Package Details: tagsistant 0.8.1a-1

Git Clone URL: (read-only)
Package Base: tagsistant
Description: A semantic File System based on Fuse for Linux kernel
Upstream URL:
Licenses: GPL
Conflicts: tagsistant-svn
Submitter: None
Maintainer: StreakyCobra
Last Packager: StreakyCobra
Votes: 12
Popularity: 0.000184
First Submitted: 2008-04-30 09:15
Last Updated: 2015-06-08 09:21

Latest Comments

quomoow commented on 2016-11-02 17:34

next releases will be on github 0.8.2 is out but not as complete release

StreakyCobra commented on 2015-05-12 05:43

Updated, thanks @kuroneko.

Btw, no need for `tar xf ${pkgname}.tar.gz' in the PKGBUILD, `makepkg' detect it and do it automatically with `bsdtar'.

kuroneko commented on 2015-05-11 21:30


StreakyCobra commented on 2014-12-07 12:17

Updated, thx for the notification!

I don't use this software anymore, so if anybody want to take ownership for both tagsistant and tagsistant-svn, just ask. I'll disown these packages. In the meantime I'll keep them and try to update them for new release.

olegus8 commented on 2014-12-06 21:45

PKGBUILD patch for version 0.8.1:

< pkgver="0.8"
> pkgver="0.8.1"
< source=("${pkgname}.tar.gz::${pkgname}-0-8-tar-gz/finish/6-${pkgname}-0-8/12-${pkgname}-0-8/0")
< sha1sums=('07cfe898f20e2e516e34e6d658327461ec58710b')
> source=("${pkgname}.tar.gz::${pkgname}-0-8-1-tar-gz/finish/8-${pkgname}-0-8-1/27-${pkgname}-0-8-1/0")
> sha1sums=('285fc067543d0c580ebf892dd58920cc0c759660')

Ninquitassar commented on 2013-10-22 21:06

Thank you! ;)

StreakyCobra commented on 2013-10-22 18:36

«Is this output normal?»

I guess no. It seems that tagsistant requires mysql (libmariadbclient) and postgresql (postgresql-libs) drivers, but I don't know why. On my computer it works even with the errors, but I updated the package to include these dependencies as well as autoconf as you suggested.

Ninquitassar commented on 2013-10-22 18:24

IMHO, add autoconf to dependencies. I do not know why it was not installed in my system. Fortunately I have confidence with yaourt and I was able to retrive the error during the compilation of the package, but to advantage newbies is better to add a dependency.

Ninquitassar commented on 2013-10-22 18:06

Is this output normal?

I see that the command creates the 4 correct directories in my path, but libdbdmysql's error makes me worry.

StreakyCobra commented on 2013-10-22 18:03

With pleasure! I corrected some wrong dependencies when I tested it on a fresh install in a VM. I hope this version is ok for everyone.

Ninquitassar commented on 2013-10-22 17:43

@StreakyCobra: Thank you for your quickness! :) There are not issues with my install.

StreakyCobra commented on 2013-10-22 17:17

I just remind myself that version 0.7 require libextractor. I didn't see the error because it was already installed on my computer. Looking to solve that, I will be back.

StreakyCobra commented on 2013-10-22 17:09

Thanks @Ninquitassar, I didn't notice the release! Let me know if there is any problem with the package.

Ninquitassar commented on 2013-10-22 16:29

When the update to 0.7?

roadtang commented on 2012-04-28 08:42

x86_64, build failure.

libtool: install: /bin/install -c tagman /home/build/aur/tagsistant/pkg//usr/bin/tagman
../../libtool: line 944: /bin/install: No such file or directory

seems arch put install into /usr/bin/

$ which install

SanskritFritz commented on 2011-12-06 19:09

Thank you!

jomasti commented on 2011-12-06 19:06

Here you go:

SanskritFritz commented on 2011-12-06 17:57

Ah ok, sorry. Did you consider to make a development package as well?

jomasti commented on 2011-12-06 17:27

I will leave it at the 0.2 version for now. "Tagsistant 0.4 is still a work in progress. For stable usage please consider Tagsistant 0.2."

aksr commented on 2011-11-07 19:38

Will you update this to the latest version ? It's not working .. :(

Anonymous comment on 2011-05-22 16:52

Do you know if it will be possible to update this to 0.4?