Package Details: teensy-loader-cli 2.1-2

Git Clone URL: (read-only)
Package Base: teensy-loader-cli
Description: Command line loader for the teensy microprocessor boards
Upstream URL:
Licenses: GPL2
Submitter: ecraven
Maintainer: keenerd
Last Packager: keenerd
Votes: 19
Popularity: 0.830142
First Submitted: 2010-06-14 19:13
Last Updated: 2016-12-31 20:55

Latest Comments

moot commented on 2017-10-09 14:10

49-teensy.rules changed again: new md5sum is 056fe11cf5d4daf2dcf5e0014215bf8f

wobbol commented on 2016-12-30 05:07

please update the md5sum of 49-teensy.rules
here is a patch updating the md5sum.

--- PKGBUILD 2016-12-29 23:00:13.483611796 -0600
+++ PKGBUILD 2016-12-29 22:55:07.883589310 -0600
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
- '9f0593b4f3dab6d9a32ebc993d6aedc3')
+ '97a691215b1865bc1d500b134f92427b')

build() {
cd "$srcdir/${pkgname//-/_}"

plushvoxel commented on 2016-11-15 22:54

I think the md5 of the 49-teensy.rules is wrong.
The md5 sum of
instead of

yuyichao commented on 2015-01-28 16:57

@lowfatcomputing I think it usually works the other way around, i.e. the -git package should provide and conflict the non -git one.

Also, I suppose you mean `provides=('teensy-loader-cli-git')` but I don't think it should be added to this package either.

lowfatcomputing commented on 2015-01-28 16:54

I have uploaded teensy-loader-cli-git because it has support for Teensy 3.1 (mk20dx256) and it doesn't look like there will be a new release anytime soon.

You would need to add the following to your PKGBUILD:



jiggak commented on 2013-11-07 21:57

Ignore my comment. Not sure why but I had old files in my build dir and for some reason makepkg was not overwriting that file.

jiggak commented on 2013-11-07 21:52

m45sum doesn't match for the 49-teensy.rules file. New hash is 298d44a8a6252ee5a39b8c180519e17b

yuyichao commented on 2013-10-25 15:15

Well, I guess the particular reason was when I saw a flag out-of-date followed by a comment, I usually skip checking upstream. :P

Sorry about that, updated.

zer0def commented on 2013-10-25 14:07

Uh, is there any particular reason for not updating the loader to 2.1 yet? Perhaps should've mentioned it in my previous comment:

zer0def commented on 2013-10-25 09:48

Dependent on libusb-compat.

zer0def commented on 2013-10-25 09:43

Dependent on libusb-compat.

yuyichao commented on 2013-06-05 11:36

I fixed some other problems and `mkdir -p` is now `install -dm755`. I want to know why that line can fail before deciding whether I should remove it.

cgo commented on 2013-06-05 11:21

Please remove the "mkdir -p ${pkgdir}/usr/bin/" in build(), it is unneeded. It makes the build fail on my system.

yuyichao commented on 2012-09-19 05:29

= = ...... seems they have changed that again.... updated...

HaaTa commented on 2012-09-19 05:22

Please add the proper md5sums for the patch.

yuyichao commented on 2012-02-08 17:51

changed, please check.

krayon commented on 2012-02-08 17:17

49-teensy.rules has changed

jiggak commented on 2011-10-13 02:49

I second the notion of including the udev rules.

Updated PKGBUILD here:

schuay commented on 2010-10-16 17:09

Maybe you'd like to add the supplied udev rule?

Updated PKGBUILD here: