Package Details: xkb-qwerty-fr 0.5-2

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Package Base: xkb-qwerty-fr
Description: French qwerty keymap - provides a keymap for french users of qwerty keyboard. All French characters are directly accessible with AltGr and smartly mapped.
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Keywords: azerty fr keyboard layout qwerty xkb
Licenses: GPL2
Submitter: Niluge_KiWi
Maintainer: Niluge_KiWi
Last Packager: Niluge_KiWi
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First Submitted: 2016-03-13 14:14
Last Updated: 2016-03-13 14:21

Latest Comments

plesur commented on 2017-12-05 23:10

Ok so I fixed the package by installing the postinst script from the .deb package into /usr/bin/, and by calling it in the post_install script in arch. If there's any xkb update you'll have to reinstall the package (as before)

Since the package is likely never gonna be updated by its original creator, shouldn't we move the source in the repo itself (as to avoid downloading it over http) ?

Here's the diff for my fix:

diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
index 921438c..acac9ff 100644
@@ -21,11 +21,14 @@ build() {
   ar -xv ${pkgname}_${pkgver}_all.deb

   tar xvf data.tar.gz
+  tar xvf control.tar.gz

 package() {
   cd "$srcdir"

+  install -D -m 744 postinst ${pkgdir}/usr/bin/qwerty-fr.install
   install -D -m 644 usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/us_qwerty-fr ${pkgdir}/usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/us_qwerty-fr

   install -D -m 644 usr/share/doc/xkb-qwerty-fr/changelog.gz ${pkgdir}/usr/share/doc/xkb-qwerty-fr/changelog.gz
diff --git a/xkb-qwerty-fr.install b/xkb-qwerty-fr.install
index 6ceafc3..f506b87 100644
--- a/xkb-qwerty-fr.install
+++ b/xkb-qwerty-fr.install
@@ -1,5 +1,3 @@
 post_install() {
-   cat << EOF
-==> See to complete xkb-qwerty-fr installation
+   /usr/bin/qwerty-fr.install triggered

TheArcher commented on 2017-03-19 11:38

Here's how I got it working for Arch:
I intalled this package using Yaourt. Nothing changed. After some digging, I ran "setxkbmap us_qwerty-fr" and it worked. When I rebooted however, it stopped working. It appeared I had to run the command every time. That wasn't practical. After some more digging, I ran this command "localectl set-x11-keymap us_qwerty-fr", and it worked for real this time. Hope this helps someone.

plesur commented on 2016-06-15 17:53

So a xkb update broke this and I ran the postinst from the deb package and everything went back to normal.
apt-get lets users merge modified files when updating a package, I guess there's nothing like this on arch ?
The only way to create a durable pacakge would be to be able to source files/not change the layouts files each update but that would be a change to xkb and not this package...

And I don't have any trouble with the altgr key so you might want to give it a shot

Niluge_KiWi commented on 2016-05-19 20:50

Hi plesur, I encountered a blocking issue when packaging this, and haven't found a fix yet, that's why it's not working out-of-the-box.

Integrating the .deb scripts was initially planned, but since the manual install failed I stopped there. (Furthermore, the deb scripts are complex and seemed not clean: it seemed they would break on evdev/xkb package upgrade. I don't know if we can do better).

Here is the upstream manual installation guide:
It should be printed as post-install (see

The issue I encountered was that AltGr worked as a simple Alt, breaking the main point of qwerty-fr.
Here is someone who had the same issue as mine with a different additional layout (

After a lot of digging I gave up and ended up manually running "setxkbmap -v -layout us_qwerty-fr -option lv3:ralt_switch" after each reboot and each suspend/resume...

If you don't have this issue maybe it's time I try again !

If you want to improve this AUR package I can add you as co-maintainer, which would mean you can push to the git repository associated with this package.

plesur commented on 2016-05-18 20:38

Hi ! Really love this layout, tried it on my Debian install, however I'm having some troubles installing it on Arch.

The deb package seems to append the content of the /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/us_qwerty-fr
file to the

However this AUR package does not do it (it only creates the first file mentioned).
I manually did the merge and it now works using "setxkbmap us qwerty-fr" but it doesn't show up through gnome's GUI or using "localectl list-x11-keymap-variants us", which means we need to manually change the layout, and can't change it using super+space.

I ended up running the "postinst" directly from the .deb package and now I see the layout under the French language. I'm not sure if it was necessary or if the previous change (copying the content of us_qwerty-fr to us) was enough as I was looking for the layout under the English language.
I'd gladly help fix the package if I knew how though.