Package Details: xca 2.0.1-2

Git Clone URL: (read-only)
Package Base: xca
Description: graphical user interface to OpenSSL, RSA/DSA public keys, certificates, signing requests and revokation lists
Upstream URL:
Licenses: BSD
Submitter: zukka
Maintainer: zukka
Last Packager: zukka
Votes: 59
Popularity: 0.547304
First Submitted: 2007-06-08 22:44
Last Updated: 2018-05-25 21:17

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keren_sky commented on 2018-06-04 23:55

thnx @zukka I did find this:

zukka commented on 2018-05-26 07:08

@keren_sky I don't know, I've tried to build the package on a fresh arch container and it built without any error

keren_sky commented on 2018-05-26 02:07

Build fails with various errors about 'nsgmls' and not allowing element

nsgmls:I: maximum number of errors (200) reached; change with -E option LinuxdocTools::process_file: nsgmls failed with exit status 1. Aborting ... make[1]: *** [/home/makepkg/xca/src/xca-2.0.1/doc/Makefile:20: xca.html] Error 25 make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/makepkg/xca/src/xca-2.0.1/doc'

What could cause this?

zukka commented on 2018-05-25 21:18

Build against openssl 1.1 thanks to Skycoder42

Skycoder42 commented on 2018-05-24 22:13

XCA works fine with openssl 1.1 - you should remove the openssl 1.0 adjustments from the PKGBUILD.

Here is a diff to see what needs to be removed:

diff -U 3 -H -d -r -N -- /tmp/git-difftool.VSQpXI/left/PKGBUILD /tmp/git-difftool.VSQpXI/right/PKGBUILD
--- /tmp/git-difftool.VSQpXI/left/PKGBUILD  2018-05-25 00:11:04.652410553 +0200
+++ /tmp/git-difftool.VSQpXI/right/PKGBUILD 2018-05-25 00:05:55.305315314 +0200
@@ -15,8 +15,6 @@
 build ()
 cd $srcdir/$pkgname-$pkgver
-PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/lib/openssl-1.0/pkgconfig \
-OpenSSL_CFLAGS='-I/usr/include/openssl-1.0' OpenSSL_LIBS='-L/usr/lib/openssl-1.0 -lcrypto' \
 ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --with-openssl
 sed -i  -r 's/(^LDFLAGS.*$)/LDFLAGS='"'"'-lstdc++'"'"'/' Local.mak

zukka commented on 2018-05-24 05:44

updated to 2.0.1

zukka commented on 2018-03-06 17:57

updated to 1.4.1

zukka commented on 2018-02-24 08:57

Updated src url and checksum to sha256 thanks to BertVoegele and kseistrup

BertVoegele commented on 2018-02-24 08:32

Yes, md5sums differ for me too. I'm getting the same checksum as stoffl (cb...e05). Given the SourceForge history of meddling with files hosted there, and the fact that the file provided by upstrem at does indeed has the md5sum provided in the PKGBUILD, I strongly suggest to change the source for that package.

Edit: upstream also provides sha256sum at the download page.

kseistrup commented on 2018-02-24 08:27

md5sum is cb530d737c8f2d1023797cf0587b4e05 like stoffl said, but swe don't know if that is the expected value (and the maintainer forgot to update the PKGBUILD file) of if the archive has been tampered with.

that said, md5 was obsoleted many years ago – why not use sha256?

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