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Description: Xournal++ is a handwriting Notetaking software with PDF annotation support. Supports Pen input like Wacom Tablets.
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Keywords: annotation notebook pdf tablet
Licenses: GPL2
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Submitter: ridikulusrat
Maintainer: youduda
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First Submitted: 2015-10-18 01:29
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youduda commented on 2018-11-23 19:26

I'm using xournalpp for a year now and will continue for the next few years, so if you want I can take over maintaining the PKGBUILD. @siliconninja did you try my PKGBUILD file? It should work fine with the gtk changes.

siliconninja commented on 2018-11-23 18:35

That's OK. Unfortunately, I don't have time to take over starting this weekend due to school. I've been working on contributing to the xournalpp project and I've learned a lot about how their build process in CMake works. If someone else could take over, that would be great.

I plan to use xournalpp for my classes to see how Linux can hold up for my daily use in the future, and I'm building manually using set (BUILD_POPPLER ON) in line 113 of the CMakeLists.txt in the root directory of xournalpp (after a git clone) so I can get it to work so I have a solution before the PKGBUILD is fixed.

Hope the info I gave (and the info on issue #292 on github, can help future contributors to the PKGBUILD.

macxcool commented on 2018-11-23 17:32

I'm sorry. This is a bit beyond me and I don't have the time right now to learn how all of this fits together. I'd like to disown this package for now if someone is willing to take over. All I ask is that the MATHTEX option be left on.

siliconninja commented on 2018-11-23 17:24

After a few recent commits to change the CMakeLists.txt (to get GTK3 to be more compatible with the CMake build scripts), I get a patch merge error. This is because of this line in the PKGBUILD.

==> Starting prepare()... patching file CMakeLists.txt Hunk #1 FAILED at 322. 1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file CMakeLists.txt.rej ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in prepare(). Aborting... Error making: xournalpp-git

You might want to change the patch.

This is because Poppler 0.61.1 from Poppler's git sources is now being built if you say set (BUILD_POPPLER ON) after line 112 in the CMakeLists.txt in the root directory. (edit: not by default).

You could change this to 0.67.0 or 0.69.0 if someone can redo the GooLikely workaround ( in

(Note that src/pdf/popplerdirect/workaround/ directory has no more 0.64.0 folder, and it's building from git instead of locally.)

macxcool commented on 2018-11-22 19:56

Perfect. Thanks youduda. I'll check out the changes tonight.

youduda commented on 2018-11-22 18:19

What I meant with "Once this is merged and all patches are removed" is that all patches that were previously applied including the fixpoppler.patch from me can be removed in the PKGBUILD file, because all of them are merged into the official repository. Due to that, currently xournalpp doesn't depend on the poppler-glib package. I adopted the PKGBUILD file yesterday to meet these changes.

JuniorJPDJ commented on 2018-11-22 17:16

@youduda your commit was merged and package doesn't compile again with patch. I commented patching in pkgbuild and got it working on my side.

youduda commented on 2018-11-22 00:33

As there are currently a huge amount of changes to the build process and code the patch is already outdated agian. I created a pull request ( to merge an improved version of fixpoppler.patch into the official repository. Once this is merged and all patches are removed, building should work again, even with custom -DPOPPLER_GIT_VER.

macxcool commented on 2018-11-21 23:16

I tried compiling without the fixpoppler.patch. It doesn't finish the install: CMake Error at cmake_install.cmake:69 (file): file INSTALL cannot find "/home/mark/build/arch/xournalpp-git/src/xournalpp/build/poppler-prefix/src/poppler-build/"

macxcool commented on 2018-11-21 23:00

Please don't flag packages out-of-date just because something needs to be fixed. Out-of-date means that there has been a release upstream or something like that. In this case the new gtk3 requirement was a valid reason. The lack of need for the patch is not. I will check into getting rid of the patch and will update if it isn't needed anymore.