would otherwise be immediately closed, or when table is used as a plumber from file managers which don't pause the output themselves.

When it comes to license, I don't feel it is necessary to install the license file itself. The license is already indicated in table manpage, PKGBUILD, README, the source files themselves (with a pointer to the file LICENSE in the repository) and the website.

m040601 commented on 2023-04-03 20:23 (UTC)

A new release, nice !

Can you please make sure the PKGBUILD installs the "CHANGES" "README" and "examples" ?

I want to have them offline in my computer. I dont want to go back to the Internet just to read what changed.

For example, there are new commands "/usr/bin/tsvtable" etc. and I dont find reference to them on the man page.

They should end up in something like,


Thanks in advance.

strajder commented on 2022-02-25 17:03 (UTC)

I have added the e specifier to table 0.5.

strajder commented on 2022-02-25 14:06 (UTC)

Thanks for the suggestions. About the "none set", that is a great idea, I will add the ee (for "empty") specifier on my TODO list for table, and I also think of having it generalized to ae, se, de..., though that will somewhat complicate listing all the possible combinations in the manpage. :) Also, borders not being output at all would complicate the code, since it would have to be done as conditional output. Having them output as spaces instead would be much simpler to implement and would not change the code that much.

m040601 commented on 2022-02-25 02:13 (UTC) (edited on 2022-02-25 03:50 (UTC) by m040601)

Just logged in to vote, praise and thank you for this tool and AUR PKGBUILD. Much appreciated. Please add some more super cool examples to to man page. It's always that moment "Why had it not occurred to me that I could do that". That stuff with "watch" is super cool. Integration with ranger (and maybe lf) is also super usefull.

A small request. Please add an option to completey remove all borders:

-s set

Use  table  symbol  set  set  for table lines, where set is one of the (format: <border><inner border>):

              │aa   ascii-ascii,             │
              │ss   single-single,           │
              │sd   single-double,           │
              │ds   double-single (default), │
              │dd   double-double.           │

Maybe something like a "none" symbol set ? "nn" --symbols=nn

Do you know lesspipe, ? "Table" should be an awesome preview helper for "less". I actualy submitted a request,

For plain text csv or tabular files, lesspipe currently falls back to using "bat" or some python/perl colorizer:

for i in bat batcat pygmentize source-highlight code2color vimcolor ; do

For xls, xlsx, ods files they first convert them to csv/tsv by using one of tools

                        { has_cmd in2csv && cmd=(in2csv -f xlsx "$1"); } ||
                        { has_cmd xlscat && cmd=(istemp xlscat "$1"); } ||
                        { has_cmd excel2csv && cmd=(istemp excel2csv "$1"); } ||
                        { has_cmd libreoffice && has_htmlprog && cmd=(isoffice "$1" xlsx); } ;;

And then the plain csv/tsv is displayed with less.

I'm a big fanatic of these csv/tsv pagers (and less). Although a minority, there are many of us who are constantly searching the web and AUR for this kind of of simple text based stuff.

Ended up here, after checking some suckless mailing lists and your page. Please continue if you have more stuffzzz :-) like this.

PS: For others with similar interests and similar tools ... and more "bloated" and less "suckless". Some of them are a ncurses based viewer, so not suited to be piped. (rust) (c) (python) (python, pandas/numpy) (go) (rust) (xsv table)