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Package Base: xournalpp-git
Description: Xournal++ is a handwriting Notetaking software with PDF annotation support. Supports Pen input like Wacom Tablets.
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Keywords: annotation notebook pdf tablet
Licenses: GPL2
Conflicts: xournalpp
Submitter: ridikulusrat
Maintainer: youduda
Last Packager: youduda
Votes: 13
Popularity: 0.639321
First Submitted: 2015-10-18 01:29
Last Updated: 2019-03-22 09:26

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golvok commented on 2018-05-01 01:42

A rebuild would fix that too, and technically doing that kind of symlink can be very dangerous (crashes, other weird behaviour).

If this were a normal package, then the package release number would have been increased, causing a re-install/build, but this always takes the latest git revision, so you'll have to force the rebuild yourself by re-installing.

However, this package won't build against poppler 0.64.0-1 (provides until this PR [1] is merged, which may take a while due to issues with the travis test environment


L0ric0 commented on 2018-04-29 21:31

libpoppler sems to have updated and xournalpp now isn't able to find

symlinking to sems to work for now.

macxcool commented on 2018-01-16 18:08

@hensur I would tend to think that I should add xournal to the 'Conflicts' on this PKGBUILD. I don't think I can remove those files because I don't know what would happen then if you only installed this PKGBUILD.

Have you tried running xournalpp-git without those files on your system?

I don't think it's normal practice to exclude files from a package because it conflicts with another version of the same software.

hensur commented on 2018-01-14 23:05

Hi, I have this package installed together with Xournal from the official repos. After installing xournalpp pacman shows these errors:

error: file owned by 'xournal' and 'xournalpp-git': 'usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/mimetypes/gnome-mime-application-x-xoj.svg'

error: file owned by 'xournal' and 'xournalpp-git': 'usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/mimetypes/xoj.svg'

error: file owned by 'xournal' and 'xournalpp-git': 'usr/share/mime/packages/xournal.xml'

error: file owned by 'xournal' and 'xournalpp-git': 'usr/share/mimelnk/application/x-xoj.desktop'

Are these desktop files really needed in both applications or can they be removed from the Xournalpp PKGBUILD?

macxcool commented on 2017-10-27 13:10

Good news. Upstream fixed a bug and everything compiles again. Nice!

macxcool commented on 2017-09-23 13:46

Unfortunately, upgrading to poppler 0.58+ breaks the compile of xournalpp. I think it might be the switch in poppler from g++ to c++ for compiling, but I'm not sure. I downgraded poppler to 0.57 and everything works again. I'll put in a bug report on xournalpp upstream, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of movement on that code recently.
@quininer Do you think I should put a requirement for poppler <0.58 in the PKGBUILD?

macxcool commented on 2017-06-19 12:36

Re-enabled LaTeX support.

macxcool commented on 2017-06-02 21:56

OK. I got it to compile with -DENABLE_MATHTEX=ON by adding texlive-core. Can anyone else verify that this is all that's needed? @golvok?

macxcool commented on 2017-06-02 12:23

I can certainly help. I'm not an expert on compiling software or anything. I just try things ;-)
I'll test the -DENABLE_MATHTEX=ON in a chroot this weekend. I think texlive-core will be enough of a dependency, but we'll see.
I use this program almost daily for tutoring math + anything that includes LaTeX support is awesome in my book ;-)

quininer commented on 2017-06-02 12:21

@macxcool Are you willing to maintain it? I have added you as a maintainer.