Package Details: usbpicprog 1:0.9.9_1.0.0_beta-2

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Package Base: usbpicprog
Description: Software and firmware for the open hardware USB PIC Programmer
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Keywords: Microchip PIC programmer USB
Licenses: GPL2
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Submitter: DanielH
Maintainer: DanielH
Last Packager: DanielH
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First Submitted: 2016-01-31 15:17 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2023-07-14 00:16 (UTC)

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rough commented on 2023-09-13 01:46 (UTC)

after install: WXSUPPRESS_SIZER_FLAGS_CHECK DEFAULT=false -> /etc/security/pam_env.conf

rough commented on 2023-09-12 01:23 (UTC)

Maintainer: DanielH <danielmirkin_at_gmail_dot_com>
Add usbpicprog's user(s) to the uucp group, to allow communicate with hardware through USB ports:
sudo gpasswd -a $USER uucp

pkgname=usbpicprog pkgver=1.0.9 pkgrel=3 epoch=2 pkgdesc="Software and firmware for the open hardware USB PIC Programmer" arch=('x86_64') url="" license=('GPL2') depends=('libtool' 'wxgtk3' 'libusb' 'intltool') conflicts=('usbpicprog<=140617') source=('') md5sums=('70e2c683fc497329068a948193731465') #generate with 'makepkg -g'

prepare() { cd "$srcdir/$pkgname-${pkgver//_/-}" sed -i 's|/lib/udev/rules.d|/usr/lib/udev/rules.d|g' sed -i 's|plugdev|uucp|g' 26-microchip.rules sed -i 's/if (fp==NULL)/if (!fp.is_open())/' src/hexfile.cpp }

build() { cd "$srcdir/$pkgname-${pkgver//_/-}" ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-wx-config=/usr/bin/wx-config make }

package() { cd "$srcdir/$pkgname-${pkgver//_/-}" make DESTDIR="$pkgdir/" install }

DanielH commented on 2023-06-16 18:35 (UTC)

@MarsSeed Thanks you for point me about broken PKGBUILD. I'm in hollydays, and sadly I haven't my notebook with me. At my return to home, ay first days of july, I will modify my PKGBUILD, test it and commit te results to AUR. Best regards, DanielH.

MarsSeed commented on 2023-06-14 21:13 (UTC)

Broken with new wxwidgets-gtk2 now.

Needs to use configure --with-wx-config=/usr/bin/wx-config-gtk2.

DanielH commented on 2018-08-20 01:46 (UTC)

Updated to the latest version; same base code from 140617 but solves issues in udev rules, serial USB group: uucp, not plugdev (an "ubuntuism"), and prepare() section.

mah0x00 commented on 2017-11-14 21:00 (UTC)

ok thank you for your reply I would like to help but I don't have experience in building packages but I would like to help if you send me the PKGBUILD attachment it would be nice to start a new tinkering level and I will see what can I do and it will be a good chance to learn something new I can search the internet for solution and apply them and if something works I will note you.

DanielH commented on 2017-11-14 13:44 (UTC)

@mah0x00 : At this moment, I have no time to immediatly solve this issue. wxgtk has been splitted in wxgtk2 and wxgtk3 (I guess actually wxgtk2 is the right dependency). BTW: my PKGBUILD has other bugs: it doesn't relocate /lib/udev/rules.d following Arch directories tree, it doesn't change group from plugdev (an "Ubuntuism") to uucp in 26-microchip.rules, nor include firmware for USBPICPROG. I'm sorry, my fault. I'm writing a new PKGBUILD for USBPICPROG 0.9.99-1.0.0-beta (same base code as 140617-1); I will test it against wxgtk2 and wxgtk3 dependencies (both current version). If it works, I will send to AUR TUs a removal request for 140617-1, and then I will upload the 0.9.99-1.0.0-beta PKGBUILD. If you wish, and have enough time to collaborate debugging my next PKGBUILD for 0.9.99-1.0.0-beta, I can send you attached to an email: four eyes see more than two :-)

mah0x00 commented on 2017-11-14 02:23 (UTC)

I got this error after: [mah0x00@Tinker usbpicprog]$ makepkg -si ==> Making package: usbpicprog 140617-1 (Tue Nov 14 04:16:55 EET 2017) ==> Checking runtime dependencies... ==> Installing missing dependencies... error: target not found: wxgtk>=2.9 ==> ERROR: 'pacman' failed to install missing dependencies. I don't understand wxgtk>=2.9 where I have installed wxgtk3 before

jimmy.stelzer commented on 2017-03-25 14:35 (UTC)

I need to call [sed 's/if (fp==NULL)/if (!fp.is_open())/' -i src/hexfile.cpp] under prepare session to be able to compile this package