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Package Base: the-binding-of-isaac
Description: A randomly generated action RPG shooter with heavy Rogue-like elements.
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Licenses: custom: "commercial"
Submitter: dcelasun
Maintainer: dcelasun
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First Submitted: 2011-11-01 19:03
Last Updated: 2016-11-08 11:14

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dcelasun commented on 2016-11-08 11:14

@Ps0ke: Should be fixed now.

Ps0ke commented on 2016-11-07 17:36

When on x86_64, `sqlite3` is a dep, but it was renamed to `sqlite`, therefore `the-binding-of-isaac` does not build anymore. To build it, change the dep in the PKGBUILD manually.

purplerhino commented on 2012-04-18 21:27

Concerning lost save games, this bugged me for awhile but I figured it out. The save game is put in ~/.macromedia/Flash_Player/#SharedObjects/(random)/localhost/so.sol. I have the Firefox extension BetterPrivacy installed, which clears all flash cookies when Firefox exits, including poor little Isaac. So if you're using BetterPrivacy or something similar, prevent it from deleting that folder.

MyLordAngus commented on 2011-11-23 18:15

I haven't any data saved after exiting the game. I still lost unlocked characters and items, do you have the same problem?

dcelasun commented on 2011-11-03 05:32

@quantumphaze: That 64bit deb is just a wrapper around the same binary, and like we do here, it depends on lib32-* libraries. Sadly, there is no native 64bit version of this game.

quantumphaze commented on 2011-11-03 04:41

Just a thought, is there a way to use the 64-bit .deb package with this? There are several other AUR packages that grab hard to build packages from Debian and Ubuntu repos around that you can copy from. (Off the top of my head, WinFF does this at the moment (though may not for long)

thefrow commented on 2011-11-01 21:15

Ah, missed that second message in the console. That update fixed my problems. Cheers!

dcelasun commented on 2011-11-01 21:00

@zachtib: Updated, thanks.

zachtib commented on 2011-11-01 20:58

Got it: I needed lib32-curl

zachtib commented on 2011-11-01 20:56

I'm seeing the same problem as thefrow, here's some of the output:

Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"
getvalue: 14
getvalue: 268435469
Adobe Flash Player error: could not load cURL library

dcelasun commented on 2011-11-01 20:43

Also, try changing your GTK theme.

dcelasun commented on 2011-11-01 20:42

@thefrow: These might help:

thefrow commented on 2011-11-01 20:32

@dcelasun: "Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module""

dcelasun commented on 2011-11-01 20:28

@thefrow: Well, I have no idea. Do you get any output on the console?

thefrow commented on 2011-11-01 20:19

@dcelasun fixed that; however, now when opened it just displays a blank window with a small white box in the top left corner. See

dcelasun commented on 2011-11-01 20:09

@thefrow: I've added nss to dependencies. Should be fine now.

thefrow commented on 2011-11-01 20:04

On my x86_64 system, after package install I run the program and get " cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory".

thefrow commented on 2011-11-01 20:04

On my x86_64 system, after package install I run the program and get " cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory".

dcelasun commented on 2011-11-01 19:48

Also, thanks for the vdpau thing, I never would have thought :)

dcelasun commented on 2011-11-01 19:48

@JazzplayerL9: I already had libidn in the deps array, but I've updated the package with 64bit deps.

JazzplayerL9 commented on 2011-11-01 19:43

This worked for me:

[ "${CARCH}" = "x86_64" ] && depends=('lib32-sqlite3' 'lib32-libidn' 'lib32-libxt'
'lib32-libxxf86vm' 'lib32-gtk2') \
&& optdepends=('lib32-libvdpau: NVIDIA graphics library')
[ "${CARCH}" = "i686" ] && depends=('sqlite3' 'libidn' 'libxt' 'libxxf86vm' 'gtk2')\
&& optdepends=('libvdpau: NVIDIA graphics library')

JazzplayerL9 commented on 2011-11-01 19:29

oh...and lib32-libvdpau and libvdpau (x86_64 and i686 respectively) could be optdepends.

JazzplayerL9 commented on 2011-11-01 19:26


Namcap suggests lib32-sqlite3 lib32-libxt lib32-gtk2 and lib32-libxxf86vm. Also, libidn is a dependency. You beat me by about 10 min on the pkgbuild :P

dcelasun commented on 2011-11-01 19:11

Someone on x86_64, please let me know if the regular dependencies work or if it needs lib32 packages.